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October 23, 2008

New Panasonic G1 samples at DC Resource, Imaging Resource, and CNet Asia

This is a very busy day for the Panasonic G1, a blitz of new material. And this just in, DC Resource has posted a bonus gallery, also taken with a production camera.

Imaging Resource has just posted their review samples with the Panasonic G1. The sample pictures in their gallery were taken with a production camera. The samples are the usual variety of review-sample shots that Imaging Resource uses that allows us to compare different cameras taking the same picture under the same conditions, which is a good way to avoid apples-vs-kiwis comparisons.

Amazon has ran out of ...pre-orders of the red G1, but now the blue pre-orders are available. Their shipping estimate is "within 1 to 2 months" and the price is steady at $800.

CNet Asia has posted their hands-on impressions along with ten samples taken with a pre-production unit. Continue reading...

Meanwhile NYT tech-writer David Pogue has posted his first impressions on the G1, link via Serious Compacts.

For more action on the G1, be sure to visit and bookmark the Panasonic G1 Diary.

panasonic G1 blue

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