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October 22, 2008

Panasonic G1 and GH1 diary

The Panasonic G1 announcement generated a lot of excitement and interest at Photokina and the promise and premise of a smaller format is generating a lot of interest. For a list of current reviews, be sure to check the G1 reviews page and the GH1 reviews page at the Review Organizer.

Mon May 10
Panasonic announced new firmware for the G1, GF1 and GH1 today. EOS-HD discusses the GH1 firmware update. The G1 update adds the dreaded "battery lock", so if you are using third-party batteries, be sure to make as note of this new "feature" in the firmware update. More via Imaging Insider.

Tue May 4
EOS-HD has a new update on the progress of figuring out what's inside the GH1 and what can be hax0rized for the photo-video-grapher's benefit.

Fri April 30
A new short shot with the GH1, "For a Minute Then I Lost myself", see it via EOS-HD.

Tue April 27
There is some progress in the GH1 firmware update hackery says EOS HD. 24p at 24Mbps is possible but alas for just a few seconds before it "blue screens". Needless to say, don't do this unless you know what you are doing and you understand the warranty implications and such.

Tue April 20
Today Panasonic has smoked out new firmware updates for the G1, GH1 and GF1!

Thur April 8
The GH1 is reviewed in video-form as a video-camera by Film Riot at Revision3, alongside the 5D Mark II (via The HD Blog).

Sun April 4
EOSHD video compares the GH1 with the Canon 5D Mark II. Watch on a larger display to make the most of the comparison.

Thur April 1st
As part of their in-progress shootout between the GH1 and the Canon 5D Mark II, EOSHD is searching for the right film mode for the GH1 for the purposes of general purpose shooting.

Tue March 23
For the video fans out there, here is a new 3-minute shot entitled "Rivers" shot with the GH1, and shown at EOS HD.

Mon March 22
Video noise talk is the subject of this new article at EOS HD, featuring the GH1 and the Canon 5D Mark II.

Sat March 6
A new review of the GH1 with the 14-140mm zoom lens has been published at Thew's Reviews. This is an experiential review, with the photographer writing about his findings with the camera. Thanks to Bill Beebe for the alert!

Thur March 4: two new Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras leaked!
Panasonic itself has leaked two new Micro Four Thirds cameras, the G2 and G10.

Mon March 1
Noktor, a new company has revealed their 50mm f0.95 lens, and among the first round of material, they have a very short video shot wide open with the Panasonic GH1. You can see it on More on the new lens at the new lens update on the front page.

Wedn February 10
There may be G-series action soon. Or not. But the price of the GH1 kit with the 14-140mm MegaOIS continues to drop. Right now, the price at Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon itself has dropped to $1190.

Wedn Jan 27
DXOMark evaluated the Panasonic GH1 and they have found some great improvements over the G1, and they say it even beats the equivalent of a 7D sensor. Party time for the GH1. See it at DXoMark. More on this on the front page of the blog in this blog update.

The GH1 price has dropped now to $1224 offered at

Mon Jan 25
We have a discount alert! The blue G1 kit has dropped to $600 by Crutchfield on Amazon. The other two colors are at $640 and $650 respectively.

Wedn Jan 20
The Panasonic G1 body is compared to the new Samsung NX10 body at PhotographyBlog.

Sat Jan 16, 2010
Head on over to the forum to uncover a hidden menu that shows you how many times the shutter button has been pressed and how many times the camera has been turned on/off. The OP there tested this on the G1.

Mon Dec 28
The discounting process for the GH1 kit (with the 14-140mm MegaOIS) continues. Right now you can get it from Amazon proper for $1249 with free shipping.

Sat Dec 26
M43rds goes beyond just M43rds-lenses as you can see in this growing discussion threat at the photography forum where different photographers share pictures taken with non-M43rds lenses. Included are of course the G1/GH1, with a variety of lenses, including Nokton, Leica, Zeiss, Hexanon, and friends.

Wedn Dec 23
The GH1 will be available in the UK market (at least) in a body-only configuration starting in January. More via this front page alert.

We have also compiled some of the best prices right now for M43rds-gear at the Deals blog.

Wedn Dec 16
The GH1 takes on the Canon 7D in the world of video, as part of the 7D review at Digital Camera Info in association with their sister site, Camcorder Info. You can check the GH1 comparison here, and also enjoy a massive ISO comparison at the samples page.

Tue Dec 15: New M43rds forum launches
Serious Compacts has launched a brand new Micro Four Thirds themed photography forum with a very catchy url, You can share your M43rds pictures there, and they will be automatically rotated on the front page using the Member Albums feature. And better yet, to get things started, they have launched a photography contest with a $100 cash prize for the winner, and $50 and $25 for the two runner-ups! For more, see the Serious Compacts forum launch page.

Fri Dec 11
The GH1 is compared and contrasted in terms of usability and feature-set in the latest GF1 report at Serious Compacts.

Mon Dec 7
New review for the GH1, this brand new one has been published by Dan Havlik at PDN Gear Guide.

Thur Dec 3
We interrupt the silence with a price-drop alert! You can have the GH1 with the 14-140mm MegaOIS lens for $1350 $1320 from reputable retailer of Montana.

Wedn Nov 25
The GH1 serves as the gracious host for the Panasonic-Leica 45mm f2.8 lens as Japanese website DC Watch Impress publishes full-size sample pictures with this combo.

The Panasonic G1 is taking on two hot compact RAWsumers in an ISO shootout at Serious Compacts. The P&S cameras are the Canon S90 and the Ricoh GRD III. The test go through the whole ISO range, and they are available the ISO 800 shots as RAW downloads via the Box service.

Tue Nov 24
This is now expired (There is a four-hour window that ends at 4pm EST (or earlier) for the blue Panasonic GF1 going for $630 as a Black Friday special. Read all about it at the blue G1 alert on the front page. This diary will not be updated with the latest deal-status information).

Sun Nov 16
A new review is out for the GH1, posted at Photo Crati and created by Peter K. Burian. As usual, we won't reveal their findings here.

Thur Nov 5
Time for another review for the Panasonic GH1, this time the review is coming from Steve's Digicams, using their usual review format.

And speaking of M43rds, there is a fifth camera in the line-up now, Olympus has announced the Olympus E-P2.

Tue Oct 27
The Panasonic GH1 has been added to the GF1 stock-status matrix as it keeps going in and out of stock, despite being out of the market for a while now. Please note that the status is not updated automatically - check the "Last update" date there.

Mon Oct 26
The GH1 at ISO 1600 is the source of a Lightroom 3 beta vs 2.5 at Serious Compacts.

Fri Oct 23
The GF1 may be getting all the buzz, but does it have a ballad? No! But the GH1 does! Well, sort of, kind of... Check it out at ProLost :)

Mon Oct 19
I have a hard-time calling this bite-size write-up a review, but here is what PC Pro thinks of the GH1.

Sun Oct 18
The G1 and GH1 take on the Canon S90 in this ISO 1600 comparison at Serious Compacts. Read on for more on ISO, NR, "cooked RAW", and more!

Taking advantage of its video feature, the GH1 is used to shoot video commercials. See it via the Micro4thirds blog.

Sat Oct 17
One more review for the Panasonic GH1. This brand new one is written by

Tue Oct 13
Is the Panasonic GH1 street-photography-enough? Mason Resnick gives it the street test. Although, we should point out, that with a golden camera like that, you are bound to attract attention!

A strong-showing by Panasonic in the latest Top 20 DSLRs snapshot! Three of them in the top 20 and two in the top eleven. It would have been four if the GH1 did not sell out at $1500.

Mon Oct 12
And a new review for the Panasonic GH1 as well. This time, Mason Resnick at the Adorama Learning Center has posted his review of the DMC-GH1. Interestingly, he has a golden camera, even though the US market only gets the black model. Is the golden model coming up? :-)

A new review is out for the G-ONE! Ben Long, author of the "Complete..." books, has posted his take on the camera at Mac World - the website, not on the walls of the trade show :-)

Sun Oct 11
We have a price-drop alert for those waiting for the black G1 kit. It has dropped to $621 (with free 4gb SDHC). Or if you want to buy from third-party sellers, you can get it as low as $576. More details in this G1 deal alert at the blog.

