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November 10, 2008

Photography Soup (No gear-talk edition)

With so many reviews and techno-babble, it's time again for a tech-talk-free edition of the Photography Soup.

flickr member showcase: brodes57
Today's featured member from our flickr pool is flickr user brodes57. As usual we had to pick a favorite among the pictures submitted, and after careful deliberation we decided to pick "Trees" as our favorite. We are also trying something new, submitting the favorite picture to Reddit Pics, so if you like it, vote for it! And for the Doctor Who fans out there, we have picked a favorite as well. What?

For more on the flickr pool and how to join and submit your pictures, continue reading.

Around the Net
Luminous Landscape has an exclusive video interview with Henry Wilhelm of Wilhelm Imaging Research. This is a long interview, clocking in at over one hour long. Brew a fresh pot of coffee, and watch two experts talk "shop". Check it out now!

Let's congratulate photographer Shawn Duffy as he is getting ready to complete his photography book on Palestine. Check out a sneak preview of the cover photo.

There's still time to submit your entries in the latest Center for Fine Art Photography exhibition. The deadline is Wednesday November 12. For more details, be sure to check the Imaging Insider.

Thomas Hawk has started a new series, spotlighting new artists. Check out the latest episode, featuring the artist known as "rouge rouge".

Two newspapers are braving the sploggers, copiers and stealers and are posting big pictures that fill up the screen. Details via A Photo Editor. has a special cause, the fight against prostate cancer.

The Learning Never Stops
We start with the debut podcast of "Digital Photography Life" where among others, Scott Kelby talks Lightroom. This and more. Check it out!

This is a question a photographer or an artist asks themselves when no one is around, "Am I a failure?"

We continue with photography books. What's the difference between an edition and a printing? What's limited? The Online Photographer sorts it out.

A quick 8-step checklist for travel photographers at And don't forget travel broadens the mind, but it also broadens your credit card balance also ;-)

You photo, they critique! Check out the latest update in the on-going series at the Pop Photo Flash blog.

Pictures from the Blogs
A seasonal black and white fall picture collection is up at Wouter 28mm.

Impressionism is the underlying theme at LightScrape. The pictures are powered by a certain camera, but since this is a tech-talk-free post, we cannot talk about the camera :-)

"Fragments" is one of the many pictures featured at the Fine Art Photo blog. "Fragments" is a picture by Dawn LeBlanc.

The painted hills in Oregon? What? See the picture at

Photography Soup Archives
We have *gasp* almost 150 episodes of the Photography Soup, most of them at the Old Blog and newer episodes here at the green blog. The format is slightly different between the two blogs, but it's the same concept.

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