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December 03, 2008

As the Canon 5D Mark II world turns

Previously on "As the Mark II World Turns": Ritz and others started shipping to early-birds, Westfall interviewed by Calumet, and the battery grip and battery are in-stock and shipping.

Tonight, on a brand new episode, we have more shipping news, unboxings, behind-the-scenes from Laforet, and more.

Shipping Talk
The shipping continues as we have reports of at least two different 5D Mark II kits (w/EF24-105 LISUSM lens) getting shipped by to early-bird pre-orderers. A body-only forum user who pre-ordered on Sept-18 at Ritz says his/her camera is shipping. Also reported are mid-September body-only pre-orders from Adorama. For a play-by-play of just about every retailer, just check the various Canon forums :)

Meanwhile, new unboxing ceremonies, this time at Beyond Megapixels and via Canon Rumors. The latter is a Canadian unboxing, while Engadget points us to a Russian unboxing.

From the man who brought us the ground-breaking "Reverie" video, we have 90-second behind the scenes footage of the 5DMk2 on a Steadicam. Music by Kanye West. There we see some Acroback and Parkour in action (aka pop-culture gymnastics 2.0)

And speaking of Reverie, PDN Pulse is pointing us to a Korean remake of "Reverie", but no, Rain is not starring!

Meanwhile, Crunch Gear talks video in DSLRs, RED, jello and Flip. Oh my! Check it out.

5D Mark I vs Mark II samples
In this dpreview thread, we find samples shot at the whole ISO range by both cameras, by the same person. Discussion ensues. Some claim they see an average of half-a-stop advantage. Check them out. The photographer chose a good picture that can provide pixel-peepers with hours of analyzing and post-processing enjoyment :-)

Meanwhile, David Ziser loved the low-light capabilities of the Mk2, and promises to post some sample images in the next couple of days.

5D Mark II Reference

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