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November 18, 2008

Review Train (Canon SX10 IS, Ricoh R10, etc, plus Fuji F100fd cluster)

Jump aboard the Review Train! Insert "choo-choo" joke here ;-) For past, present and future episodes, be sure to visit and bookmark the Reviews mini-blog.

Spotlight camera: Canon SX10 IS with two reviews
Not one, but two reviews have been published today of the lovely Canon SX10-IS, which seeks to stone and dethrone all the other superzooms ahead of it. We start with the review at Camera Labs, which also includes a video tour of the camera for the video-content fans. The conclusions are on the Verdict tab, but we won't spoil them here. And as usual, Camera Labs compares each camera with its closest rivals, in this case, the FZ28 and the CMOS-powered SX1-IS.

Next up, we have the review at Photography Blog with conclusions on page #6 for those in a hurry. Did the two reviewers agree on their findings?

The best prices we found at the moment are $340 at both B&H Photo with free shipping and Amazon. Amazon also offers a free 4gb SDHC card if sold and shipped by Amazon itself, not by a 3rd party.

Camera Reviews
The Nikon D90 has received a brand new review, this time at the multi-lingual website Let's Go Digital. You can read the review in the language of your choice, among the ones available of course.

e-photo-zine has gone into burst mode and published two mid-range-camera reviews, first up the Ricoh R10 which is an intriguing choice for some photographers, and then the RAWzoomer Lumix FZ28, which is a direct competitor to the SX10-IS we spotlighted above.

It's hard to keep track of all the T-series numbers in your head, but the biggest number is usually the flagship, and that's the one that just got reviewed by Imaging Resource, the Cybershot T700. The list of cons is almost as long as the list of pros. Is that a bad omen? This is a folded optics cameras, so don't expect the lens to behave like a 50mm f1.4 :-)

Hey, let's give some love to the small compact cameras too. For example, here is a new review of the Fuji J150w at Cameras UK.

Gear Reviews
Zeiss me up Scotty! The Digital Picture has posted part one of their Zeiss ZE 85mm f1.4 lens review. Why is this part #1? Is there a cliff-hanger?

Meanwhile, tech-blogger, photographer and Adobian Terry White has posted his findings on the 2.8GHz MacBook Pro. The review is speed-reader-friendly as Terry has marked with boldface all the key points of his review.

Why is everyone talking about the Rapid R-strap? Find out by checking the review at the Imaging Insider.

More camera review clusters added
We have added more reviews to the Compact Cameras Reviews Organizer, the most recent one being the Fuji F100fd, which you can now get for just $184 after a $100 mail-in rebate from Fuji. The Fuji rebate process is straightforward, but if you are not planning to follow the proper rebate process, you may want to spare yourself the potential frustration :)

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