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October 30, 2008

dpreview reviews the Canon 50D

Yes 50D fans, the day has arrived! Two dpreview "newcomers" have combined to produce a 32-page review of the 50D. This is perhaps the first mid-range or above dSLR not to be reviewed by either Phil Askey or Simon Joinson.

No spoilers, but here is a teaser: The list of pros is long, the list of cons has eight items, and the final recommendation is a railroad :) The review has added to the list of 50D reviews at the DSLR Review Organizer.

The lowest price we found for the body only edition is $1370 Amazon. For more on the 50D, be sure to check the 50D diary.

Reactions to the Review
As usual the reactions go the whole spectrum, 360-degrees, including some passive aggressive word-smithing :)

The first review discussion has already filled up with 151 comments. So you can't reply but you can certainly read.

Some are calling for the 50D to be re-tested with a higher resolution lens. Another calls this a real bummer, while some polite forum users thank dpreview.

Will the review affect sales? And if yes, in which direction?

And something related, Canon expects to ship 4.4 million dSLR units but they won't be as profitable.

Reactions from users of other brands
Nikonites are discussing the review and urging Nikon to stay at 12mp for their APS-C cameras. Good luck with that :)

The Sony users are also discussing and pointing out the megapixel-madness, while one forum user attempts to defend Canon.

Pentaxians are also discussing the review, and contrasting it with the 14mp K20D/GX-20.

An Olympus user uses the b-word and that draws a response from dpreview's Simon Joinson.

Be sure to study the review and all the threads above. There will be a test on these tomorrow ;-)

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