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October 2008 (143 posts)

October 31: The Weekend Shopper: Kata DR-467, 4gb Panasonic SDHC card, and lots more
October 31: Updates on eight hot cameras
October 31: A brief history of the Nikon MX rumoralia (rumors and speculation)
October 31: Milestone: Picture #2000 in the flickr pool
October 31: New 50-megapixel industrial camera, the illunis XMV-50100 (based on Kodak sensor)
October 31: Photography Soup (Happy Halloween edition)
October 30: Amazon Kindle for $310 (two days left)
October 30: dpreview reviews the Canon 50D
October 30: Great interview: David Ziser interviewed by Crash Taylor
October 30: Reader Appreciation Day
October 30: Reader Picture Showcase
October 30: Seven superzooms and four DSLRs in the new Top Sellers Charts
October 30: Review Train (Lots of Canons, Fuji F60fd, C-Lux3, Sony T77, CS4, etc)
October 29: New Fuji Z250fd model in Japan
October 29: Forums: DC Resource allows web-email registrations this weekend
October 29: New Nikon P6000 reviews have hit the net
October 29: The Mavericks
October 28: The last Photo Plus Expo round-up
October 28: November surprise? The RED convergence DSLR on November 13?
October 28: TV: Deconstructed - Digital Cameras on the Science Channel
October 28: Election Special: Time to Vote!
October 27: Housekeeping: New left-hand side menu
October 27: Which one of these will you be talking about tomorrow?
October 27: A sneak peek at
October 27: Coming this year: Photography Network TV
October 27: Two new reviews: Canon G10 and Panasonic LX3
October 27: Canon 5D Mark II Mania: J&R World runs out of notifications
October 27: Status update: Back online after 20-minute outage
October 27: More reports from the PhotoPlus Expo
October 27: Pentax World: K-m/K2000 samples, interview with Ned Bunnell and more
October 27: Review Train: SD990 IS, S100fs, D90, and more
October 26: Hands-on with the Leica S2 prototype at Photo Plus Expo
October 26: Canon changing of the guard (new top selling cameras update)
October 26: New Mamiya DL28 medium format camera
October 25: TV: Photographer Randee St Nicholas on Tavis Smiley (PBS)
October 25: Latest news on the hottest cameras of Photokina
October 25: Meet our readers
October 25: Digg This: Over 80 photography resources in an OPML file
October 25: New reports from the PhotoPlus Expo floor
October 24: The Weekend Shopper: Lowepro 100AW, Optio W60, XS, D700 and more
October 24: Oprah endorses the Kindle with $50 discount (read this blog on the Kindle for free!)
October 24: Leica S2 prototype shown at PhotoPlus Expo
October 24: PhotoPlus Expo 2008 - reports from the Blogosphere
October 24: Shop at the
October 24: Review Train: Compacts, Books and Accessories
October 23: New Panasonic G1 samples at DC Resource, Imaging Resource, and CNet Asia
October 23: Status update: Intermittent slowdown issues
October 23: Canon 5D Mark II Diary (new reviews)
October 23: Canon G10 samples surface at Imaging Resource
October 23: Panasonic G1 pre-production samples at CNet Asia
October 23: Comedy Zone: Who uses the word "also" more?
October 23: (Now Gone!) Pricing Error? Nikon D90 + 18-105 DX VR for $1000
October 23: The Lensaholic: Canon lens reviews, Sony prime, and unboxing the 300-800mm
October 22: Canada trades Guns for Cameras
October 22: Panasonic G1 and GH1 diary
October 22: Sony A900 review at dpreview (must read TV!)
October 22: New blog:
October 22: Updates on LX3, D90, 50D and G10
October 21: Impact Review: Sony A900 at Camera Labs
October 21: Nikon P6000 vs Panasonic LX3 head to head
October 21: Updates on D700, 5D Mk2, A900 and Panasonic G1
October 21: Canon 5D Mark II review by Metro Photography in the Philippines
October 21: Impact review: Panasonic LX3 at Imaging Resource
October 21: Podcast: Buying your first digital SLR
October 20: Looking for Beta Readers: New special-interest blog in the works
October 19: The new DSLR Review Organizer is now live!
October 19: Rumor or Not?: Ricoh working on a dSLR?
October 19: Photographing politicians at their best
October 19: Coming soon: The DSLR Review Organizer
October 18: The New Wave Takes Over (New Top Selling Cameras)
October 18: Pre-order the red Panasonic G1 now on Amazon
October 18: Rumor: Canon 1Di speed-demon dSLR?
