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December 04, 2008

Blog Planning Session: December 2008

Now that the D3X and RED announcements have been "digested", it's time to do some blog planning and give you heads up of what to expect this month. You can also check what's in the short-term pipeline by looking at the "COMING UP" segment in the middle of the right-sidebar. You can find it right above the "Google Translate" widget.

Planning Session: December 2008

  • Announcement of the "2008 Reader's Choice" winning digital camera models

  • Catch up with all the diaries as we have fallen way behind due to D3X, RED and Black Cyber Fri-Monday

  • Reader's Referendum (Monday): You, the readers will decide about half a dozen of issues that affect this blog! This is taking "interactive" to a whole "nuther" level! If you have any topics you would like to bring to a vote in future "Blog Referendums" in 2009, please send an email.

  • Shopping temptations here and also at the Camera Deals blog ( subscribe)

  • Buyer's Guide - hopefully we can finish it before 2009 :)

  • Breaking News and Regular features on an on-going basis

  • If there's something else you'd like to see please let us know (email)

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