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November 13, 2008

Canon Strikes Back and Panasonic retreats (new top selling cameras)

We have a new episode in our on-going top selling digital cameras soap opera! Wait not, jump and check the new top selling charts! Screenshot teaser and discussion follows right below.


Pink is in!
Two pink cameras are in the top ten right now! The pink Kodak C713 and Canon SD1100 IS are both in the top ten right now, and it is quite possibly a record.

A Kodak superzoom in the Top 25?
Oh my! A Kodak superzoom in the top 25? Thank you price cuts! The Z1012 IS is down to $216, a competitive price, giving Kodak fans a new hope. The Z1012 is now the "deputy" of the Z1015 IS, which has a 15x zoom lens and "cloaked" RAW.

Canon Strikes Back
Panasonic had dominated the superzoom arena for a few weeks, but now the new Canon superzooms are in, and their prices have come down. And that was enough to get Canon ahead and Panasonic to retreat.

The Canon SX10 IS is now the top superzoom digital camera, breaking the Panasonic domination. The SX10 price is now $340, down from the starting price of $400.

The SX110 IS is advancing as well, with a decreasing price, currently at $217.

The Panasonics are now retreating, with the FZ28K and TZ5K being the only ones left in the Top 25. But don't count them out just yet. A $200 TZ5K special is certainly going to be effective. But the TZ5A, TZ5S, and TZ4K are all tumbling down.

DSLRs thinning out
Once upon a time the Top 25 was buzzing with dSLRs, but now it's down to just the hot-selling XSi kit, and the Nikon D90 kit (w/18-105 DX VR).

How much of this is a side-effect of the economy and how much of it is simply people starting to buy cameras in the run-up to the holiday shopping season?

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