Thur Oct 8
A nice discussion of 43M43 sensor sizes and aspect ratios is under way at Serious Compacts right now!

A new user-review of the GH1 has been posted at the GH1 group at Vimeo. This is a text-based review, Vimeo has forums too! Not just video clips :-)

Tue Oct 6
A great shootout has been posted at Japanese site DC-Watch with the GH1 serving as the base for a shootout between three Micro Four Thirds lenses at wide-angle. We talk about it more at this front-page update.

A new short review of the GH1 is out at PC World, with quite a few strange numbers :)

Thur Oct 1
Good news on availability. The GH1 kit is back at $1500, and the 14-140mm is shipping solo. Details and latest updates at this in-stock alert at the front page of the blog.

Late at night, a number of well-known retailers have the GH! in-stock and shipping for $1500. No more limited availability premiums! Check them out at this front page alert.

Wedn Sept 30
The GH1, along with fellow M43rds cameras E-P1 and GF1 were three of the twenty-seven digital cameras that were selected for the Good Design Awards in Japan for the year 2009. The results were just announced!

Tue Sept 29
UPDATE: As of 10pm eastern, we noticed that the price has jumped to $1700, offered by third-party seller 17th Street. Amazon herself has temporarily sold out. The original post follows unchanged: The GH1 has returned to Amazon for $1500. This is the expected price, sold and shipped by Amazon herself, not 3rd-party sellers. As usual, we don't know how long these will last.

Mon Sept 28
A new review of the Gh1, this one coming from Photography Bay!

Sun Sept 27
One photographer was tempted to sell his GH1, so that he would buy the new GF1, however, after spending some quality time with the camera, he has a hard time parting with it!

Sat Sept 26
An in-stock alert! The hard to find Panasonic 7-14mm M43 lens is now in-stock and shipping at Amazon for the expected price of $1100. This is sold and shipped by Amazon herself, not third-party sellers. (This is posted at 6:45pm EST).

Thur Sept 24
If you had been holding out for the black Panasonic G1 kit at a reasonable price, it is now back in-stock at J&R World for $640 with free shipping and handling. This includes the 14-45mm standard kit lens. Or if you have Amazon gift cards to spend, they are also selling it via Amazon for the same price.

Wedn Sept 23
Lots of GH1 samples have just been posted at Photography Bay. It includes night-time and low-light pictures, taken with the 14-140mm lens.

Mon Sept 21
Another day another review for the GH1, this one coming from Digital Camera Review.

Photographer Nick Rains took the Panasonic GH1 along side his 5DMk2 on a trip to Indonesia and he was pleasantly surprised with it. He shares a paragraph of his impressions, with a full review coming later on.

Sun Sept 20: A Micro Four Thirds epiphany
Photographer Bjorn Uptott has had a Micro Four Thirds epiphany! He details his gear-travels at this excellent article at Serious Compacts.

Sat Sept 19
More GH1 action, Serious Compacts has posted their third installment of the DP2 vs GH1 shootout, and this episode examines dynamic range between the two.

Ch-ch-ch-changes! How would change the GH1 asks Engadget?

It is interesting that there is an uptick in coverage on the Panasonic GH1 the last few days! Maybe the big ship from Panasonic Japan full of GH1s is getting close to reaching the shores? :)

Fri Sept 18
A short overview of the GH1 out in the wilderness, the video is hosted at Smugmug. Please note that the sound is low, so if you adjust your computer speakers, be sure to re-adjust them right before the video ends!

Thur Sept 17
New firmware updates for both the G1 and GH1 came out today. Details via DC Views.

The 5DMk2 has generated a lot of buzz about Video, but its not the only one! As you can see from this GH1 resource page at, the GH1 is also attracting a number of videographers as well!

Wedn Sept 16
Bring on the Foveon! As most of you know, the closest sensor size to 4/3rds is Foveon! Episode #2 of the Serious Compacts shootout squares of the Panasonic GH1 with the Olympus 17mm f2.8 pancake lens against the Sigma DP2. Be sure to check it out!

As of 4pm EST, this has sold-out! Original post follows in parenthesis (And an in-stock alert! The GH1 is currently shipping for $1500! We track the latest updates at this in-stock alert at the front-page of the blog).

Tue Sept 15 is now officially live for the world to see. It's no longer a secret :) There are still a few more older G1 and E-P1 reviews to be added, but other than that, version 1.0 is good to go!

Mon Sept 14
We have confirmed this with, the $100 discount you see on the pre-order price of the Panasonic Leica 45mm f2.8 Macro megaOIS lens is correct. They are offering it for $800, instead of the press release (and Amazon) pre-order price of $900.

One more review is in the online annals for the GH1, this one posted on the website of Popular Photography, the online photography magazine.

Sun Sept 13
Although many of them are not shipping, Micro Four Thirds has built up a notable list of lenses. Serious Compacts looks at the 2010 lens roadmap for M43 and opines.

Sat Sept 12
The GH1 is participating in a new shootout that has been started at Serious Compacts. This will have the GH1 compete with the Nikon D5000, the Sigma DP2 and the Ricoh GRD III. The first episode covers function and form!

Okay, here is a secret, revealed to only readers of the G1/GH1 unified diary! We are working on a new M43rds review mini-site, and you can take a sneak peak. It is not finished yet! There we feature two brand new GH1 mini-reviews that were posted today.

Don't tell anyone about this mini-site until Tuesday when it will be finished and officially revealed. It's our secret for now! Shhhhhh :-)

Fri Sept 4: GH1K in-stock (SOLD OUT)
If you had been waiting for hte GH1 kit (with the 14-140mm lens), you can now get it sold and shipped by for $1500 with free shipping. Please note that the status and availability is not updated automatically!

Sun Aug 16
Robert Cicala delivers a state-of-the-union opinion on the world of Micro Four Thirds, which of course includes the 2+1 Panasonic entries.

Sat Aug 15
Who's praising us now asks the Panasonic GH1? The EISA awards, giving the GH1 the multimedia camera of the year!

Meanwhile, the leaked GF1 is one of the many topics discussed in episode #102 of the TWiP podcast.

Tue Aug 11
It looks like the GF1 is getting an announcement date of September 1st or 2nd.

Thur Aug 6: A new G-series camera is leaked!
It looks like a third Panasonic and fourth overall Micro Four Thirds camera is coming! The Xitek forums have a convincing leak of the Panasonic GF1.

If you are a fan of the GH1 and nature pictures, you will enjoy this Japanese blog featuring GH1 pictures taken with different lenses, including the Canon FD 500mm f4.5L. Enjoy them at

Tue Aug 4
The G1 is having a "who's praising us now" moment! Adorama 100 has posted their most important System Compacts article and the #1 camera in their list is none other than the G1. Fellow M43rds camera E-P1 is the runner-up, along with the G10.

Sat August 1
Crutchfield had 42 in-stock units of the GH1, but they only lasted for a very show time says Hot Rod.

We will catch-up with updates during the weekend...

Tue July 28
Consumerist has raised the Panasonic battery-locking issue again, and we yell at Panasonic. Hopefully if enough people yell at them, they will undo this very unconsumer-friendly thing.

Thur July 23
Both the G1 and GH1 are participating in a series of tests at DC-Watch where four different memory cards are tested and compared for each camera.

Tue July 21: new GH1 review
Luminous Landscape reviews the Panasonic GH1 as a video camera, and at the same time takes a look at the hybrid landscape. And there are some good news GH1 fans, the GH1 is crowned. And it's not a crown of sh*t (credit:NIN), it's a good crown - the king of combocams!

Mon July 20
The GH1 tours Northern Italy and has 10 pictures to share in the dpreview forum.

The GH1 and the wash??? Video and more via the Insider.

And a quick comparison, the G1 takes on the Sigma DP1 in these two comparison shots at pbase.

Sun July 19
Tired of waiting for Panasonic to release the GH1, one photographer has decided to go with another camera instead - in his case, the K7.

