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November 01, 2008

Panasonic G1 review at DC Resource (was shipping from Ritz)

A Halloween treat by Jeff Keller and the DC Resource Experience! A full-review of the Panasonic G1. Be sure to check it out! No spoilers here, but if you are in a hurry, the conclusions are at the end of the review. There are 14 pros and 8 cons, but that does not tell the story :) The p-word is mentioned prominently...

And as fate would have it, the black and blue G1 has now run out of stock (it was shipping from Ritz/Wolf), but it is still listed at Amazon for $799 with free shipping.

For more on the G1, be sure to check the G1 diary, with multiple updates.

Reactions to the review
The review is discussed in the Panasonic forum at dpreview, but the bigger discussion is in the Olympus forum, the home of all things 4/3rds, micro or macro :)

And an older thread discussing the price of $800.

Not related to the review, but of great interest, a forum user reports his experience at the NYC launch of the G1.

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