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December 2008 (113 posts)

December 31: Cameras of the Year Awards around the Net (a mega roundup)
December 31: (GONE) (was: 5D Mark II in-stock at Amazon)
December 31: SuperZoom Wars heat-up, LX3K makes things interesting (new top sellers)
December 31: Discover New Sites and blogs (Photoshop, Diversity, Panoramas, Travel, New Media)
December 30: DSLR Santa: Olympus E410 2-lens kit for $400 shipped!
December 30: Noisy makes Top 100 blogs of 2008 at
December 30: Review Train (Compact Digital Cameras only)
December 29: Review Train (5DMkII spotlight, 50D, Tz50, EX-F1, etc)
December 28: Digital Cameras of the Year: December 2008 edition
December 28: Hot Camera "Diary" updates!
December 27: ISO Wars: D3x vs A900 vs 5DMk2 and D700 vs 5DMk2 (was: I can see noise from my house)
December 27: Alert! Canon 5D Mark II body shipping for $2700 now
December 27: SuperZoom Wars, LX3K strikes back, prices continue to drop (new top sellers episode)
December 27: Noisy makes top 20 of 2008 at Camera Dojo
December 26: Black Friday II camera deals and more
December 26: Photography Soup (Reader Appreciation Day special edition)
December 25: XMas Day Round-up!
December 25: dpreview launches "dpreview Labs" with "Challenges"
December 25: Happy Holidays 2008!
December 25: Cameras of the Year to be revealed on Monday
December 24: What is the XMas Day present from dpreview?
December 24: New Giant Tickers - latest blog updates scrolling in front of you!
December 24: Review Train (5D Mark II, Lumix G1, Alpha A300, Canon SD880is, etc)
December 23: The "Support your Local Camera Store Initiative 2.0"
December 23: Canon 5D Mark II KIT: In-stock at Calumet, out of stock at B&H Photo!
December 23: Reader Appreciation Day: Web 2.0 your content and pictures!
December 22: Review Train (5DMk2, A900, GX200, SD880is, books, etc)
December 22: A Day in the Life of the Nikon D3X (samples, shipping)
December 22: Deal alert: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and Premiere for $70 after rebate
December 22: The Super-Feed is ready to go!
December 22: Price is king, Nikon DSLR duo returns and more (new top selling digital camera charts analysis)
December 21: Impact review: Canon 5D Mark II at Photo Review
December 21: Sony A900 review day at Luminous (and 5DMk2 noise comparison)
December 21: Weekend Shopper: XMas is just around the corner!
December 21: Three 5D Mark II hands-on reports you may have not seen!
December 21: Hot Camera "Diaries" updated!
December 20: Review Train: Canon 5D Mark II edition
December 20: Lenovo W700ds - the W700 ...grows a second screen! (photographer laptop)
December 19: dpreview throws the gauntlet: Stop the Megapixel Wars
December 19: Black Spot statement issued (price premiums drop!)
December 18: Buyers Guide Pt2: DSLR Prices Snapshot
December 18: Review Train Express (Sony T77, Canon 50D, Panasonic G1, plagiarism)
December 18: Holiday Shopping alert: Free 2-day shipping for electronics
December 18: Save Polaroid, Save the World!
December 17: Nikon D3X shipping from Willougbhy's in $12700 mega-bundle
December 17: Any Super-Feed beta tester volunteers?
December 17: Nikon D3x Diary
December 17: Review Train (Nikon P80, Lumix FZ28 and FX150, Canon SD880is, etc)
December 17: Web 2.0 Day: Practical use of Social Media
December 17: Digital Camera Buyer's Guide 2008: Holiday edition
December 16: New feature: Reader Picture Showcase always on front page
December 16: 5D Mark II w/24-105 now back to crazy price
December 16: Review Train (Fuji F100fd, Canon SX1is, CNet Trio, books, etc)
December 16: All along the Pentax Watch Tower said the white K2000 K-m to the Photogs
December 16: New Top Selling Cameras Update (Plum, SuperZooms, Price drops)
December 15: Review Train (50D, XS, SD990is, T500, FF shootout, etc)
December 15: Results of the Blog Referendum
December 14: Full-frame world: New 5DMkII review and 3-way studio scene comparison
December 14: Review Train (GRD2, G10, 50D, A2000is, Pentax gear, and more)
December 14: Last day to vote in the Blog Referendum
December 13: New Pentax K20D DSLR with built-in GPS coming on Tuesday?
