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November 25, 2008

Another Canon G10 review, this by dpreview and new reviewer

Hot on the heels of yesterday's DC-Resource review, we have a brand new G10 review, this one by, and with new reviewer Don Wan. As always, no spoilers here, we don't want to inject bias into the initial readings of the reviews. But the recommendation rating is certainly going to be hotly debated (see below).

Reactions to the review
It's finally here exclaim the Canonites in a thread that is headed for 150 in a matter of a couple of hours.

"We surrender, sincerely, Canon and Nikon". What??? Well, not quite so, but one Canonite takes exception to the reviewer's comment about ISO 400 comparisons between the P6000, G10 and LX3. Some of the comments are so "dramatic" that Phil Askey chimes in to set the record straight.

The non-denominational News forum is grateful for the review, and there we have a tidbit from Phil on noise and sensor resolution.

This is just a sampling of the reactions, dive into the various forums for a lot more...

G10 reference material
Play-by-play updates on the G10 at the G10 diary, and a list of most of the reviews published so far at the Review Organizer, organized in our unique(ly silly) multi-column format that tries to give the reader who doesn't want to read every single review a more diverse field of opinions.

Best G10 prices now
The best prices are the moment at $435 at Amazon and $435 (with free 8gb card and case) at New Egg (see page #4 of the Black Friday special page for the G10).

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