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November 30, 2008

Top Selling Cameras dominated by Black Friday sales

The impact of Black Friday is evident in this new snapshot of the on-going soap opera that is the top selling digital cameras at Check out the latest top sellers list. A customary screenshot teaser and faux-analysis follow. Spoiler-free zone ends right now!


Strategy Session: The rise of the Canon SD770is
So what was the secret behind the Canon SD770is taking two of the top four spots? For one thing, it was price, it dropped $15. For another, it was heavily promoted. And the price of its closest Elph-rival, the SD790is, went up by $15. Thus they managed to create an extra $30 price-separation between the two. Mix those ingredients together in the market-bowl, and you have a hot seller!

Nikon Coolpix S550: If you discount them, they will come!
Nikon is picking up a lot of market share this week as they continue to chip away at the Coolpix S550 prices. Currently they are available for a mere $135. This is a camera that sold for $175 just two weeks ago!

Canon SX10is vs Panasonic FZ28
This is turning into an epic chart-battle, with the two cameras sitting back to back. The Canon SX10is has taken the lead as the newer model, despite selling for more and not having RAW. The power of the Canon brand and AA batteries! But Panasonic is not standing still, they just dropped $30 off the FZ28K price, making it cost almost $100 less than the Canon SX10is. Oh my! Which creates a great bargain, the Panasonic FZ28K for $240 with free shipping. Oh my! We don't have the FZ28 in our Compact Reviews Index, but it will be the first new camera added there as soon as there is a break in the action.

Canon SX110is duo vs Panasonic TZ5 trio
The price dynamics in this duel are the reverse. Canon is pushing prices down and Panasonic is pushing prices up. The price difference now is almost $40, with the black SX110is at $200, and the black TZ5 at $238. A few weeks ago, the TZ5 was cheaper, so we had 3/4 of a price-stop price-swing. (Price-stop = $100). So it's no surprise that the Panasonic TZ5 trio is dropping like a rock, and the Canon SX110is is moving on up.

Economy Blues
Five cameras in the Top 25 are under $100. Once upon a time you couldn't even find two of them at the same time, except for stray market-share-grabbing Kodaks.

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