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October 23, 2008

Canon 5D Mark II Diary (new reviews)

The Canon 5D Mark II is finally official. This post will round-up some of the latest updates from the photo-blogo-sphere. For all our major coverage on the 5DMk2, be sure to check the 5D Mark II mini-blog. And another reference, the list of reviews so far at the Review Organizer. We have also just launched a brand new Shipping and Pre-Order Tracker.

**** NEW UPDATES are at the new 5D MARK II BLOG ****

Latest updates from the new 5DMk2 blog

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Sun Febr 1
New updates are posted at the new 5DMk2 blog. For your convenience, here are some of the latest posts:

+ New reviews by WDC and CNet and other stories

+ Body-only in-stock at Adorama for $2700 right now

+ Chance to win a free one-week rental to try with the 5DMk2.

+ January 29 round-up

Fri Jan 23
New updates have been posted at the new blog-diary. Here are the latest:

+ 5D Mark I vs Mark II comparison, a 3-part series

+ New 5DMk2 round-up

Sat Jan 17
We have some new updates at the new 5dMk2blog, which is the evolution of this diary:

+ Saturday round-up with new owners, sample pictures, and such

+ Body only in-stock at Adorama - still available for $2700.

Wedn Jan 14
New updates will now be posted at the our new 5D Mark II blog. For the next few days however, we will also be posting notifications of new posts here for those who are accustomed to visiting this page:

+ Wednesday Round-up: Presidential portrait, Supply issues, Black Dots, New Owners, etc

+ Black Dots round-up

+ Tuesday round-up: More hands-on reports.

Tue Jan 13: The Diary Grows Up to Become a BLOG!
Other than the "beta readers", you, Diary Readers are the first to know about this! This 5DMk2 diary has "grown up" to become a BLOG! The url is This will be rolled out in a few hours on the front page of the main blog with more details.

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Mon Jan 12: Presidential!
We have two "prestige" moments for the 5D MkII today. First up, it was the best-selling camera in December 2008 at the photographer-friendly MAP Camera store in Japan. You can see the (computer-translated) ranking at

Next up, the 5DMkII will be one of the cameras that officially records the new era of the Barack Obama presidency. The new presidential photographer, Peter Souza, has 5D Mark I but will be upgrading to 5D Mark IIs soon (along with Leica M8.2).

Also, if you are a fan of the "Diary", we'll something new for you soon, something that will make it easier to keep track of all the updates! Stay tuned for more details :)

Sat Jan 10: new reviews
Canonite site The Digital Picture has posted their review of the 5DMk2 in their typical review format. They provide detailed conclusions as well as "what's missing" (vs the 1D-series) and "what about the Mark I". They also include a "machine gun" audio (the burst mode) which you can turn into your ring-tone ;-) They have also posted a companion review of the battery grip (BG-E6).

If you can't have enough of the "5DMk2 vs D700" discussions and debates, here is a 2009 edition in the dpreview forums.

Neutral Day has made the big switch, from Nikon to the 5DMk2 and they share their thoughts and first impressions so far.

A professional video finder on the Mk2? Yes, why not! Details at the Digital Journalist.

If you enjoy ISO comparisons, Canon Rumors is spotlighting a 1D Mark III vs 5D Mark II ISO-comparison.

More ISO wars at Ken Rockwell, where the 5DMk2 takes on the two Nikon D3* and the Mark I:
+ ISO 3200
+ ISO 6400
+ ISO 25600

But the jewel of the crown is this sharpness comparison. You decide :-) But before you read this, set mode = CALM :)

The 5DMk2 was part of the "biggest stories of 2008" discussion at podcast #63 of TWiP Photo.

Joy Dutta is not a brand fanatic he says. He was between the D700 and the 5DMk2. But ultimately he had to get one. Which one did he get?

The Picture Business magazine has a write-up on how the Alpha A900 et al are changing the game with their 20+ megapixel sensors.

From dramarama to thankorama at the Digital Connection.

A video taken with the 5DMk2 which also shows human-stupidity - especially when you stick your hands and feet there. We all know that animals are annoyed by nature when you try to take away their food. Stop doing it! Sincerely, PETA!

Wedn Jan 7
Canon has introduced a new firmware update trying to fix the "black dots" problem. So how did the firmware update do? CNet Underexposed has posted a test with the new firmware.