Fri July 17
A double-feature review of the GH1 has been posted by sister-sites DCI and CCI, with the main review coming from the camera-side, and the video-measurables coming from the camcorder side. For more, check the impact review update on the front page of the blog.

Thur July 16
A couple of our readers who placed very early GH1 pre-orders were notified that their cameras were shipped from Amazon. While this is a good sign for people who placed pre-orders, it does not help new buyers since the Amazon product page is not even accepting orders for the camera right now.

Dream-team? The Panasonic GH1 lens with the Olympus 17mm M43 lens? DC-Watch matched them up and took some pictures. Ten of them are available as full-size JPEGs. Check them out!.

The Imaging Insider has assembled the first three-parts on the Panasonic G1 created by photographer Thomas Pindelski. You can find out a lot more on his experience with the G1 by checking out the various posts on his website!
Look for the links to the individual posts in the right-side of his blog, under "Recent Posts", in the brown-colored sidebar.

Wedn July 15
We have just created a review-cluster with most of the GH1 reviews posted so far. You can check it out at our Review Organizer.

And if you a G1 owner looking for the telephoto lens, and are not afraid to open your wallet wide and wider, for $850 you can pre-order the Panasonic 14-140mm M43 lens. Ouch on the price!

Tue July 14
DCWatch has a big shoot-out, including the Panasonic GH1, E-P!, and the two 7-14mm f4 lenses from Panasonic and Olympus. Loads of sample pictures and comparisons from the shootout! A must-see!

Mon July 13
Forgot to mention, but the two Panasonic-branded Leica R-series and M-series have already gone on sale in Japan. See the July 10 entry at

Sun July 12
One photographer took a couple of cheap Nikon E-series lenses, picked up an adapter off eBay, and created a few videos with the GH1. Imaging Insider has the video.

Sat July 11: another GH1 review
A day after dpreview, we have the Camera Labs review. No spoilers here!

Fri July 10: The GH1 dpreview review is out!
Party time once again for the 43M43 coalition. Hot on the heels of the E620 HR review, the Panasonic GH1 got its very own HR in the dpreview review. More on this, at the impact review post on the front page.

But the good news do not end there! Briefly, for a few hours, the early adopters could have had the camera in their hands from B&H Photo for $1500. But as of 1:13pm eastern, it is no longer shipping. B&H however continues to accept orders! We do not know what the shipping estimate is.

The price is of course the expected $1500. It is obviously high and geared for committed HD-Video fans. For less than half the price, you can get the Panasonic G1 two-lens kit.

And while Panasonic gets a tip of the hat for the GH1, they are getting a very loud Colbert-style wag of the foam finger for their evil scheme to block out third-party batteries under the pretense of "hazards". A long discussion of this is underway at GetDPI.

And a little bit more, six full-size JPEG samples taken with the GH1 has been posted at Let's Go which is working on their review as well.

Thur July 9
The Insider is featuring a short video taken with the GH1 in Bulgaria.

The GH1 has been generating some excitement, but when is the GH1 going to start shipping? Are the same Panasonic elves who make the LX3 making the GH1? :-)

Tue July 7
Through Serious Compacts we discover a new series of ISO tests by a photographer who compares the Panasonic G1 with the Sigma DP2 and the Olympus E-P1.

Speaking of the G1, the Amazon deal for the blue G1 kit with the 14-42mm and 45-200mm is still on. For $693 you can get the G1 with the two aforementioned lenses! Remember, all must be sold and shipped by itself no 3rd party sellers.

Want more from the GH1? Consider this petition for firmware updates.

Where in the world is the camera? Was it swallowed by the same monster that ate up the LX3? The dvxusers are asking...

Wedn July 1
The G1 two-lens deal is back at Amazon for $714. For more details, check the detailed post at the Camera Deals blog.

Tue June 30
French website LesNumeriques has some sort of a comparison between the GH1 and the E-P1.

Sun June 28: GH1 review
There is a new GH1 review, this one posted at Photo Review, using their traditional technical-data priority style.

Sat June 27
The readers voting in our recent poll are sending Panasonic a very strong message about blocking other people's batteries and the bad precedent it creates.

Wedn June 24
The Imaging Insider has spotted a new video on Vimeo taken with the GH1 by Roland Caieuxeux.

Tue June 23: new GH1 review
It is review time for the Panasonic GH1, with being the testers. The review uses their standard review format, but as usual, we won't reveal their findings. It includes an ISO elevator test going from 100 to 3200.

But wait, there's more, this time coming Germany, as pointed out by Foto Actualidad.

And a video taken with the GH1 and the ...Canon 300mm f4 lens via the Insider.

Mon June 22
dpreview is writing about the new firmware updates coming from Panasonic for the G1, GH1 and the 14-140mm lens. They also include "the fix" for the "issues" with 3rd-party batteries. I love how Panasonic phrases it, "original battery confirmation". Translation: Will only use Panasonic-batteries!

And despite its $60+ price, the Panasonic DMW-BLB13 battery is picking up sales momentum due to the Panasonic battery warning and announcement.

Sun June 21
The GH1 is participating in a 4-way 30-second video comparison at Camera Labs, "competing" with the Canon 5Dmk2 and two compact superzooms that cost $500+ each.

Sat June 20
This one was posted earlier but we didn't get around to posting it due to E-P1 mania: Camera Labs had posted an ISO comparison between the D90, the GH1 and the Canon SX1is (compact superzoom).

Fri June 19
UPDATE #2: As of Saturday 7:32pm eastern time, this deal is currently DEAD. Amazon is no longer offering the blue and red G1 kits and the 45-200mm lens. This happens when they sell out, presumably in order to prevent overselling (or something along those lines).

UPDATE: As of Saturday 2:41pm eastern time, the shipping estimate has changed from "in-stock" to "ships in 1 to 2 months". The deal is still alive, but the shipping date is an unknown. The original post follows in the paragraph below:

The deal we mentioned on Tuesday just got better because the price of the 45-200mm lens dropped by $50! You can now get the blue Panasonic G1 kit with the Panasonic 45-200mm M43 lens for $660 together after combined purchase discount. Both must be from Amazon herself. Complete details at this hot deal alert.

Tue June 16
See Fri June 19 for a new update on this deal. You can get the blue or red (as of 8pm eastern the red went up by $55) Panasonic G1 with the standard 14-45mm and the 45-200mm lenses all together for $716 at Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon itself. This is an intermediate level deal, and we have prepared detailed instructions for those who are not grizzled Amazon shoppers.

A cynic would call this a dirty ploy. Because of "concerns" that 3rd party batteries may cause explosions and other bad things, Panasonic has issued a new firmware update that blocks the camera from using them. How convenient!

Mon June 15
The Micro Four Thirds family has new members today, the Olympus E-P1 and two lenses! Details through the on-going countdown to the announcement.

Japanese website DCWatch (short for DC.Watch.Impress.Co.Jp) has just posted a G-series ISO Civil War shootout! The G1 goes up against the GH1! Each one of the pictures is available for full-size download but please drink their bandwidth responsibly.

Sun June 14
The Panasonic 20mm f1.7 M43 lens is coming in the autumn said a Panasonic support guy at the Lumix Lifestyle forums. Details towards the bottom of this post talking about the latest Olympus E-P1 picture leak.

Fri June 12
The G1, mounted with the Olympus 4/3rds 50mm f2 lens is part of the tests at the dpreview review of the Nikon D5000.

There is a new bite-size review of the Panasonic G1 at Pocket Lint. This is a very short review, and there are no useful sample pictures taken with the camera. so you don't need to brew any coffee ;-)

They make you want to get it when you see the GH1 in this type of a "gadget pr0n" photo-shoot. The latest one at Quesabesde.

Thur June 11
How does the G1 perform with the 7-14mm lens? This dpreview forum users shares his pictures.

Wedn June 10
And another GH1 review, this one a short review at Photography Blog. It looks like the GH1 is getting more and more review action, yet it is still not on the shipping horizon.

There is good news for G1 fans, the two-lens kits continue to make their way to more retailers. Adorama is now offering the blue two-lens kit for $900 plus shipping. This includes the standard G1 kit plus the 45-200mm lens which now goes for $270 on its own.

