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November 06, 2008

Canon vs Panasonic Super Zoom Wars (new top selling cameras update)

We have a new episode in our on-going soap opera of the top selling digital cameras. Avoid the spoilers, and jump to the new top selling digital cameras update. Following right below is a screen-shot teaser and some talk radio discussion ;-)


Canon wins this SuperZoom battle
The new Canon superzooms have finally managed to break up Panasonic's grip of the Top 25. The SX10-IS is one spot ahead of the FZ28K, while the TZ-series have all dropped in lock-step. Meanwhile the SX110-IS itself has entered the Top 15 and jumped over the TZ5K.

This is an interesting development in this "generation" of cameras, as Panasonic so far had been "winning". So this makes the next update even more exciting to look forward to!

The prices are dropping, the 50D is down to $1200, and that has pushed the 50D back in the Top 25. Also dropping in price are the XS (1000D), XTi and 40D.

On the Nikon front, the only DSLR left in the top 25 is the D90, but the good news for Nikon fans is that both D90 kits are in the top 25.

The bad news is that there are no DSLRs left in the top 100 from any other companies. Nada! Talk about a duopoly!

For more on this topic, be sure to check the Market Pulse.

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