Tue Jan 6
First thoughts after 24-hours of having the camera by Thomas Hawk. Stay tuned to his blog for a lot more in the next few days.

The 5DMk2 takes the 50D for some birding adventures, and sample pictures and discussions ensue in the Miranda forums.

Sun Jan 4
One of our readers reminded us of the CNet Asia review that was posted around Christmas-time but we apparently missed it! So find out what Leonard Goh found out at CNet Asia.

Sat Jan 3, 2009: More reviews
The battle of the 20+ megapixel full-framers rages on at Luminous Landscape with a brand new comparison article. But this is just the beginning, two LL associates will be using each one at a 2-week cruise and will be reporting back their experience. As usual, we reveal not the findings.

Lawrence Rispher's on-going review is now six parts long, with the latest episode focusing on high-ISO performance. Can you see noise from your house?

One thought leads to another! First thoughts after using the Mark II by Digital Camera Review. The review is coming up, and with the review will come full size video clips which promise to be of the 80MB variety. A bandwidth-ouch size!

More first impressions, this time by Bo Jensen who also shares two atmospheric landscape photos taken with the camera. And some at One Word photography who confesses to not having opened the manual yet! Oh my! ;-)

And more first impressions, by the LA DiG and at Wonder and Light, while Augie Chang is finally getting it.

But it's not a bed of roses for all. The Photo Skills blog says the 5DMk2 and 50D are disasters!

The Visual Journalist is heading to India soon, so what is he taking besides the 5DMk2? Find out!

Derrick Story points out five things, five remarkable things, about the Mark II.

If Canon gave you a carte blanche, how would you change the 5DMk2 asks Engadget. Almost 147 opinions so far.

Super-tech-blogger Scobleizer confesses that he wants a 5DMk2!

A quick ISO test by David Fenwick. The last time a smile was so scrutinized was ...Mona Lisa :)

More scrutiny, Mark II's older cousin, the Mark I may have captured a UFO during the New Year's celebrations!

Jan 3: 5D Mark II Video
If you are a fan of Vincent Laforet's 5DMk2 videography, check out part II of his behind the scenes videos. At this rate, he will be posting "behind the scenes" of the "behind the scenes" of the "behind the scenes" :-)

And a few HD videos:
+ Floyd Country music video, but not the "comfortably numb" type of Floyd by Blue Ridge photography.
+ Douglas Sonders highlights
+ Skiing by Geoff Johnson
+ Ash Little
+ DVinfo forum user
+ wedding video in dvinfo forums
+ video-roundups by Mango Chico and garry p.
+ Cinerella edit (Linux geeks)
+ Malfunction?

Jan 3: Supply 0wn3d by Demand
The supply situation is frustrating photographers and retailers alike, see these posts by Thomas Hawk and Travel Photographer.

Roland Lim has an update on the supply situation in Hong Kong.

Of the major retailers we track, the only configuration we found in-stock is the kit with the 24-105mm lens for the expected price of $3500. If you are rolling in dough though, a few pioneer/profiteer sellers are offering it on Amazon for a hefty (50% or more) availability premium. For more, be sure to visit and bookmark our Shipping Tracker.

Wedn Dec 31: Body only WAS in-stock at Amazon
UPDATE: Both Amazon and Adorama have ran out of stock! (Yes, body only fans, the body-only is available at Amazon for $2700, sold and shipped by Amazon herself, not by any of the many third party sellers that sell over there. It also continues to be in-stock as body-only and as kit (w/24-105) at Adorama).

Tue Dec 30
5D Mk II talk is everywhere, including Twitter!

Mon Dec 29: Awards time!
The 5DMk2 has brought home some hardware! The Camera of the Year selection by The Online Photographer! Why was the camera chosen as such? TOP explains!

Freelance photographer shares his first impressions at Ask The Photographer, with sample video and full-size picture included.

Sun Dec 28: Shootouts!
Roland Lim asks the big question: Is the 5DMk2 sharper than the D3? A big question indeed, of interest to fans and users of both cameras. What did Roland think? No spoilers here :)

The 5DMk2 is one of the three DSLRs participating in the buzzing year-end ISO shootout by Luminous Landscape. The other cameras it faces off are the expensive D3X and the Alpha A900. What did LL find out? We won't reveal, check it out to find out :-)

Lawrence Ripsher continues his on-going review of the camera with part #3 and part #4 posted. Stay tuned to his blog for more!