Tue June 9: GH1 impact review
The day has arrived! The Panasonic GH1 review at Imaging Resource is now final and delivered! Check it out! You may have already seen part of their review, as they had previous posted some components, but now it's all glued together!

Mon June 8
It's video day at Imaging Resource, where they post their findings on the GH1 video-mode feature.

Sun June 7
Philip Bloom, famous for the GH1 and 5DMk2 videos, is launching a new website to help people achieve the "film look" in their video. It covers a variety of related topics and approaches. We have details on this and how to get a special 54-minute audio interview on the topic. We have all the details at the 5Dmk2 diary-blog.

Sat June 6
A camera carnival (GH1 with Canon FD lens!) takes videos of a real carnival in Berlin. The video through the Insider.

Fri June 5
The GH1 gets its lab test results back from the IR doctor and the G1 gets new samples from France. Details in this G1/GH1 front page update.

The Imaging Insider points us to a brand new review of the G1 posted at a hardware review site, the aptly named Hardware Secrets.

Thur June 4
A Nikonian in Berlin couldn't resist the GH1 Siren's Call (yes, he got the Red model), and he has posted his experience so far in the Panasonic dpreview forum.

Wed June 3: GH1 review!
It is GH1 review day at DC Resource today. This is the most high profile GH1 review to date! So how did it do? Our lips are sealed! (that sounded a little TMZ!)

Tue June 2
Panasonic Japan is promoting the G1 as part of the Formula Nippon says DC-Watch.

If you are in the UK, and near Park Cameras, mark June 18 on your calendars, there will be a free G1 training session says ephotozine.

Sun May 31
Deal alert! For $267, you can get the Panasonic 45-200mm Micro Four Thirds lens. This is sold and shipped by Amazon herself. To see the Amazon price, be sure to look at the right of your Amazon screen, and locate the Amazon entry for the lens. The featured seller is a 3rd party offering it about $10 less, but if you are not familiar with that 3rd party seller, it's safer to go with Amazon herself.

Fri May 29: short GH1 review
We have a new short review of the GH1, posted by the tech-blog Akihabara News. This is gadget-blog style review, so don't expect dpreview-style analysis. It includes a 6m26s video taken with the camera, and a one-minute video-test between the GH1, D5000 and the 5DMk2.

Also from Japan, DC Watch has a new tidbit from a GH1-related event in Japan (computer-translated).

And more sample pictures, real-world and full-size, even RAW at FocusNumerique, which roughly translates to Digital Focus :)

Thur May 28
The GH1 and the G1 square off against each and against the Nikon and Canon new DSLRs in this ISO shootouts at french website Focus Numerique. The images are available as full JPEGs, and go through the whole (available) range. What we call the "ISO Elevator".

Wedn May 27
The Panasonic 7-14mm lens, the Micro 4/3rds variety of course, is now available for pre-ordering for $1100 at Amazon. Ouch on the price! More on this lens at this front page update.

panasonic 7-14mm m43 lens

The 4/3rds coalition has taken over CIPA. Panasonic is the deputy and Olympus is the new fearless leader of CIPA.

Tue May 26: sample pictures
A 14-pack of real-world sample JPEGs has been posted at DCResource, with a review of the camera in the works and scheduled for publication in the next few days.

Mon May 25
A double-buzz specials! The GH1 shoots the Pentax K7 event in Japan! Video via the Imaging Insider.

New GH1 review coming before the end of the month! That's according to the review calendar at DC Resource (left side of the screen), where the GH1 is the next camera to be reviewed in their queueueue.

Sun May 24
Here is a Panasonic G1 from our flickr pool, it is a statue!

Fri May 22
The black G1 has an in-stock sighting for $630 at J&R World. Shipping is additional and depends on your zipcode, but it's typically under $20.

New wave of GH1 samples, this time at Photography Blog. For more, check this GH1 update at the front page of the blog.

As we mentioned yesterday, the European GH1 presentation will mean a wave of new Panasonic GH1 samples and blog posts from European-based websites and blogs. One such is featured via the Imaging Insider at Pocket Lint. This is a quick first impressions with the camera, not a review, in case their red "full review" button created a little bit of a confusion.

Thur May 21
Panasonic has announced two new R-series and M-series adopters for Micro Four Thirds! More via this front page blog update.

The GH1 will be presented to the European world today, with Philip Bloom presenting his work with the GH1 there. More on his latest blog update. Update! He has completed the presentation, and tidbits from it are in reverse chronological order on his Twitter.

And out of the Phil Bloom twitter, here comes an unnecessarily long post on the 14-140mm M4/3rds lens price.

And a little bit of an unboxing, although it's more of a camera-body modeling, of the red G1 body by a happy new owner, who also has the LX3.

Wedn May 20
Via Twitter, we learn that Rayqual is making more Micro 4/3rds adapters! Details via Japan Exposures.

Tue May 19
The Imaging Insider is featuring new black+white video taking with the Panasonic GH1! It is an atmospheric clip, which increases its chances of wining an award if it enters a shorties contest.

Mon May 18
A review of great interest to Micro Four Thirds fans, the Panasonic 7-14mm lens has just received the review treatment at SLR Gear. As usual, no spoilers here!

We learn from Panasonic Japan that June 12 is the Japanese release date, and we also learn of the initial production numbers.

Sun May 17
GH1 fans this is for you! We have just posted a new GH1 roundup, which features the CNet review of the camera, dpreview samples, along with more samples and videos from Japan. We try to limit duplication, so we are not posting it here as wel.

Sat May 16
One photographer has managed to put three 25mm f0.95 lenses on the G1 and posted a comparison shoot, going from f0.95 to f2 for each one of the three lenses.

More fun at the GetDPI forums, one photographer is doing a little bit of a G1 vs D700 shootout. This is not intended to equate the two cameras, but simply to show what you can get from each :)

Fri May 15
The G1 won one of the four main awards handed out by the Japanese Grand Prix. A very prestigious award considering that Panasonic is an "appliance maker" in the eyes of the photography traditionalists.

And some good news for GH1, sample pictures and videos from Seattle, where presumably dpreview staff were visiting "the Mothership" has been posted at dpreview!

Wedn May 13
June 15 is the day Olympus will officially announce their first Micro Four Thirds products. So now there is a target date!

An in-forum recount of a hands-on first impressions with the camera has been posted by a photographer in the forums.

The Star Tribute rounds up the GH1 for its readers, online and offline.

GH1 or Olympus E620? One photographer is trying to decide and asking fellow photographers in the GetDPI forums for suggestions.

Tue May 12
New update from Philip Bloom, discussed in this GH1 update.

Sun May 10
New GH1 video, featured through the Imaging Insider. This is video taken with the GH1, not video of the GH1. And another one that involves dancing.

Thur May 7
Mega-GH1 roundup recapping the life of the GH1 so far on the front page of the blog.

Imaging Resource has posted studio test shots taken with the GH1. More via this front page update.

We have also officially made this the "G1 and GH1" diary. The cameras may not be exactly the same, but they are similar enough, that we can get the "best bang for the diary buck" if we feature them together. If there are any protests or objections to this decision, please let us know.

Wedn May 6
Lots of pictures taken with the G1 and the kit lens are shared in this GetDPI forum thread. Some nice pictures there for sure!

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Put on your thinking caps and change the G1 to your liking. That's what the photographers are doing in this discussion.

Sun May 3
The GH1 is available for pre-order in the US market for $1500. Details in this GH1 update on the front page of the blog.

The cold water in Ottawa did not scare away the kayakers and it did not scare away the photographer sharing his G1 pictures in the Panasonic forum.

Thur April 30
David Pogue of the New York Times reviews the Panasonic GH1. This is a general-interest review, not a 40-page technical review.

Fri April 24
The G1 review at PhotoZone (see April 20 entry) has sparked a 40+ message discussion in the dpreview forums.

Meanwhile the video version, the GH1, is going on sale in Japan today.

Wedn April 22
Blasphemy? Who is planning to sell their G1s? Oh my! Sell? Nooooooooooo!

