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December 16, 2008

All along the Pentax Watch Tower said the white K2000 K-m to the Photogs

The wait is over, and the December 16 Pentax announcement is signed, sealed and e-delivered on the internetwebs! It is indeed a white (Storm Trooper / Clone Wars) edition of the Pentax K2000 K-m DSLR, scheduled for a February 2009 release, with two color-matched kit lenses.

+++ Pentax DSLRs blog
+++ OK 1000 Pentax Blog
+++ I'm not the only one who saw Star Wars in the camera: CNet Underexposed
+++ Imaging Resource
+++ and soon everywhere

Discussion of build-up and actual announcement at:
+++ Pentax Forums forum
+++ dpreview Pentax forum

+++ Is it Ugly or Beautiful? The vote is at CNet. Looks like beautiful has a thin majority at the moment. The camera is doing well with the Star Wars demographic :)

440pm NYC time: almost there! (20 minutes to go)
No one pulling the official trigger early yet? Maybe the official Storm Troopers fan club page? :-)

245pm NYC time: Someone saved two pictures
Here they here in the PF forums - look at post #9 - about 1280x1000 pixels each picture. It is certainly an acquired look/taste, but it will sell like hot cakes at Star Wars conventions!

Was the color scheme inspired by Star Wars's Clone Troopers? The Storm Troopers are slightly different from the chrome Cylons "toasters" of Battlestar Galactica:

2pm NYC time: White K2000 K-m LE kit? (Three hours to go)
Some people have seen "White Xmas": A white (???) limited edition of the K2000/K-m coming out in February 2009. Some forum-users noticed it for a few seconds and are writing about it in the Pentax dpreview forum and PentaxForums forums.

I hope it's more than just a "White XMas" K2000! But then again, the last time we had a Pentax wait-a-thon, it turned out to be the bridge-to-nowhere Dubai non-public event.

If that is indeed so, the timing is rather strange. Why announce a February 2009 LE kit in the middle of the holiday shopping season? Isn't that why they have CES in early January instead of December? :-)

1230pm NYC time: Nope! (4.5 hours to go)
But in the meantime, join the speculation game at the dpreview Pentax forum.

On a semi-unrelated note, Pentax's "supplier" (of sensors that is) has a new Samsung 65nm S5L2010 ARM9 processor to handle digital picture frames. Details at Engadget. Of technical note, is that this has FAST rendering capabilities, which may (or may not) be applicable for other Samsung products.

11am NYC time: Nada yet
The date mentioned at the Pentax DSLRs blog was 2pm pacific, which is 5pm New York City time, so we are six hours away. Yet no leaks!

In the meantime, here is a nice post on lenses at the Pentax DSLR blog by Yvon, who is by the way offering his e-books for only $5.

930am NYC time: Not yet, but a lens review
No leaks yet, but there is a new Pentax lens review at PhotoZone, they are reviewing the SDM DA 17-70mm f4 AL [IF] smc. Pixel-peeping charts on page #2 and samples and verdict at the bottom of page #3. Did they use the "D" word to describe it? (Think U2 song, "D.....")

2am Tue NYC time: ZzzZZ
Even bloggers have to sleep! Hopefully whatever it is, it won't leak during ZzZZzzZZ :-)

1am Tuesday NYC time: Nada
The waiting is turning the discussion at PentaxForums to other topics. This is a typical topic-drift that happens in forums when the news everyone is waiting for is not arriving.

And if you are looking for something to keep you busy, this dpreview K-discussion talks K-lens reviews.

10:30PM NYC time: Binoculars announcement!!!
Pentax has just announced DCF NV binoculars and Pioneer II and GameSeeker 5X rifle scopes. Press releases at the press release page.

Rumors and Expectations
One possibility according to the Greek gagdet blog leak is a K20D with a built-in GPS functionality. This certainly fits the Pentax approach which is to provide alternatives to the mainstream cameras.

Amateur Photographer UK re-reminds us all about the Hoya statements found in the investor repor(t) that says that Pentax will launch "three different types" of cameras in 2009.

As the Pentaxian World Turns
When you have two cameras in-hand, it's hard not to compare them! Case in point, the K10D blog is comparing the K10D with the D700. Yes, we all know they are different market-segment type of cameras, but it's fun to compare!

E-photozine has reviewed the new K-m K2000 DSLR, for which we will soon create a list-of-reviews page!

While we are waiting for the Pentax announcement to come out, or as it is typically the case, LEAK somewhere first, let's take a look at some of the latest happenings in the Pentaxian World after rounding up the rumoralia.

We hope this won't be the case! To sort out the different time zones, be sure to check

Regular readers may recall the last time we had a marathon waiting for a Pentax announcement, it turned out to be the Dubai bridge to nowhere.

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