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December 31, 2008

Cameras of the Year Awards around the Net (a mega roundup)

We close the Year and bring in 2009 with a mega-roundup post, gathering the "camera of the year" awards given by photography websites and blogs around the net. Check out the different award winners and enjoy a happy new year! Update: We have added new awards since the original post. Jump to the bottom of the page to see those.

If we missed any, please let us know and we will add them promptly!

Photography Websites and Blogs
Popular Photography was impressed by the Micro Four Thirds debut and gave the Panasonic G1 their coveted Camera of the Year award.

The Online Photographer has chosen the Canon 5D Mark II as their CoY (Camera of (the) Year) 2008, with the Panasonic G1 as the runner-up.

But Nikon fans can rejoice, the D700 won two back-to-back the camera of the year awards at PDN Gear Guide, and at TWiP Photo. The battle at TWiP Photo was close, but the D700 prevailed over the very close runner-ups.

The winners of the major categories at the DCI (Digital Camera Info) include a surprise. No, the D700, the innovative Lumix G1, and the "safe" XSi 450D were not the surprise winners, but the Samsung NV100hd (TL34hd) which was rated the Point and Shoot Camera of the Year.

Roberts Imaging opted to hand-out the Under-appreciated Cameras of the Year awards to ... two 35mm full framers (D700, A900).

There's also the DIWA Awards, handed out DIWA-style to the Panasonic G1 and LX3, Canon 40D and XSi 450D, Nikon D300 and D60, Olympus E-3, and the Fuji S100fs. Not that I should be giving anyone website design tips, but they should really consider putting the award winners on the front page of their site - the purpose of the site is the DIWA Awards after all :-)

The Reader's Choice Awards here at 1001 Noisy Cameras were decided by you, the readers, who voted and decided each one of the main categories, handing out the Nikon D700, Nikon D90, Canon D-Rebel XSi 450D, Panasonic LX3, and others some new awards to hang on their virtual walls :)

Last and probably least are the awards handed out here at 1001 Noisy Cameras by our team of Storm Trooper Clones ;-)

High Tech and Gadget Blogs
Terry White has picked his top 10 gadgets, and lo and behold, there is one DSLR and one lens only. And those are *drum roll* the Nikon D700 and 70-200mm lens!

As part of their giant Best of 2008, Gizmodo has picked six DSLRs plus two honorable mentions, but just one P&S camera (an underwhelming Powershot?) and one "hybrid" speed-demon.

Video DSLRs were #4 in the top technology breakthroughs of 2008 at Wired, while they ranked the Nikon D90 as the #2 gadget of the year (slideshow presentation).

Crunch Gear has made their picks and their readers have picked theirs. The winners of those two categories for cameras were the Canon Digital Rebel 450D XSi by the CrunchGearers, and the Nikon D90 by the Crunch Gear readers.

Missed (m)any? Let us know!
There are thousands of photography websites and blogs, so it is likely that we missed some of the "Cameras of the Year" awards out there. If so, or newer ones have been posted, please let us know or leave a comment and we will update this post.

New Additions picks their cameras of the year with Canon, Panasonic and Olympus winning at least two "Oscars" each.

The Best and the Worst in the Canon world for 2008 are awarded at the Canon Rumors blog.

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