Because if you sell your G1, look at what you may be missing: Luminous Landscape's latest article is asking whether the G1 may be the digital Leica after testing M-series lenses using their newly received Micro 4/3rds adapteur.

Tue April 21
Panasonic celebrates its TIPA award for the G-series with a press release :)

It would be nice if they instead of issuing press releases, they celebrated this award by giving their registered G-series users a free lens or an extra battery or something like that :-)

Mon April 20
Critically-acclaimed lens-review site seems to be returning to camera reviews as well, as evidenced by their just-posted Panasonic G1 review!.

One of the Roberts Imaging bloggers is impressed with the 45-200mm Micro 4/3rds lens, mounted of course on the G1.

Four pictures taken at a park with the G1 are shared in this forum.

And more pictures, it's macro time with lots of bugs in this thread discussion.

Sun April 19
Regular readers of this diary may recall the G1 updates from the Churchill Photographer. Well now there is more! They have just posted their three months later report after using this camera for this extra time. As usual, no spoilers, find out what they found out!

Yes, some hardware for the G-series! The whole series won the innovation award from TIPA.

Thur April 16
G1 fans rejoice! Who's praising us now? The Online Photographer who ranked the G1 as the recommended camera #7 in his on-going listing of Recommended Cameras. Considering that the listing consists of cameras of all sizes and shapes throughout time, including film, this is not a bad showing for the new camera that started Micro Four Thirds!

Mon April 13
If you are a lensaholic mix-master, it seems that every lens can fit into the G1 :-) The latest example is shared by this photographer with his Konica-Vivitar here.

Sun April 12
On G1 and teleconverters, an interest post in the dpreview forums.

Sat April 11
Don't forget the Pen! One photographer is using the G1 with the Olympus Pen 40mm f1.4. See one of his pictures and ensuing discussion in the dpreview forums.

Fri April 10
Sample pictures discussed in this down-to-earth dpreview thread.

Thur April 9
CameraLandNY is having a drawing, and one lucky winner will win a free Panasonic G1. It is simple to enter at their website. The drawing will take place on April 20. Not sure if you get the black version, or you can chose between that, the red and the blue. Not that anyone would refuse a free G1 because it's the "wrong" color :)

Wedn April 8
It's not uncommon to have photographic restrictions at concerts, but because of a partnership between Panasonic and guitarist Jeff Beck, Panasonic G1 users can click away as many pictures as they want as part of a new co-promotion between Panasonica and the musician.

Leica fans will probably buy a G1 body, crack it open, empty its insides, and hide a Leica rangefinder in there ;-)

How can you use Venus to look at the Moon? This is a puzzle but we don't need Neil deGrasse Tyson to solve it. Just take a look :-)

Tue April 7
Where is the portrait lens ask the M 4/3rds users in the forums.

Sun April 5
Luminous takes the G1 with the 45-200mm f4-5.6 lens(e) out and about in Miami and night and discusses Noise and noise about noise.

Sat April 4
Another "due diligence' discussion in the Panasonic forum among photographers who are interested in or tempted by the G1. The discussion is growing fast and it is a continuation of a previous thread (see March 30 entry).

Tue March 31
La interview du Panasonique! Yes, french website Focus Numerique is in Japan for the PIE 2009 trade show and they have been interviewing different manufacturers. Here is their interview of Panasonic, in french, mostly talking about the G1 and GH1 and Micro 4/3rds.

Mon March 30
One photographer is almost ready to jump into the G1, but not quite yet, not before asking for any negatives and pitfalls to avoid.

Fri March 27
'Existential questions and answers in this dpreview thread where a photographer is trying to find a place under the sun for the Panasonic G1.

Thur March 19
The G1 and GH1D are discussed in some length in dpreview's brand new interview with Panasonic. There are some interesting tidbits there!

Tue March 17
The Imaging Insider spotlights a certain situation that causes an auto-focus issue with the GH1. The good news is that the issue is with the prototype, and there is a workaround too.

Wedn March 11
Pixel-peeping time! This long dpreview thread compares ISO 1600 shots taken with the G1 and the Olympus E30 and E520. Put on your pixel-peeping hats!

Mon March 9
The G1 kit is now selling for $620 plus $10 shipping at J&R World. Currently the blue and red are shipping, while the black kit is temporarily out of stock.

They are also available at the same price through

Sat March 7
Panasonic does not rule out the possibility of a compact Micro Four Thirds camera, in addition to the G1 and GH1. Details in the PMA Saturday round-up.

Fri March 6
The Imaging Insider has images and audio from the Panasonic GH1 press conference. Check it out! The audio part is about 30-minutes long.

Thur March 5
Here is a close-up picture of the G1 with the Novoflex adapter from PMA at Photography Review.

Wedn March 4
The Olympus Micro Four Thirds "cousins" may be arriving in June.

Tue March 3: The GH1 is announced!
The G1 has a new friend, the promised high-definition camera is officially announced! Meet the Lumix GH1 and two new lenses, the 14-140 and 7-14.

On Panasonic, 4/3rds and Micro Four Thirds - an interesting article by Stephen at the CNet UnderExposed blog.

Sun March 1 (aka Febr 29)
A new-to-us review of the G1, in single-page mode, at Digital Camera HQ.

Sun Febr 22
The Noise! Camera Labs has posted a noise comparison of the Panasonic G1, versus the D-Rebel XSi 450D and the Canon SX10is.

Thur Febr 12
Critically-acclaimed has just posted a lens review, a review of the Panasonic 14-45mm which is of course the kit lens that comes bundled with the G1. Verdict and samples on page #3!

Wedn Febr 11: new review
A brand new review is out at InfoSyncWorld, a high-tech site with a single-long-page review format. Picture samples are included.

Cnet's Underexposed blog has a nice write-up on high-end compact digital cameras, with the G1 and Micro Four Thirds mentioned prominently in the discussion.

Speaking of Micro Four Thirds, things could get really interesting at PMA 2009! Panasonic already promised an HD-video version of G1 and three new lenses, while Olympus will have at least one camera. There was a rumor via Russia a few days ago that talked of two new Oly M43 cameras.

And now some kittens taken with the 45-200 lens in the dpreview forums. Maybe the kittens can chase away the trolls ;-)

Mon Febr 9: new firmware
Version 1.2 is out! Details via Photography Blog et al.

Thur Febr 5: kit lens review
So how does the 14-45mm lens perform? PhotoZone put it through the paces in their just-posted review! What did they find out? Find out, no spoilers here!

Sun Febr 1
The possibilities seem endless for the G1 adapters. Well, not quite endless, but look at what The Online Photographer is mounting on his just-received G1! (no spoilers here!)

Wedn Jan 28
So many mount-adapters so little time! Could Micro Four Thirds become the Adapter-Adaptall of the digital age? Just look at this dpreview discussion thread.

Tue Jan 27
After a week with the new camera, Leo Laksi shares his thoughts and a nice set of diverse pictures. The photographer already has a Leica M8 and Canon 5D. Can this camera crack his rotation? Read his blog to find out (hint: answer towards the end).

Mon Jan 19: the dpreview review
The dpreview review has been published and it took four reviewers to complete this 34-page review. As usual, no spoilers here, but there might be a party in the Panasonic forum ;-) Reactions to the review and such in this impact review update.

Sat Jan 17: new review
The G1 "review train" continues to get loaded with new cargo! This time it is Trusted Reviews who reviews the inaugural Micro Four Thirds digital camera. What did they find? We no spoil!

While Olympus has a similar name, it is Panasonic who has scored the official Olympic camera sponsorship, after presumably paying the Olympics organizer a boat load of money.

Speculation here: This could mean that Panasonic may step up their efforts in producing a "flagship-type" camera so they can showcase at the next four Olympics (two winter, two summer).

Wedn Jan 14
Armed with a Novoflex, a Rangefinder forum photographer shares his pictures.

Tue Jan 13 itself now has the Panasonic 45-200mm f4-5.6 MegaOIS lens in stock for $350 and free shipping. This is of course a M 4/3rds lens, so when you mount it on the G1 (or future M43rds cameras), you will get the 35mm-equivalent of 90-400mm.

