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November 02, 2008

Rumor from China: Pentax K30D with a 14mp APS-H sensor (and K300D w/CMOS)

There is a hot new rumor from China discussed vigorously in the Pentax dpreview forum talking of a future 14-megapixel K30D using an APS-H (1.3x) sensor instead of the usual APS-C (1.5x). Also rumored is a K300D using a Samsung CMOS sensor instead of the 10mp CCD of the K200D.

The possibility of an APS-H sensor is not invalidated by DA lenses, because a number of them, at least the ones of interest to enthusiasts (who would be interested in this camera) have an image circle larger than APS-C (1.5x).

With the exception of Canon's 1D series, we haven't really seen APS-H sensors. On the other hand though this could be a maverick move by Pentax offering an in-between alternative for those who want larger than APS-C sensors but don't want to pay full-frame prices.

This is also not invalidated by statements from Samsung on full frame sensors not coming soon, which would make sense if they were planning APS-H sensors in-between.

This could also work in differentiating the APS-C Samsung "Hybrid" line with a larger APS-H dSLR line.

Of course all the above are rumors and speculation! Again please keep in mind this is a rumor! And for speed-readers out there, this is a speed-bump, this is a rumor!

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