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October 22, 2008

Sony A900 review at dpreview (must read TV!)

Simon Joinson has just posted a 37-page review of the Alpha A900. Drop everything and check it out now :-) Conclusions are on page #36 if you are pressed for time. No spoilers, but the pros and cons sections are rather long. But their final recommendation seal may surprise you! This comes just hours after the Camera Labs review.

The Alpha A900 is available right now in-stock at OneCall for $3000 with free FedEx shipping.

Reactions to the reviews
The non-denominational News forum at dpreview has a short discussion, while the Sony SLR Talk forum has a primary thread that is already over 80 posts. Simon Joinson answers multiple reader questions in this thread.

The Camera Labs review is also getting discussed, along with its measurable percentage finding. We are not big fans of giving percentage ratings to cameras. It's like trying to give co-ordinates of a 12-dimensional object using two dimensions :)

For more on the A900, be sure to check the daily diary, and the list of reviews so far available at the brand new DSLR Review Organizer.

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