Fri Jan 9: new review
While we were busy with CES 2009, Philip Ryan has posted his G1 review for Popular Photography, which you can also find in the January 2009 print edition of the magazine.

The Leica Lenses on G1, let's call it LL-G1 for short, is taking a life of its own and is turning the G1 into the affordable digital rangefinder Leica is never going to make. Case in point, some more posts on LL-G1 by Mutable Conclusions 2.0.

Should you worry about noise? G1 users and future-users are discussing at FTP (

One forum user is having "G1 freezes". Some of the other forum users have suggestions and trouble-shooting ideas. Details at FTP. Another user may have a live view bug. Discussions and Q&A ensues.

The Pop Sci blog talks "mini SLRs" with emphasis on the G1 and its "carrot-cam" cousin, the orange Olympus Micro Four Thirds prototype.

There is "Pedro Winter edition" of the G1 says the ChipChick. Some may call that exclusive art, others may call it ugly :)

Digital Camera Review includes the G1 and the Panasonic booth in their latest CES Booth Report.

Tue Jan 3, 2009
The Rangerfinder forum discusses the latest entry in the Outback Photo review where the review is experimenting with Leica M lenses on a G1. Is the G1 the affordable sub-$800 digital rangefinder Leica is never going to make? :)

And if you are one of the "G1 hearts Leica-M" photographers, there is already at least one flickr group that is created just for you in mind!

G1's orange cousin, the Olympus orange prototype won the prototype of the year award at

New G1 owner? You may have the same questions as this G1 "virgin" at the Four Thirds Photo forums.

And a new owner shares some of his first pictures taken with the new G1! Oh Google, did you have to name your Android G1? Name collision galore!

For the regular diary readers, we have episode #4 and episode #5 of the on-going G1 review by Churchill Photographer.

One photographer went on to buy a Lumix G1, but ended with an ...Olympus C5050. Yes, not a typo, an Olympus C5050 with an f1.8 lens(e) and RAW.

Glen Campbell has two G1 cameras, but they are not made by the same manufacturer. Curious? Find out!

Sun Dec 28
An ISO shootout, squares off the G1 with the Nikon D700. Of course the sensor sizes and the prices are very different, so how does that factor in the ISO picture comparisons? Are the ISO stop delta similar to the price delta? Find out at Serious Compacts. Please make sure to note the ISO values for each camera as they are aligned by closest-matching-IQ (image quality), not by ISO-number.

Ian Burley of DPnow guest-blogs at Photography Blog on the end of DSLRs as we know them, and you betcha the G1 is mentioned in the post.

B&H Photo is accepting orders for the Panasonic DMW-MA1 (Four Thirds to Micro 4/3rds) adapter. The price is $140 and there is an estimated 7 to 14 business day wait before it arrives at B&H Photo.

But that's not the only one out there. It's raining adapters these days :) In the L-Camera forum we find a nice overview of the RayQual Leica M to Micro Four Thirds adapter. The adapter was imported from Japan to Hong Kong. Check it out!

And we have a new mini-review, at the tech-site This is a byte-size review, don't expect Imatest tests and 30-page dpreview-style detailathons.

Who's praising the G1 now? The Online Photographer has deemed the G1 as the 2008 Runner Up Camera of the Year. Not bad at all for a brand new camera for a brand new format!

The G1 and M 4/3rds is deemed by CNet Asia as some of the highs of 2008. And another award, the 2008 Technical Excellence award for 4/3rds by the Indian PC Magazine.

And now some pictures taken with the G1 and the Digital Zuiko 50-200mm lens shared in the Four Thirds Photo forum.

And a long dpreview forum discussion, a photographer was in-between the G1 and the D90, and initially thought he would return the G1. But then G1-magic happened and he returned the D90 instead :)

Can you find Panasonic DSLR gear in Canada? The FourThirdsPhoto forum users discuss.

What's in a name? The Lumix G1 shares a name with another popular G1, the Android G1!

Fri Dec 26
How does the G1 with its 4/3rds little sensor do when compared to the D700 with its giant 35mm full frame sensor? Well considering the price difference is 4X, does the D700 do 4x better? :) Check out the high-ISO comparison shots at Serious Compacts.

Luminous Landscape lets us know that subscriber-only site Reid Reviews has reviewed an adapter that allows Leica Screw Mount lenses to be used on the G1. The home page of LL in-fact is a G1 picture!

Is the G1 the affordable Leica digital rangefinder that Leica is never going to build? :-)

Thur Dec 25
Have not seen or touched a G1 yet? Wanna get a feel of its comparative size/volume/feel? Then be sure to check the camera body comparisons at Serious Compacts, where you see the G1 standing next to a DP1, D700, and Zeiss Ikon.

Tue Dec 23: new review!
We have a new review added to the G1 annals! has posted their G1 review. Oh G1 fans, do I see some "hardware", some sort of an award badge? :)

A new episode in the on-going G1 review at Sharing Experience. This installment talks RAW writing times.

Mon Dec 22
Perhaps a good sign for Micro Four Thirds? The price of the Panasonic 45-200mm M4/3 lens has actually gone up by $20+$12 due to limited availability. The list price is $350, but for example, Amazon itself does not have it in-stock, so 17th Street is offering it for $370 plus $12 shipping on Amazon. This type of "price hike treatment" is usually reserved for hard to find Canon and Nikon products during initial availability. So this could be a good sign for M43!

Sat Dec 20
Panasonic and DNG? Something fishy? Remember the distortion correction discussions? There's more to this at Serious Compacts.

And we have part #2 of the on-going review by Churchill Photographer. This episode talks about software and firmware!

Hardware Zone has a quick opinion on the G-thang.

And while we are talking Panasonic, their attempt to take over Sanyo is successful, so "Panasonicanyo" could be become an even bigger player considering that Sanyo provides manufacturer services for other manufacturers as well.

By the way, the red and blue versions have dropped as low as $683 at Amazon, but the black version holds steady at $735+. These of course include the 14-42mm Micro Four Thirds lens(e).

Thur Dec 18
Red and Blue, down to $703, black as low as $735. More at the Camera Deals blog.

Wedn Dec 17
New photographer with the G1, and he is posting his detailed first impressions! Check it out at the Churchill Photographer blog.

Mon Dec 15: Award time again!
The G1 won the coveted Camera of the Year award of Popular Photography and Imaging. Details in this press release at the Imaging Insider.

Sat Dec 13
Side-by-side (camera bodies), the G1 and the E420 courtesy of "tspore" of Four Thirds Photo forums. He got the RED G1 so you can get a multi-angle view of the body. It's actually not a bad looking camera. It's not an obnoxious red! Also of interest a couple of side-by-side pictures of the two kit lenses, the Micro Four Thirds vs the Four Thirds. Shots of the lenses, not taken with the lenses. The M43rds is certainly more "Jenny Craig".

From G-to-G. This Canon G-series photographer is fallling in love with the Lumix G1!

Fri Dec 12: Award time!
The LX3 is not the only Lumixoid getting a DIWA award! So is the G1! Details at Let's Go Digital.

Thur Dec 11
Canadian website ITBusiness has an opinion-summary on the G1 and M4/3rds in general.

The Novoflex adapter news continues to make the round on the net, including Engadget, which is great news for the M4/3rds system as it raises more awareness, plus it "blesses" it with the "magic" of the Leica M-lenses.

One photographer says that at his local camera shop the G1 is doing well.

Mon Dec 8
The Imaging Insider and other websites discuss the upcoming Novoflex adapter that would allow the mountain of Leica M-series (rangefinder) lenses on Micro Four Thirds. The German company is also planning making adapters of many other mounts.

The other big news today is two reviews. First the Let's Go Digital review. As usual, no spoilers, but you can find the conclusions on page #9. Then we have a review at Digital Trends. Do note that that website is very graphic and ad-heavy, so if you have a slow connection or jittery browser, you have been warned. It makes this blog feel naked ;-)

Sun Dec 7: The Red Flash!
Forget red wine, here comes the matching Red Flash unit to go with the red G1 camera. Pictures of it at Look for the G1 pictures right under the D3X pictures.

