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October 09, 2008

Review Train (Lightroom 2, W120, Canon 200mm LISUSM, etc)

We continue our new "Review Train" feature with a new wave of reviews from around the net. To catch up with all the episodes of the "Review Train", simply visit or bookmark the Reviews mini-blog.

Spotlight review: Adobe Lightroom 2
PDF Gear Guide has posted their hands-on review of Adobe Lightroom 2. The reviewer also has a quick comparison between this and Bridge 2.x and Aperture 2.

Camera Reviews
The new entry-level W-series camera from Sony is the W120, which has recently dropped in price to around $150. This has boosted the camera up in the latest top sellers chart. And with that as an intro, here is a Cybershot W120 review at, of the "Big Six" review sites.

Photography Blog continues to work on new camera reviews, this time publishing their Fuji S2000hd review. Yes, this one is "hd", not "fd" or "fs", making it harder to type the model number correctly. And speaking of this camera, here is a YouTube video promo.

Incomplete Reviews
Imaging Resource continues to develop their D90 review, now adding test results from a production unit. Check under the Performance, Exposure and Optics tabs at the top of the page for the newly added test results.

Digital Camera Review has posted their first thoughts of the Canon A2000 IS, a camera that falls off the A-series tradition by dropping PSAM and the OVF.

Lens Reviews
The PDN Gear Guide has posted their review of the Canon EF 200mm f2 L IS USM lens. This is an experiential review, no technical numbers and charts.

Review Lists
New review lists for the following cameras have been ported to the new green blog:

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