Photography Bay squares off the 5DMk2 with the D700 in an ISO shootout! Which camera won? Was it a tie? Is it in the eye of the beholder?

This photographer exposes the shutter and tells all in the dvinfo forum. Don't try this at home unless you really know what you are doing!

This photographer shares a short video clip and picture from a wedding shoot. Check it out at Litrato Photo.

And speaking of video, a tilt-shift video clip is spotlighted by HK Phooey.

And the good news for the body-only hunters, the camera continues to be in-stock at Adorama.

Sat Dec 27: Body-only In-stock at Adorama
Yes, body only fans, Adorama is listing the body only as in-stock for $2700 and with free shipping. This is as of 2pm eastern (NYC time) today. We'll post updates when we notice status changes, but please keep in mind this post is not updates automatically. Also in-stock is the 24-105mm kit for $3500.

Fri Dec 26
DSLR Dad summarizes the whole "Black Dot" phenomenon.

5D Mk2, arrogance and forums are mixed in this post at Stock Photo blog spot post.

Wedn Dec 24
A great new video discussion by David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk, "Conversations with David", discussing storage and strategies with the 20+ megapixel digital cameras. How do you handle all the files? How do you back them up? Do you have to shoot everything in RAW? And as a bonus, the video is shot with the 5D Mark II :)

Meanwhile, on the in-stock front, the kit with the 24-105mm L-IS-USM lens WAS in-stock at Amazon for $3500, but as of 7pm eastern, they have ran out. But fear not, Calumet Photo continues to have it in-stock for $3500.

Tue Dec 23: new review!
Calumet saves the day at 10pm eastern time as they are showing the 5D Mark II + EF 24-105mm LISUSM as in-stock for $3500 plus shipping. Not sure how long this will last. You can see some of today's play-by-play action in this special update.

Another day, another review! The brand new review is by Roland Lim, including a full ISO range (50 to 25,600) of the same test scene available as full-size downloads. Also of great interest, comparison with the Nikon D3, lots of side-by-side comparison shots throughout the ISO range, and a whole lot more! And if you like the review, be sure to digg it!

But it's not a bed of roses for the 5DMk2. Thomas Hawk spotlights a provocative piece by Canonite Karel Donk who calls the Mk2 "barely worth it". Ouch!!!

On the plus side, Canon Rumors spotlights a long in-forum user review of the camera, by Adam J. Frankly, Adam's review is more thorough than about one third of the sites that post camera reviews on a regular basis.

A new first impressions post, this time at Pixelated Image, where the photographer shares his thoughts after his first 5DMk2 shootout. And everyone wants to know, is the singer in the pictures Cher's grand-daughter? :-)

In and out of stock it goes. We've lost track. The last time we checked (7:35pm NYC time) it was out of stock. This is the kit (with the EF 24-105mm lens(e)) at B&H Photo for $3500 and with free EXPRESS shipping.

Good news, it looks like there will be a Lawrence Ripsher review after in installments all! He has posted his thoughts on high ISO earlier on.

Ten days after review, Camera Labs has posted their video tour of the camera. This is a 10-minute video and judging from the title, there's more to come!

Mon Dec 22: New Review!
Sunday is too busy so we are overflowing into Monday :) A brand new full-review has been posted at Photo Review Australia. Check it out! As usual, no spoilers here!

Luminous Landscape has posted a new Alpha A900 report, and in that report they compare the A900 with the 5D Mark II and make some strong comments on ISO performance at various ISO levels. Check it out through our special update.

Sun Dec 21: In the Blogosphere
Thanks to one of our readers for the tip on this new post, "30 bullet points on the 5D Mark II" by Ben Willmore as he discusses his very recent upgrade from the Mark I (original 5D) to the Mark II.

Another hands-on first impression by Ronald Martinsen, with lots of sample pictures, ISO comparisons and discussions.

Another long look at the camera at This was posted in early December but we missed it then!

Real-world noise tests by Brian Chapman who goes out in the great outdoors (Washington Coast) and pushes the ISO envelope to the limit.

Tech-blogger Leo Laporte has received a camera and he is unboxing it live on video. This is a long unboxing video, over 20 minutes long!

David Ziser has spent some quality time with the camera and shares both his impressions and also some of his pictures!