Also shown, a hand holding the 20mm f1.7 lens. (Note to readers reading at a later date: There is no direct link to the article, so you will have to locate it in the archives for this date).

Sat Dec 6: Catching up
The G1 is a "mountaholics" paradise! Serious Compacts points us to various G1 lens adapters from Japan that allow lenses of other brands to be mounted! DigiBorger has an example of the G1 with the Nikkor 50mm f2.8.

The G1 participated in a 3-way comparison at the Popular Science blog, going up against the Olympus E420 and the Canon G10.

The G1 also received a quick review by computer magazine PC World. This is a short, easy-to-read review, so no need to brew a full-pot of coffee!

Who's praising us now? Leonard Goh of CNet Asia is listing the G1 as the #1 camera of 2008, finishing ahead of the Canons! The G1 also did well in our Reader's Choice awards, where it finished second in the "Affordable" category. Also, the G-thang made its top ten debut at Digital Camera Review.

The J&R Blog has posted a 4-minute video on the camera. The video is for a general-interest audience that might not be familiar with camera-gear internals.

And an in-forum review by an actual G1 user at the 4/3rds Photo forum.

The Lensblogger posted early first impressions and some pbase-sample-pictures after spending some time with the camera.

Meanwhile the G1 cousin, the "Carrot Camera" as our reader Mrs Fix It puts it, was shown covered and as a prototype recently. But the Oly guys would not commit to anything about it.

Fri Nov 28: new repor(t)
Luminous Landscape has posted their field report on the Panasonic G1. Find out what LL-Cool-Landscapes found out! No spoilers here :)

Tue Nov 25: new review
We have a new review today, this one posted at Photography Blog. Conclusions are on page #6 for those in a hurry. And what is the biggest problem they have found on the G1? It begins with the letter "p"... (Note they have recently added in-text ads, so don't get spooked by them).

Four Thirds User informs G1 fans that Adobe Camera RAW is now supporting G1-RAW files. This is release 5.2 of ACR.

Mon Nov 24: Forgot about DOP!
All apologies, we forgot to mention the G1 review diary at Digital Outback. DOP has their unique review-style, the review "develops" over time as the photographer spends more time with the camera. It's a review-diary, sort of like this meta-diary!

Sun Nov 23: International 45-200mm review day
Yes, today is national 45-200mm lens review day! So far, we have two websites posting their reviews. First up, SLR Gear, the lens review spin-off from Imaging Resource posts their findings, complete with charts and things like that. But someone please tell SLRGear to "free" the review text, it's currently "trapped" inside a tiny old-school web-window.

The second review comes from Photo Review, who just three days ago posted their G1 review as well. Look under the November 20th entry for a link to that.

And just yesterday, Four Thirds User posted their initial findings on this very lens. See yesterday's entry.

As usual, no spoilers here, and no commentary as we don't want to inject bias into the initial readings of those two reviews.

Sat Nov 22
Leica M users unite and take over! News of an M-series to Micro-Four-Thirds adapter is generating buzz in the L-Camera forums.

DC Resource has updated their review and also added some night shots, who will be of interest to a couple of different groups, namely night-photography fans and ...pixel-peepers :-)

A preliminary review of the 2nd M43rds lens, the Lumix 45-200mm by Ian Burley at 43rds User. No spoilers, but you can download sample images on page #2 of their preview. For another review, at SLR Gear, see the November 12 entry below.

At the same site, in their forums, photographers are discussing how some camera store employees know very little about (Micro) Four Thirds and at the same time some "SLR Traditionalists" are just ignoring the system. Read all about it. And also at the same place, a quick first impressions, by a forum user along with samples.

The Swell Shot blog thinks the G1 is neither fish or fowl. Perhaps the G1 is 1/3rd animal, 1/3rd vegetable, 1/3rd mineral, and 1/3rd mystery :-)

An excited photographer, the red G1 kit has arrived!

Thur Nov 20: new review
A new day, a new review here as well! We have an impact review with Photo Review publishing their findings. Find out what they found out!

Wedn Nov 19
The 45-150mm f4-5.6 Panasonic Micro Four Thirds lens, the compliment to the kit lens, which when mounted on the G1 and future Micro 4/3rds cameras, will give the equivalent of 90-300mm, is listed at Amazon, for $350. Amazon estimates that it will ship in one to two months.

New samples, and plenty of them, both JPEG and a six-pack of RAW at Photography Blog. Stay tuned to Pho-Blog, since a review will follow-up the samples in the not-so-distant future.

More samples, and a short review by high-tech blog Gizmodo.

Sun Nov 16: new review!
A brand new G1 is review is out! This time at Digital Camera Review.

Meanwhile a photographer took D300 and G1 pictures of the same scene and he is sharing them and putting them up for discussion in the Panasonic dpreview forum.

More forum discussions, with a photographer stating "the G1 is not for me", and others agreeing or disagreeing. Another takes exception to the lenses.

Sat Nov 15
Party in Japan! Panasonic Japan had a big rooftop (!) launch party for the G1! Check it out via This is computer-translated.

Fri Nov 14: CNet review and more shipping
One more review! This time by Lori Grunin and CNet. Check it out! No spoilers here :) Be sure to check the image quality slideshow, eight pictures with the comments by the reviewer on the right side of the window. Also, a companion to the review, a write-up on EVFs, electronic viewfinders.

And how about an old-fashioned Usenet debate? Yes, a web-based newsreader. The topic is G1 auto-focus.

Yesterday it was Ritz/Wolf, today it is J&R World. They are shipping all three colors of the Panasonic G1 for $800, and with free shipping at the moment. Black, blue and red, all in stock waiting for Micro Four Thirds early adopters.

Thur Nov 13: Imaging Resource review!
Hot off the heels of the lens review (see yesterday), Imaging Resource has now posted their full review of the G1. As usual, no spoilers, but rest assured the list of pros and cons is long, but don't let that get in the way of the findings.

And some availability news, the camera is listed as in-stock at Ritz Camera for $800 with free shipping and no sales tax.

Wedn Nov 12: First Lens Review
SLRGear, a spin-off from Imaging Resource, has posted the first review of the Micro Four Thirds Panasonic 14-45mm lens. This is the lens that comes with the G1. No spoilers here, but if you are in a hurry, you can jump to the Conclusion and build quality segments.

Tue Nov 11: New Review
A new review is out today, this time at Digital Camera Info. Please note that this website uses intermittent full page ads, so you have to jump over that hurdle while reading the review. This is the website that posted the controversial Panasonic LX3 review, but it's a different reviewer.

And a first impressions look at the G1 at

Sun Nov 9: Lab tests are in
DIWA Labs have posted their G1 test results. Only graphs, not a review.

We forgot to mention, the G1 is featured on page #13 of the latest edition of the Popular Photography and Imaging magazine. This is based on what the Pop Photo editors saw while the camera was under development in Japan.

Just created, the Panasonic G1 reviews list with all the current reviews. This is part of the larger DSLR Review Organizer, which is a good page to bookmark and digg and such :)

Sat Nov 8: New review and pixel-peeping! (big update!)
Imaging Resource has published their full pixel-peeping tests of the G1, as part of their on-going review. Check the "Performance", "Optics" and "Exposure" subtabs in their review page for all the details. They also summarize their findings for the speed-readers.

A new review of the G1 has been posted, a single-page review, at A noise test of the same picture ranging from ISO 100 to 1600 is included in the review. Their conclusions are at the bottom of the page, along with a list of pros and cons. See what they found!

Those first impressions... Yes G1 fans, a "real user" hands-on impressions with the G1, a long in-forum post at the Four Thirds Photo forums.

Camera reviewer and author Peter K. Burian has posted some sample pictures taken with the G1. More is coming up from him! You can check his five samples at Picasa.

A day at the office with the G1 is the theme at Yes the real camera in the hands of real people. What did they think?

Is Micro Four Thirds right for you? This post is good for those not familiar with Micro Four Thirds. Check it out at

Looking for another Micro 4/3rds reference? How about good old Wikipedia?

