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November 2008 (116 posts)

November 30: Countdown to the Nikon D3x announcement: It's Official!
November 30: Top Selling Cameras dominated by Black Friday sales
November 30: Ken Rockwell reviews the Nikon (oops!) Nissan 350Z
November 30: Canon 5D Mark II sample images from Photography Blog now!
November 30: The Official Coffee of 1001 Noisy Cameras
November 29: Review Train (Panasonic G1, Nikon D90, Alpha A900, Nikon D60, etc)
November 29: (DEAL is OVER) Early Cyber Monday: Adobe Lightroom 2 for $149 (full version)
November 29: What would you like to see more? (a new opinion poll)
November 28: Vote for the Reader's Choice Digital Cameras of 2008 (two days left)
November 28: Black Friday: DSLRs with two lens kits
November 28: Nikon D3X shown in the Nikon Pro magazine!
November 27: Black Friday digital camera deals
November 27: Free Compact Flash and SD memory cards after mail-in Visa card rebate
November 27: Thanksgiving Gifts from the top two Camera Review sites!
November 27: Happy Thanksgiving!
November 26: Black Friday deals round-up
November 26: Nikon D3x leaked on Nikon's website
November 26: New Laforet video with the Canon 5D Mark II
November 26: Canon 5D Mark II Shipping and Pre-Order Tracker
November 26: More RED on December 3
November 26: Review Train (G10, G1, D700, Olympus trio, T700, and more)
November 25: Holiday specials from B&H Photo
November 25: Are you stress-free now? (thank you Sony!)
November 25: Another Canon G10 review, this by dpreview and new reviewer
November 25: The Attack of the Pink Cameras (new top selling digital cameras)
November 25: New Yashica EZ F1027 generic P&S uses a 10mp 1/2.3" CMOS sensor
November 24: New Canon G10 review by DC Resource
November 24: Review Train (Ricoh G600, FZ28, LX3, D700, accessories)
November 24: Discover New Sites and Blogs (at the Camera47 blog)
November 23: Best of the Camera Deals blog
November 23: New Hot Camera Diary updates and some housekeeping
November 22: Panasonic LX3 diary
November 22: Canon 5D Mark II out in China, late November in Japan
November 21: Early Black Friday deals (Sony A300 kit for $530, A200 kit $456, Lumix G1K $730, etc)
November 21: Reader Picture Showcase
November 21: The Lensaholic (favorites, troubles, samples)
November 21: New fun gearaholic project (with prizes) at
November 20: Alert! First major Panasonic G1 discount: now at $730 (new discount)
November 20: Impact review: Panasonic G1 at Photo Review Australia
November 20: Review Train (Olympus E520, 50D, D90, EX-FH20, superzooms, etc)
November 20: Panasonic G1 samples at Photography Blog
November 20: Fuji 3D camera prototype brief hands-on at CNet Asia (and comments on IQ)
November 19: Just launched: Meet the Readers (at the NetVibes Wall)
November 19: The Old King is back (Canon beats up Panasonic superzooms) (new top sellers soap opera)
November 18: Review Train (Canon SX10 IS, Ricoh R10, etc, plus Fuji F100fd cluster)
November 18: In-stock alert: Panasonic LX3K (black finish, $400, ships 7 to 14 business days)
November 18: Introducing the Noisy Mall (
November 18: Hot Camera round-up (new diary updates)
November 17: Price drop alert: Nikon D90 at $893 (w/18-105 for $1153)
November 17: Photography Soup (Forum Theory, eXtreme Pixel Peeping, and more)
November 17: Sony A900 reviewed by PhotoReview (dpreview of Australia)
November 16: New reviews added to the Compact-Reviews Organizer
November 16: Introducing ...Noisy Platinum
November 16: New Nikon D90 and Panasonic G1 reviews
November 15: In-progress: Compact digital camera reviews
November 15: Nikon D700 review at DC Resource
November 15: Great discounts on Sony Alpha DSLR kits (up to $280 off)
November 15: Weekend Shopper: LowePro Flipside 200, $100 camera, $50 Fuji S100fs rebate
November 14: Review Train (Panasonic G1 again, D-Rebel XSi, Nikon D3)
November 14: Top selling cameras for September 2008 (NPD group)
November 14: The Lensaholic (Tamron 70-200, Lumix 14-45 M43, Pentax FA 50mm f1.4 reviews)
November 13: Review Train (Panasonic G1, Canon 50D, and compacts)
November 13: Author talks Nikon MX, calls it Nikon DM1 (speculation)
November 13: New 12mp 1/2.5" Sony Exmor CMOS sensor (targets cameraphones)
November 13: Canon Strikes Back and Panasonic retreats (new top selling cameras)
November 13: The RED is here, DSMC is here, DSLR executives crying in their offices!