December 13: Diary Updates: New 5Dmk2 samples and videos and other stories
December 12: Testing new Commenting system: No CAPTCHA required!
December 12: Review Wars: SuperZooms Duel and Compact Group Test
December 12: Weekend Shopper: LX3K for $400, Canon 40D body only for $700
December 12: Photography Soup (Friday December 12, 2008)
December 11: 5DMk2 World: Review by PopPhoto, first impressions and more!
December 11: Now $405 (Was: Canon G10 for $360) (also 10% off some cameras at Circuit City)
December 11: The Smaller D-Rebel breaks out (new top selling digital camera charts update)
December 11: Round-up: 5DMk2, Nikon rumors and other stories
December 10: Reader Picture Showcase (powered by flickr)
December 10: Sigma's new PRO program showcases five photogs but only two SD14 pictures
December 10: Olympus pre-announces TOUGH line of SW cameras of 2009
December 10: Best of the Camera Deals blog: Ultimate Pentax DSLR kit for $600
December 10: Canon 5D Mark II Mania: DIWA tests and five more reports
December 10: Discover New Sites: International Edition
December 9: Review Train (Fuji F60fd, Lumix FX150, Pentax K200D, books, and more)
December 9: Early results from the Blog Referendum (voting ends on Sunday night)
December 9: PMA 2009 Rumors, Speculation and Predictions
December 8: DSLR Santa: Pentax K20D kit for $700, D-Rebel XS two-lens kit for $500
December 8: In-stock alert: Panasonic LX3K for $420
December 8: Review Train (Panasonic G1, Tamron 18-270 VC, Kodak Z1015is, etc)
December 8: Two new review clusters added (FZ28, SX10is) and Diary Updates
December 8: Work for free - the great debate revisited in the photoblogosphere
December 8: Camera Review Wars (aka multi-camera group reviews)
December 7: (ENDED) Was: Canon G10 for $400 now
December 7: Time flies: Three months of this new green blog!
December 6: Alert: Leica D-Lux 4 available for $650 (after $150 mail-in rebate)
December 6: New top selling digital cameras update (superzooms, Coolpixies, and affordable DSLRs)
December 6: Cameras shown at "Olympus Photo Fest" in Tokyo (incl. M43 prototype)
December 5: Canon 5D Mark II Sample pictures (and first looks) from around the net!
December 5: Diaries mega-update is complete
December 5: Diary Updates in progress...
December 5: Weekend shopper (limited time offers: Sony W300 for $250, Canon A1000is for $130)
December 5: New Zeiss User Forums have just launched!
December 4: Winners of the 2008 Reader's Choice Digital Camera Awards
December 4: Blog Planning Session: December 2008
December 4: The power of dpreview: Tamron 18-270mm lens review
December 4: Full-frame reviews: Canon 5D Mark II and Sony A900
December 3: Nikon D3x sample images, sensor revelations and other stories
December 3: Housekeeping: Navigational improvement
December 3: Buy Nikon DSLR at Amazon and get 20% off Sigma lens! (deal alert!)
December 3: Review Train (A2000is, RAWsumer shootout, compacts)
December 3: As the Canon 5D Mark II world turns
December 2: The RED CEO slowly reveals the December 3rd announcement
December 2: Reactions to the Nikon D3x
December 2: Canon 5D Mark II starting to ship to the early birds
December 2: Waiting for the big RED announcement of December 3
December 2: Digital Camera Buying Tips for the Recession
December 2: Panasonic LX3 review by photographer Ryan Brenizer
December 1: Pre-order the Nikon D3X right now for $8000
December 1: Cyber Monday Digital Camera Deals are alive and kicking
December 1: The Nikon D3x is officially announced and priced at $8000


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