Neutral Day opines on the DC Resource review and the G1 in general.

A bird photographer is intrigued by the G1, and is considering it along with the P6000 as alternatives to the XSi 450D. What do the other bird photographers think?

The G1 is listed as gift idea #76 in the Caution, that website is loaded with ads. It makes this blog feel ...naked :)

Fri Nov 7
A new set of sample images and a video review. Details at this special update.

Thur Nov 6
Four Thirds User has received their review unit and they are sharing comparative high ISO pictures.

Mon Nov 3
The CNet Asia review is out, more on this at the instant review update post. has an interesting new article talking about DSLR size and how the new Micro 4/3rds has managed to make dSLRs bulky. Or perhaps bugly = bulky + ugly? :)

Sun Nov 2: NYC launch
A forum user in the dpreview Panasonic forum has written a detailed report from the G1 launch event in New York City. A very interesting read!

Sat Nov 1: DC Resource review is out!
The first full review is out at one of the original "Big Six" review sites. DC-Resource has posted their Lumix G1 review! No spoilers here, but if you are in a hurry, the conclusions and pros/cons are at the bottom of the page.

The camera is also starting to ship, we noticed it shipping for $799 by Ritz Cameras on Amazon.

If you can't wait to get the G1 in your hands, maybe this is a good time to plan a vacation to Singapore! One of readers informs us that the camera is out in Singapore. Discussion in the Club Snap forums.

Fri Oct 31
Panasonic fans rejoice! For the seventh straight year Matushitonic has posted a profit increase. A recap of their latest financial report can be found at the excellent Tech On blog.

Australia's Camera Action Camera House has received Panasonic G1 units, and they posted their early impressions and created a 100-second video preview. It looks small (in a good way) with the kit lens!

If you missed the pretty camera pictures, CNet Asia has body and lens pictures of the red Lumix G1. Pictures #6 through #8 are quite telling on the size differences, as the G1 is pictured next to a G9, S100fs, and the D-Rebel XTi 450D.

Four Thirds User has good news for the G1, Olympus updates lens firmware to make more Digital Zuikos compatible with the G1. You still have to use the optional 43rds-to-M43rds adapter because of the design differences between the two systems.

Marcus Peddle has written a brief history of time of Micro Four Thirds on his blog.

IT Wire had a brief interview with a Panasonic representative in Australia.

Thur Oct 30
Hands-on first impressions by an actual user, posted in the Panasonic forum. Some sample pictures are posted, the links is in the forum discussion.

Sun Oct 26
Is the G1 a camera for the new journalism asks the Brandymore Castle. A neo-journo camera? The Castle blog makes the case for it!

Boing Boing opines on Pogue's G1 write-up.

Fri Oct 24
The black version of the G1 is finally listed for pre-ordering at Amazon. The price is the same as the blue and red, eight hundred dollars. Shipping is estimated within one-to-two months.

The G1 is the victim of name collision, because among the high-tech fans and geeks, the most famous G1 is the Android G1 mobile phone device thing.

Thur Oct 23: Samples and impressions from CNet, Imaging Resource and NYT
New production samples from the G1 from DC Resource and Imaging Resource. More details in the G1 new samples round-up

The comedian/tech-writer of a well-known fish-wrap has posted his impressions after using the G1. Who is he and what did he think? Serious Compacts has the story. And his review is reviewed by Wired. More specifically Wired's Gadget Lab blog.

Scott's Photo blog has a detailed opinion (and detailed url too) on M 4/3rds and the latest G1 happenings.

A nice top-side side-by-side picture of the L10 and G1 bodies at the Dallas Morning News. At their tech-blog, not the front page of the actual fishwrap!

This is also discussed in the TWiP forums at flickr. What do the TWIPpers think?

Mon Oct 20
Hands-on with the G1 in the dessert! reports on their experience at the G1 event in Dubai. Twelve full-size mostly-outdoors JPEG images are available to download.

More details on the upcoming G1's compatibility with Four Thirds lenses, including a detailed list by Ian Burley at Four Thirds User, which is a great resource for 4/3rds and Micro 4/3rds users.

Olympus's G1-cousin, their orange prototype is making the rounds, this time showcased at the Kuala Lumpur Photo Festival. Pictures and more details at CNet Asia.

The announcement of the G1 price did not only make the rounds in the various camera and photography websites and blogs, but also got a full article at CBS MarketWatch.

What does Big Mike think about phase-detection auto-focus? And what does he think about the G1 and Micro Four Thirds? Find out!

Sat Oct 18
Fans of the BIG RED, you can get yourselves in line. Amazon is taking pre-orders of the red version of the G1 for $800 with free shipping. The other two colors are not taking preorders yet.

A dpreview forum user has played with the G1, and provides an in-forum first impressions report. Be sure to check it out and ask questions if the thread is under 150 by the time you read this!

Party in Japan! DigitalCameraJp has a lot of pictures from an event spotlighting the new G1 and Micro Four Thirds system. The text is computer-translated from Japanese.

Sun Oct 12
Two different-direction statements about Four Thirds were made to Pocket Lint by Oly and Panasonic the last few days. Panasonic hinted that their resources will be focused on Micro Four Thirds but have not completely ruled out new Four Thirds products if the market needs them.

On the other hand, Olympus said they are continuing with Four Thirds.

ShaoWei has to make a big decision. A300 or G1? Well, the G1 is not here yet, so the A300 has a leg up. And as a bonus you can find out what the author decides to have for ...lunch!

The Insider rounds up some of the G1 action, and includes a picture from Photokina that juxtaposes the Panasonic brochure with an actual picture of the camera in-hand.

A blogger gets creative with potential Micro Four Thirds designs.

And another paper-accolade for the G1, it receives the #1 spot at Let's Go Digital.

Thur Oct 9: Everybody gets their hands on it
The press event in the UK has produced a number of video and text-based previews of the G1, and the UK price and release date has been revealed. Check it all out in the new "Everybody touches the G1" round-up.

Tue Oct 7
Who's praising the G1 now? Well, it just got a Photokina STAR! Yes, a star. Details at Studio Lighting.

An interesting discussion on Micro Four Thirds, digital, Panasonic and Olylmpus at the silverbased blog. Read all about it!

A collection of G1 and M43rds links at this dpreview thread.

Mon Oct 6
A few red body pictures (pictures of the body, not from the camera) are posted at this blog.

Sat Oct 4
Fashion stylist Rebekah Roy is tempted by the G1, while IT Voir nominates it as a rocking gadget of September.

Thur Oct 2
Imaging Resource has just now posted performance measurements using a prototype G1 using the final hardware/firmware. These are the "computer" aspects of a camera, for example, startup time, auto-focus time, shot-to-shot, burst mode, battery life, and things like that. This is a long page full of numbers, but it also includes a lot of commentary by IR (Imaging Resource, not infra-red).Serious Compacts points out a couple of interviews by Panasonic representatives to the photo-blogo-sphere.

The G1 and Micro 4/3rds are among the many topics discussed in the latest edition of the podcast.

Wedn Oct 1
Who's praising us now? The G1 has gotten two #1 best-of-show "awards" by dpreview and Digital Camera Review. Also, Micro Four Thirds has been rated as #1 innovation by CNet. One thing to note is that we should all make a conscious effort to call this a "System", not a "Standard", since even OlyPana has shied away from the term "standard" after the "openness" of Four Thirds turned out to be "Olympus digital mount and friends".

We already mentioned the Adorama interview revealing the G1 price, now we have a second source that confirms the price point. Details at Engadget.

What Digital Camera (WDC) has a video report from Photokina featuring the Olympus prototype and the G1. 81 seconds long so you don't need to plan ahead to make time to watch it ;-)

Tue Sept 30 catchup
The pressure of HD video on dSLRs forced Panasonic's hand to reveal that they will be releasing an HD-video version of the G1 at PMA 2009.

A recap of the M43rds action so far at the Inside Amazon blog and CNet Australia.

For more on the whole Micro Four Thirds system, check our Micro 4/3rds mini-blog.

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