14 days with the camera and what did the photographer think? Check it out at

The camera is the subject of episode #19 of the Photo Net Cast podcast by Rich Legg and Phil Price.

If you prefer pictorial unboxings, here is one at the Gear Log blog (PC Magazine), another one at NotCot - of the camera and the 16-35mm lens(e) as well. And another one by Nigel Honey.

Tommy points out one benefit of Live View for his mountain photography. Find out!

And here are a couple of new proud owners glowing with 5D glee and posting excitement.

Sample picture and camera views at Bill Cawley's blog, along with a very quick opinion so far.

If you can't find the camera in-stock, then religion might be the answer!

Sun Dec 21: Video mode only
A tutorial on how to shoot video with the camera at the Pro Video Coalition. This is almost 20-minutes blog courtesy of the Fresh DV blog.

And speaking of video, here is another video at Zook Style and a commercial video shoot with the 5DMk2! Of the Ford Transit, which we assume it must be a car or a case study in how not to make cars ;-) The video clip via the Fresh DV blog.

More on this at the Still Motion blog.

Meanwhile Doctor Popular (DFA?) and his Yo-Yo are having fun at the Laughing Squid.

And here is yet another video and another one at Foto Expression.

Sat Dec 20: new review and impressions
CameraTown has just posted their 8-page review of the camera after spending three weeks with it! For those in a hurry, conclusions are on page #7. And why is the word "revolutionary" used? Oh my! Read on to find out :)

And also a new on-going user review at DreamTime Images. Part #1 includes high-ISO talk. Any surprises?

And another first impressions report, Digital Story is hosting a first-impressions report by his friend Tom Bridge. Check it out!

Support for this camera in the new Lightroom version 2.2. Details everywhere, including CNet.

Engadget, the gagdet blog, rounds up some of the latest reviews of note.

A summary of today's reviews and hands-on in this special Review Train update.

Fri Dec 19: Canon's Hubble Sees Black Dots
Canon officially "confesses" to a black dot problem, but there is no fix yet. Details via CNet, dpreview, and many other places.

One of Canon Rumors readers says that there maybe a slowdown in demand in Hong Kong. It could be that supply caught up, or the black dots are making people cautious, or the ones that had-to-have-it now have it, or a combination of many other things.

Thur Dec 18
Laurence Ripsher has the 5DMk2 in-hand and he is trying to decide whether to work on a review during the holiday break. If you want him to publish a review, be sure to encourage him and lobby him :-) He includes a few ISO 1600 sample pictures of snowy dog.

Amazon takes orders but no delivery estimate. Details in this special update.

Wedn Dec 17
It is the season. Sing with me! o/~ I'm Dreaming of a white ...paper o/~ Canon has published a 70+ page PDF White Paper on the Mk2 and the 50D. Link via Galbraith.

After spending time with the three latest full-framers, TOP bravely compares and contrasts. What did he think of the 5DMk2?

Tue Dec 16: In and Out of Amazon
Amazon itself has the 5DMk2 + 24-105 lens in and out. One unit by Amazon for $3500, another at Tigerdirect for $4000. We are getting dizzy trying to update this in multiple pages, so here is the latest update.

If you missed it from the D700 "diary" or the comments section below, Photography Musings has posted a discussion of 5D Mark II vs Nikon D700.

Rumors of a firmware update at Canon Rumors.

Mon Dec 15
Author Ben Long asks the $2700 question: Should you upgrade from the Mark I to the Mark II? Or if you are between the two, it's the $700 question - assuming you can find the 5DMk2 in-stock now :)

Canon Rumors spotlights a new hands-on first impressions of the camera.

The Travel Photographers says that you may have to to Shanghai if you want to find the camera in-stock right away!

Sun Dec 14: Madness (and new review)
Before we go crazy, we have a new review! This one at Camera Labs! They do talk about the "black dots" in the review, so if that worries you, be sure to check out what they found out.

The wait for the 5DMk2 has driven Thomas Hawk to madness!

One photographer decides, 5DMk2 or D700? Which was it? Find out at Photography Musings.

Sat Dec 13
The 5dMk2 can see in the dark. Really! A sample picture showcasing the magic of ISO 25,600 at Photography Bay.

What do you get when you have a 5DMk2 and a studio? Lots of sample pictures and experiments! Read on to find out what Ray J. Gadd found out with his 5DMk2 in-studio experiments.

