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October 07, 2008

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If you are a fan of smaller companies and prefer not to have all your accounts with the big boys and girls (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, etc), then you might be interested in subscribing to this blog with Bloglines. Bloglines is part of Ask Jeeves, which of course is much smaller when compared to the aforementioned companies.

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Bloglines has its own workflow, so if you are familiar with other newsreaders, you will probably need to spend a few hours with it before you adjust to its workflow and way of doing things. This can be frustrating initially but keep in mind Bloglines is a very popular online newsreader.

The following are sample screenshots of Bloglines and this blog's RSS feed to give you a preview taste. They are not intended to be step by step instructions.


This is the page where you enter the url of the RSS feed you want to subscribe to.The feed address for this blog is


After you enter the RSS feed url, you can customize how Bloglines organizes this feed. As you can see, you have plenty of options, which means you have more flexibility and customization! You can display the feed as title-only summary, short summary or full content! We are publishing a full-text feed, so all three choices are available to you. Clicking on the post title will open up the full contents of the post.


This is how it looks
After you subscribe you will see the new feed added to your list in the upper-left window. Clicking on the feed title from the llst of subscribed feeds will fill up the main window with the latest posts. The following is a cropped screenshot of the main window when you select the complete-article view. The alternating backgrounds colors (gray vs white) make it easier to tell where one post ends and another one begins.


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