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October 18, 2008

The New Wave Takes Over (New Top Selling Cameras)

We have a lot of drama and excitment in the brand new edition of the top selling digital cameras soap opera. Jump right ahead if you want to avoid the spoilers that follow right below, starting with a screen-shot teaser showcasing the new wave of Photokina cameras having an impact on the markets.


G10 vs LX3: The Buyers Battle
Now that the G10 is finally starting to become available at more and more retailers, the battle is on. But the LX3 has an ace up its sleeve, it is oscillating wildly in price, and goes as low as $400 at some reputable online dealers. The new price-drop gave the LX3K the upper-hand, as it makes its top ten debut, five spots ahead of the G10. We expect this battle will rage on for the next few months!

SuperZoom Wars: Canon vs Panasonic
Without the SX1-IS available in the US market, the SX10 IS and SX110-IS have to fight off the FZ28 and TZ5/TZ4 on their own. The SX10 IS has made its top ten debut and is throwing down the gauntlet. The FZ28K and TZ5K are a couple of spots ahead of it. It will be very interesting to see what happens next time around!

As we pointed out a few times in the past, the Panasonic price-drop-drip strategy continues to pay off, as both the TZ5 and the FZ28 continue to do very well.

This puts pressure on the SX110-IS to lower its price even more to match-up with the TZ5 series, and this is perhaps something that Canon does not want to do so close to the release of its new superzooms.

DSLR Waves: Canon 50D vs Nikon D90
Discounts work. The Canon 50D body only has taken a nice $65 discount, making its current price a tempting $1335 and making it the most expensive dSLR in the Top 25.

But the Nikon D90 is having its moment in the sun too, the body only makes its top 25 debut as some 3rd party retailers are starting to get it in-stock.

So, here is where they stand, the two D90 kits are at #23 and #25, while the 50D kits are at #16 and #75.

Breakaway hits of the Photokina season?
One of the benefits of reading this long-winded soap-opera is that you will likely see trends before everyone else does. We present to you two cameras that look like they are going to be hot sellers in their segment during the holiday shopping season: The new wide-angle Elph, the SD880 IS, and the sleek-looking 15-megapixel (ouch!) SD990 IS.

But we do not recommend that you package them together and create complex derivatives in the securities exchange market ;-)

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