Bruce Dorn at the ProPhotoCoalition has created a fusion project with the Mark II and he is sharing his findings and his footage!

James Plumlee using his 5DMk2 to conduct a video interview of a WWII veteran, remembering the Battle of Bulge in Belgium, in 1944.

More video, Liana Lehman has her 5DMk2 in hand and has posted three sample videos while kicking the camera tires.

More on the Black Dots, Amateur Photographeur was told by a Canon Europe rep that they are investing and they are going to announce their findings soon after they find their findings ;-)

Unboxing ceremony from Another Face in the Crowd. This is a formal unboxing ceremony - the unboxer even worse a tie for the event :-)

Fri Dec 12
Almost, almost. The 5DMk2 was one of the three finalists for the 2008 hardware award at TWiP Photo. Yes, that evil Nikon D700 won. Booooo!

Like two prize-fighters before a boxing match (we do not condone boxing but only the metaphor), the two cameras are weighed in at TOP. Who's the heaviest?

Meanwhile, Ken Rockwell talks about ...Uranus.

Thur Dec 11
Today's updates have gotten so long, they have been packaged and organized in their own special round-up update.

Wedn Dec 10
The Pre-Order Tracker has been updated with more sellers having the BG-E6 grip, LP-E6 battery and WTF-E4A wireless transmitter available in-stock and shipping. The price of the latter will indeed cause "WTF" comments :-) The camera itself is still in pre-order status for new buyers at the retailers we track on a regular basis.

We have created a special blog update summarizing six new reports on the camera that came out in the last 48 hours including Phil Holland, DIWA Labs, Ira Black, David Ziser, Rob Galbraith and Ken Rockwell.

But if you need more on the camera, just wait for a couple of days! Both the Online Photographer and The Viewfinder have Mark Dos in their hands.

Tue Dec 9: More updates
Stephen Alvarez has posted part #2 of the Ira Block review. Ira is a National Geographic photographer, so this provides us with a "real-world" photographer evaluation of the camera. In Part #2, Ira tests high ISO shooting in the streets of New Yauk.

David Ziser has a new all-about-Mk2 post, including high-ISO talk and a Vimeo video. Lots of information and tidbits are jam-packed into the article, so be sure to check it out!

But wait, there's more! Phil Holland has posted his review of the camera, complete with a forum discussion. Check it out!

Meanwhile, for wall to wall coverage of the "Black Dots" situation, be sure to check the dpreview Canon full-frame forum.

Mon Dec 8
Nature photographer Andrew Yip has received his 5DMk2, and is providing wall to wall coverage of his experience with the camera so far on his blog. There you will find some examples of moire.

Black dots are becoming a hot topic of discussion in the forums, see coverage of these at Canon Rumors and Photography Bay.

Come on feel the noise at Brian Champan's blog. This is just part one of his on-going long exposure noise test series!

Music photographer David Hodgkinson, a Nikonian, has spent time with the Mk2, and is reporting his findings on his blog. Would the Nikonian trade his D300 for this camera? The answer may surprise you!

And another first impressions by Rich Legg at Photography Bay.

Neutral Day spotlights a comment made by a National Geo photographer that will thrill 5DMk2 fans and make 1DsMk3 fans sigh.

Chuck Westfall has a couple of Mk2 related tidbits in the latest edition of the Digital Journalist, and at the same time he receives "off topic" questions from readers.

This photographer thinks Nikon and fermented eggs and that doesn't even include D3X price-talk!

And one more thing, you can decide the order of the cameras listed at the top of the blog by voting!

Fri Dec 5: Mega catchup
Quite a few sample pictures have been posted online, so we created a special sample pictures update, including Imaging Resource and Beyond Megapixels, and a hands-on/ISO-wars by Anand Tech. Check them all out at the special update.

Now back to the diary catchup...

Joichi Ito posted an HD video on Vimeo, Scenes from Inbamura.

The party continues with a video by gadget blog Boing Boing and another one on Chief Smugmug's blog. Available in various sizes, from tiny to HUGE!

And another video from a Lexington Herald-Legder photographer featured at Mastering Multimedia.

But not everyone is drinking the video mode Kool Aid, "EOS flavor" edition. Pro Photo Home calls the video mode a disaster.

On a related note, Shankland summarizes the video situation with dSLRs that's taking the web and the forums by storm.

Rich Legg used the camera on assignment and has some quick tidbits to share. NOTE: If you are a vegetarian, don't look at the picture!!!

