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November 19, 2008

The Old King is back (Canon beats up Panasonic superzooms) (new top sellers soap opera)

Welcome to a new edition of the Top Selling Digital Cameras snapshot-to-snapshop soap-opera featuring the Amazon marketplace. If you want to avoid any further spoilers, jump right ahead and see the new top selling digital camera list. Following is a screenshot teaser and "talk-radio" discussion.

top selling digital camera charts

The Old King is back
Panasonic superzooms have been kicked out of the top 10 courtesy of the Canon SX10 IS and its sidekick, the black SX110-IS.

If you are wandering why you don't see the SX1-IS mentioned, it is because it is not available in the US market, at least not initially. Judging by the initial production output of about 50K units per month, it doesn't look unreasonable that they would at some point catch up or ramp up production to "feed" the US market.

Granted, the prices have shifted, the SX110-IS is now underselling the Panasonic TZ5 triumvirate by about $20, while before, it was the other way round. So this is not a cake-walk for Canon, they are getting bloody accounting-wise in order to get this victory.

Top 25 Chit-Chat
Kodak is in the top five! Kodak is in the top five! But it took a pink camera selling for $80 on clearance to get this done. See?

Beyond CaNiKon dSLRs
There is just one non-CaNiKon dSLR in the Top 100, and that distinction belongs to the Olympus E520 bundled with the 14-42mm kit lens which is trending close to $500, which is quite a nice price for a camera with plenty of features compared to the D40 or XS 1000D, but of course it has a smaller sensor which may be a deal-breaker for some photogs out there.

The Power of Wasabi
How many digital cameras are available in "Wasabi green"? Just one as far as we know. And the power of Wasabi has put the wasabi Fuji Z20fd in the top 25 for the first time. Oh that, and the price of $128. Also.

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