November 12: Waiting for the big RED announcement of November 13?
November 12: New Panasonic LX3 review by Trusted Reviews
November 12: Discover New Sites (interviews, advanced compacts, video, news)
November 12: New Sony A900 and Canon G10 reviews today
November 12: Deal Alert: Panasonic TZ5K for $200
November 12: Housekeeping: Slight changes to the look and feel
November 11: Canon 5D Mark II Review and 8-hour First Impressions
November 11: Latest updates from the Camera Deals (CameraPriceDrops) blog
November 11: Review Train (Casio EX-FH20, Lumix FX150, Samsung L210, Canon E1 and more)
November 11: Veteran's Day with Photography Books
November 10: Sigma buys Foveon (the company, the sensor, everything!)
November 10: The Power of Photography over Video (Presidential Meeting today)
November 10: Important Announcement from Sigma tomorrow morning (Tue Nov 11)
November 10: Fuji S5 Pro DSLR drops to $900 (feeding frenzy begins!)
November 10: Review Train (Ricoh R10, Nikon P6000, FZ28, Elph SD880 IS, and more)
November 10: Photography Soup (No gear-talk edition)
November 9: Digg This: The DSLR Review Organizer
November 9: A new Canon 50D review has been posted today
November 9: Open thread: Feedback, opinions, suggestions, requests?
November 9: DIWA Labs tests the Panasonic G1
November 9: The Lensaholic (New Reviews, diffraction, focus-shift, a book, and more)
November 8: Round-ups on eight hot cameras (reviews, first impressions, samples, opinions)
November 8: Housekeeping: now under this domain (url change)
November 7: Unconfirmed rumor: Sigma has already bought Foveon?
November 7: New Panasonic G1 samples and video review
November 7: Photo bloggers and webmasters: Most popular newsreaders? (updated)
November 7: Reader's Choice Digital Cameras: Results so far!
November 7: New Olympus 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 II lens (Four Thirds)
November 6: Quick ISO Test: Panasonic G1 vs L10 vs Olympus E3
November 6: New Photography Book captures Barack Obama's historic campaign
November 6: Samsung spinning off their digital camera business
November 6: dpreview discovers blogging (and reveals camera and lens review pipeline)
November 6: Review Train (Canon 50D, Casio EX-Z200, Panasonic LX3, and friends)
November 6: Canon vs Panasonic Super Zoom Wars (new top selling cameras update)
November 5: Alert! Canon 50D body only drops to $1200 (kit w/EF 28-135 down to $1400)
November 5: Canon G10 vs Lumix LX3 vs Nikon P6000 by Thom Hogan
November 4: Experimental headlines at the top of the page
November 4: Panasonic LX3 review at dpreview at last!
November 4: Discover New Sites: Fashion, Galleries, Podcast and Portfolios
November 3: Olympus E30 Four Thirds DSLR is announced (the November surprise!)
November 3: Second Panasonic G1 review, this time at CNet Asia
November 3: Two new Canon 50D reviews at Imaging Resource and Let's Go
November 3: This blog too crowded? We have an alternative for you
November 3: Best Buy enters the market with Insignia Digital Camera
November 3: New Cameras Pre-ordering Center update
November 2: Rumor from China: Pentax K30D with a 14mp APS-H sensor (and K300D w/CMOS)
November 2: March to the Holidays: Nikon D300 and D700 specials at Adorama
November 2: No longer rumors: Panasonic buying Sanyo?
November 1: Panasonic G1 review at DC Resource (was shipping from Ritz)
November 1: ISO Wars: Sony A900 takes on the D700, 5D (Mk I), and A700


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