Emerald Pictures explains why he needs a Mark II.

There is no longer a need for justification, Morgali has received the camera in-hand and so did Brian Chapman.

In case you missed it during turkey-time, Adobe has updated their software to "handel" the Mark Two.

If you have a Mark II does it have "anomalies" asks Canon Rumors.

Thur Dec 4: new review!
PhotographyBlog has posted the first review of the camera by a review-site. No spoilers, conclusions are on page #6 for those who are dying to find out what they found out!

A very close second is where the Mk2 finished in our inaugural "Reader's Choice" awards in the "35mm full frame DSLR" category, as voted by you, the readers of this very blog. Read more.

Wedn Dec 3
First impressions from a Parisian photographer, with more coming in the next few hours/days!

A Chinese review of the 5DMk2 has been posted, and thanks to a dpreview forum user, we can read a summary of their findings.

And a test movie from Manhattan.

The latest on the Mark II in this special update.

Tue Dec 2
Some of the early pre-orders are starting to receive their units. More at this special update which includes a Calumet interview with Chuck Westfall and first impressions by a Singaporean fashion photographer. We'll have more in the next few days as we try to catch up after the holidays and the *gasp* D3x.

Sun Nov 30: Sample Images and Videos
Photography Blog has posted sample images and two sample videos from the highly-anticipated 5D Mk2. Six RAW files and thirty full-size JPEG files are waiting for you!

Also, Digital Rev picks up on the french-language theme and creates a new Mk2 video, "Lumiere", not to be confused with Laforet's "Reverie". Alors! Check it out now! Discussion of this at the dpr-forums.

And while we are in the forums, here is a long "after 24 hours" first-impressions post by a new 5Dmk2 owner, "fashionboy". Smile Tyra!

It appears the Mark II has a new target audience, vacation pictures and kids opening presents. Meanwhile, I am planning to photograph the whole Grand Canyon for a giant-poster project using my trusty VGA webcam :-)

Thur Nov 27: Unboxing has the first unboxing series of photos of the Mark II! Dive into the box and see what's inside :-)

Wedn Nov 26: New Laforet video
Vince Laforet has posted a new video! Coverage of it in this special blog update.

And just launched is a brand new 5DMk2 in-stock tracker, it tracks some of the most reputable online dealers that are accepting pre-orders or listing the camera. No one is shipping just yet.

Tue Nov 25
While the long wait begins. one lucky photographer spent 30 minutes with the Mark II and shares his impressions with it.

Camera Town provides a quick refresher on the Mark II, seven things you may not have known, or forgotten since the original leaktroduction.

Mon Nov 24
Photojournalist Dan Chung posted a video taken with the 5D Mark II and ...Nikon and Zeiss lenses. That should get partisans from both Canon and Nikon excited and claiming the credit for the image quality :-) Here is his video on

The distant ships are on the horizon! 5D Mark II users are preparing to become comfortably numb wallet-wise ;-) Rob Galbraith writes that Canon will start sending Mark II boxes to their US dealers tomorrow.

Sun Nov 23
One of the hottest discussion topics in dpreview right now is how usable is ISO 25,600. Yes, you read right, 25600!

A photographer with the new camera in hand has started posting samples in the dpreview forums and also at pbase.

Sat Nov 22: Out in China
It's out in China right now points out this dpreview thread. More on this in this special update.

Look at those accessory prices exclaims Photography Bay. I guess Canon doesn't want to increase the camera price, so they increase the prices of everything that surrounds it.

November 27 seems to be the big day in Hong Kong. See the comments section at Roland Lim's blog.

Thur Nov 20
Master Chong talks ISO bunnies. More specifically, he is comparing test pictures taken with the full ISO range. Bunnies? Well, you'll figure it out when you look at the test-pictures :-)

Tue Nov 18
Aoshi Studios has posted a new update on their experience with the 5DMk2, where they are answering some reader questions and emails. Read all about it!

Mon Nov 17
Dear Chuck, what's the best general-purpose lens for the 5D Mk2? Chuck Westfall answers that among other questions in the latest edition of Tech Tips.

Jim Rose visited, but most importantly, he brought a 5D Mark II with him.

Vivre la France! Aoshi Studios visited the Paris Photography convention, and there they had a chance to get their hands on the highly anticipated 5D Mark Deux.

