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November 12, 2008

Discover New Sites (interviews, advanced compacts, video, news)

Welcome to a new installment of "Discover New Sites and Blogs" where we feature websites that may be new to you or new to me, be it ten years old or ten days old. Infact, we do feature a website today that is ten days old :) For previous episodes, be sure to check the Discover Archives and Discover Wall.

We start with an excellent in-depth photographer-interview site. This is a brilliant idea by Crash Taylor. Each page is an in-depth interview and profile of a photographer. Check for example the recent interview with David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk.

We continue with Wouter 28mm, a great photography blog. This is of great interest to people whose interests intersect at the corner of Black+White photography and advanced compact cameras, more specifically the Ricoh GX-200.

Continuing with the advanced compacts theme, Lumix Photography focuses on all things LX3. If you are an LX3 owner or you are interested in the LX3, this is a great resource to visit and bookmark.

And now to new news. A new website has been launched from the people who brought to you The new website focuses on photography headline news, and here it is Photo Daily News.

Remember when we mentioned a brand-new new website above? Here it is! From the creatives behind TWIP Photo, here is Consumer Video Tips. As the title suggests, this is an all-inclusive website featuring video tips for videographers of all ages and experience levels.

Today's Web 2.0 bonus is *drum roll* ...digg. All the "discovered" websites have been "dugg". If you would like to "digg" them as well, you will find them all listed in our digg page.

If you would like your website or blog featured in a future episode, please send an email.

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