October 17: Rumor: Nikon D3X coming in December 08?
October 17: New Adorama Sandisk Rebate Program (October 12 to January 17)
October 16: The new 1001NoisyCameras widget, powered by NetVibes
October 16: Review Train (LX3, F60fd, T300, D90, E420)
October 16: In-stock alert: Nikon D90 body only!
October 16: Go Inside the Pentax K2000 K-m dSLR
October 16: Discover New Sites (Galleries and Portfolios only)
October 15: Impact reviews: Panasonic LX3 at Luminous Landscape and DC Resource
October 15: The Canon Review Train (50D, G10, SX110is, 18-200 IS, Elph)
October 15: Housekeeping: New on-site Translator and more colorful titles
October 15: The Lensaholic (it's all about lenses!)
October 15: Photoshop CS4 now shipping in North America by Adobe
October 15: Is Nikon MX coming on October 22?
October 14: Review Train (K20D, Books, and more)
October 14: Housekeeping: Old blog gets new url
October 14: Easy to remember url:
October 14: Photography Soup (podcast, Gotham and more)
October 13: Sony A900 in-stock alert!
October 13: Nikon D90 gets two reviews today
October 13: Pentax wants you: K20D discount plus free SLR sling bag plus new review
October 13: Top Selling Lenses (Episode #2)
October 13: 4-hour special: Corel PaintShop Pro X2 Ultimate for $48 (expired)
October 12: Interview with Samsung on next dSLR at WDC
October 12: Weekly Rewind is automated
October 12: Hot Camera updates (Daily Diary updates)
October 12: Review Train (E520, FZ28, Samsung L210, etc)
October 11: Now shipping: Canon 50D body only
October 11: Interview with Kathie Courie
October 11: The Elphs are everywhere! (New Top Selling Cameras)
October 11: Discover New Sites and Blogs
October 10: Discover New Sites: The story so far
October 10: Comedy and parody posts from the Old Blog
October 10: Opinion: The financial markets and photographers
October 9: Ricoh review double-feature at Steve's Digicams
October 9: Everybody touches the Panasonic G1 today
October 9: Interview with Sony CEO Howard Stringer (with Charlie Rose on PBS)
October 9: A new retouching controversy: The Newsweek cover of Sarah Palin
October 9: Review Train (Lightroom 2, W120, Canon 200mm LISUSM, etc)
October 9: Sandisk memory card rebate specials at Adorama (Compact Flash, Ducati, SDHC)
October 9: Guest-blogging invitation: Write about your Favorite Lens
October 9: New Kodak Z1485 IS (14mp, 5x IS zoom)
October 8: Now shipping: Canon 18-200 EF-S IS lens
October 8: Review Train (Nikon P6000, D700, D90 samples)
October 8: Corel PaintShop Pro X2 for $50 (full version, seven days only)
October 8: New updates on the hottest new cameras (new Diaries)
October 7: Let them have Foveon: Sigma SD14 for $430!
October 7: Impact Review: Nikon D700 by dpreview (Simon and Lars)
October 7: Subscribe to this blog with Bloglines (full-text feed)
October 7: Review Train (Nikkor 24mm f2, SX110-IS, T700, W300, etc)
October 7: The Canon New Wave (New Top Sellers)
October 6: Lens Charts - the first edition (top selling lenses at Amazon)
October 6: JPEG? RAW? How about both? (XDepth RAW)
October 6: Canon G10 in-stock at B&H Photo and Ritz/Wolf
October 6: B&H schedule for the holidays (plan ahead)
October 5: Most exciting Photokina announcements (results of the poll)
October 5: Photography Soup (Review Train and more)
October 5: Another Olympus Interview: In-camera Photoshop?
October 4: One month of the new Green blog (how to make the most of this blog)
October 4: Photokina Wrap-ups
October 3: Weekend shopper (Sandisk, penguins, D80)
October 3: More Canon 5D Mark II Reactions
October 3: Canon G10 in-stock at OneCall (in and out of stock all day)
October 3: dpreview posts Canon and Olympus interviews today
October 3: Photography Soup (Orphans, Business, War on Photogs)
October 2: Canon 50D: Shipping at Calumet and J&R World (+new review at Pho Blog)
October 2: Impact review: Panasonic LX3 at DCR
October 2: Is this the new Canon power duo? (new top selling camera charts soap opera)
October 2: dpreview interviews a group of Panasonic representatives
October 1: New Fuji F60fd $50 rebate goes live today
October 1: Free Penguins with purchase (what???)
October 1: Revealing interview with Samsung at dpreview


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