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October 04, 2008

Photokina Wrap-ups

With more websites and blogs returning from Photokina, we have new waves of wrap-ups and best of show selections.

Listen, don't read
We start with the podcast at PhotoNetCast. This is a long podcast, running for 55 minutes, so you get in-depth discussion!

Pictures from the show rounds-up the action and has lots of pictures from the trade show floor.

And let's not forget the Photokina city itself, Wouter's 28mm has a great collection of b+w pictures from Cologne and the trade show. Check out the Cologne Connection post, and all his Photokina Cologne coverage.

Big and bold? Let's Go Digital has pictures from the Hasselblad booth. As many of you have noticed, this year is a little bit of a digital renaissance for medium format, with a number of companies announcing new products that trounce the "megapixelation" of the new 35mm full frame dSLRs and even the new Leica S2 MF-dSLR.

Photokina Musings
Adorama News Desk recaps and organizes their Photokina coverage.

If you missed the previous discussion, be sure to check out what Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has to say in his Photokina and beyond article.

DigiCamReview picks the highs and lows of the trade show. More highs than lows for sure.

The Aperture User Network recaps their trip to the show.

Shutterfinger talks tightening belts, economy and new Photokina gear. An interesting discussion follows in the comments section below the post.

Slowly but steadily companies are "discovering" blogs, and one of the HP bloggers posts about Photokina and the Designjet Z3200 printer.

dpreview is posting a post-Photokina series of tape-delayed and NDA-edited interviews with representatives of all the major camera and photography manufacturers. They have already posted Canon, Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung interviews, with more coming up.

For the major announcements during this new camera season, be sure to visit and bookmark the Photokina Situation Room, and for pre-order status updates check the pre-ordering center..

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