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November 22, 2008

Canon 5D Mark II out in China, late November in Japan

It's out in China today! Picture and discussion in this dpreview thread. And why is the guy in the picture wearing a Sony jacket?

And yes, the Japanese release date is November 29 according to Canon Japan itself.

Another photographer got a call. Calumet is calling, SOS for your wallet if you pre-ordered. It's coming next week!

This photographer touched it at an event in the state of Washington and has the pictorial proof at flickr.

The question no one dares to ask, and certainly one that must be keeping Canon executives up at night, what if there is a 1DMk3-AF type issue that throws a titanic iceberg on the 5DMk2 volcano?

The question everyone wants answered is how many of the current pre-orders will they be able to fill right away, and how long will the wait be for new buyers? Considering that retailers like Adorama and J&R World have stopped taking pre-orders and even listing the camera (temporarily), people who have yet to pre-order the Mark II may be facing a long wait. But may be not, maybe the current economic environment and stock market blues will cause some pre-orders to be canceled???

In fact, of the retailers we track on a regular basis, only three are accepting 5D Mark II pre-orders right now: Ritz, OneCall and Calumet

For more on the 5D Mark II be sure to check the (almost daily) diary, and the list of reviews and previews assembled so far.

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