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December 13, 2008

Diary Updates: New 5Dmk2 samples and videos and other stories

We have just finished a new round of updates with tidbits on the nine hot cameras that are tracked in the diaries.

The most updates went to the 5D Mark II, which continues to generate a lot of internet buzz. Today we learn that it can see in the dark! Also, a couple of hands-on reports from photographers (Bruce Dorn, Ray J. Gadd), more video samples, and also a formal unboxing cerenomy (yes he wore a tie!)

To see all the latest updates, check the list of nine cameras at the top of every blog page (blue background) or check/bookmark the list of diaries.

Speaking of which, you can vote and determine the order of the cameras at the top of every blog page. The voting ends on Monday! Currently the D700 and 5DMk2 are fighting hard for the #1 spot and the Lumix G1 and LX3 are fighting for the #3 spot.

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