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November 06, 2008

Review Train (Canon 50D, Casio EX-Z200, Panasonic LX3, and friends)

Welcome to a new edition of the Review Train! To catch up with previous editions, or check the "impact reviews", be sure to check the Reviews mini-blog. We are now catching up with some of the reviews of the last few days.

Canon DSLR Reviews
We start with a trio of 50D reviews, starting with CNet UK, which has published their own review, separate from the one by CNet USA. A second opinion is provided at Let's Go Digital. And for a third opinion, we have a first impressions review at Ocean Light.

Rebel with eXceSS is what pop culture blogs may call the Digital Rebel XS 1000D. XS = eXcesS :) A short review of the 1000D can be found at UK site PC Advisor.

Compact Reviews
Laurence Kim has posted part #3 of his on-going review of the Panasonic LX3 adorable rawsumer. And a video review of the LX3 by Nerdist, clocking in at about 4 minutes. That is one of the coolest blog names out there! Nerdist!

Meanwhile, Photography Review has posted a preview of the Nikon P6000. A preview that includes ISO-range samples and an unboxing ceremony.

Looking for another opinion on the PSAM-less Canon A2000 IS? Look no further, check out the review at DigiCamReview.

How about some love for the Casios? The EX-Z200 is getting its 15-minutes at ephotozine. Find out what they find out in this easy to read short review!

It's tiny, it looks plastic and "Hello Kitty" but how good (or bad) is really the new Canon E-series "flagship", the E1? Find out at Photography Blog.

I'm sure Olympus fans must be furious that Canon used the name "E1" for their entry-level P&S, perhaps Canon marketing taking a shot at the Olympus E1. Maybe we'll have a $100 Olympus FE-1D P&S as retaliation :)

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