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October 07, 2008

Impact Review: Nikon D700 by dpreview (Simon and Lars)

Dpreview has just posted their highly anticipated and tape-delayed review of the Nikon D700 full-framer DSLR. This 33-page review is cyber-inked by Simon Joinson and Lars Rehm. As always, we won't be spoiling their findings, although we had a hard time finding the "Cons" section in Conclusions page (*hint* *hint*).

You will also be thrilled to find out that in the comparison pages they compare image crops from the Sony Alpha A900, such as page #24. Unfortunately for 5D Mark II fans, the comparisons are with the Mark I.

The review has been added to the list of D700 reviews, organized in a unique fashion for your convenience.

For quick updates on the D700, be sure to visit and bookmark the D700 (almost daily) diary.

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D700 review reactions
The first discussion is picking up momentum with discussions but also multiple responses from dpreview staff members Richard Butler and Andy Westlake. Needless to say, no typos are left behind ;-)

And there is a placeholder for Fred Miranda discussions.

The Sony A900 users are discussing this review because, as we mentioned above, it contains comparisons to the A900 and crops from the A900. This is a very ...noisy discussion so grab your Noise Ninja filter!

Canon users are also taking a long hard look at the review as it compares to their ground-breaking 5D Mark I. Obviously they would be more thrilled if the comparison was between the Mark II, but fans of the Mark I are pointing out that their camera is holding up quite well despite it being three years old.

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