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November 23, 2008

New Hot Camera Diary updates and some housekeeping

The "diaries" have been updated with new content! The "diaries" are semi-independent pages that track updates on some of the hottest cameras. The target audience for these are photographers who have a strong interest in these particular models.

  • Nikon D700: Two new reviews (, CNet), a 2-hour seminar at Adorama, and lots more
  • Canon 5D Mk2: Out in China, more places next week, accessories price-hike, and ...ISO bunnies.
  • Sony A900: Three new reviews and opinions this week, the latest one being TOP squaring it off with the Nikon D3.
  • Nikon D90: Accessory reviews, chance to win one, video talk, and new reviews at ...Let's Go (&) Think.
  • Canon 50D: A video on live-view focusing, the Bob Atkins review, and more
  • Canon G10: Comparisons, samples, first impressions, debates, and more.
  • Panasonic G1: The 45-200mm lens get previewed, word spreads of a Leica M-to-M43 adapter, photographers opine, and a total of three reviews this week, the latest one at Photo Review.
  • Panasonic LX3: The LX3 diary has moved from the RAWsumer blog to this blog for organizational purposes. Some of the latest updates include two new short reviews, photographers comparing G10 vs LX3, and an ISO 3-way test.

You may have noticed the return of the "Papyrus" font headlines! They were first used in the old Orange blog, and now we have version 2.0 with a slightly different font. They are at the top of each page, right below the light-blue navigation links.

The first week of December will be the three-month anniversary of the new blog at TypePad. To celebrate the anniversary, you, the readers, will decide what the next color scheme for this blog will be. Look for a poll to be posted in the first week of December.

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