He generated a lot of buzz with his HD-video, now you can listen to an interview he has given. Details via

The Seattle Times talk DSLRs and videos, and obviously the Mark2 is mentioned!

Fri Nov 14
5D Mk2 fans are singing Pearl Jam lines, such as "the waiting drove me bad...". And *fingers crossed* if it has any type of 1DMk3 issues, then they will also be singing another Pearl Jam line: "you're finally here and I'm a mess". Ouch! Blasphemy!

Silliness aside, start your networking engines! Akibahara News has made available the full HD video of their "forbidden video". Check it out! Depending on how heavily their servers get hammered, their maybe slowness and things like that.

Canon HV (camcorder) video users are wandering, where does the 5DMk2 leave us?

Tue Nov 11: The DJ Review is out!
The November e-edition of the Digital Journalist is out and it includes a Canon 5D Mark II review! Be sure to check it out as this is an experiential review from people who use cameras in the field.

David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk is one of the lucky few to get their hands on a 5D Mark II for eight hours! Here is a recount of his experience with the Mk2.

CNet Asia has posted a text-based preview and paper-spec recap of the buzzworthy Mk II.

An account of a hands-on encounter with the Mk2 at the forum, approached of course from a videography perspective.

Engadget pin-points the Akihabara HD video

Sun Nov 9
The 5DMk2 was shown in Tokyo at a trade show, for lots of pictures from the event (not from the camera), check out They don't have links to individual posts, so you have to scroll down until you find it. This is a computer-translated page.

Sat Nov 8: Playing with production model
Photographer Djordje Zlatanovic "touched" a production model of the 5DMk2, and has posted two pictures taken with it. We hope he is joking when he talks about body parts and eBay as funding mechanisms for a future purchase ;-)

Fri Nov 7
New hot HD-video from the 5DMk2, this time coming from Akihabara News. They were given the green light by Canon Japan to release the video to the world!

The wild buzz centered around the 5D Mark II did not get ignored by the bean counters. Rob Galbraith points out that Canon Canada talks price hikes. Despite the state of the world economy. Which is yet another indicator of how much buzz (versus supply) the 5D Mark II has generated.

More on the Canon Canada price hike at

David Ziser talks 5DMk2 in his recent blog update.

Tue Nov 4
Stop the Madness says photographer-blogger David du Chemin.

Fri Oct 31: Catching up
The man behind the camera of that super-buzz-worthy "Reverie" video, Vincent Laforet gets interviewed by PDN on the floor of the Photo Plus trade show.

David Ziser rounds up some of the Mk2 videos out there.

Akihabara has a unit in their hands, and they continue to offer us small teasers, this time a comparison with the Mark I, the original 5D if you please.

It's a game changer says Dean Bradshaw, and has video evidence to back up that claim.

Scott Rouse answers a reader's question on potential compatibility issues between the Mk2 and Lightroom/Bridge. No spoilers here, read his answer for the answer :)

It's impressive exclaims photographer Matt Ramos on his blog.

A new 5DMk2 video from Angus Giorgi. Check it out via Neutral Day.

The camera was among the many video cameras featured at the DV Expo in Australia. Report via the Cloud Computing Journal.

Is the 5DMk2 impressive video forcing RED to adjust their dSLR plans asks

Mon Oct 27
The Mark II mania is reaching Beatlesque proportions: J&R delists the 5D Mark II and cancels the in-stock email notification list. Read more.

Sun Oct 26: Reading is fundamental: The Manual is out!
Canon has posted the full set of user manuals that come with the Mark II. Yes, there's a lot of them, although the one getting the most interest is the Instruction Manual at 6MB. You can download the PDF of that and all the other manuals from Canon itself.

One of the features unearthed from the new manual is the ability to track multiple batteries, up to six of them. Engadget has a screen-shot explanation.

Slash Gear goes through the manual and points out items of interest for the buzzworthy video mode.

Since it does 1080p video, it was bound to get some video "accessories". Akihabara News spotlights the Redbrick rail-mounted rig for the 5DMk2. It costs a lot more than a battery grip, but it's certainly of interest to those heavily into DSLR-Videography. Nerdlogger points out some of the Redrock benefits.

The 5DMk2 is the jewel of the crown in Canon's big launch in India, planning it ahead of Diwali.

A very busy thread in the dpreview forums, talking about the 5DMk2 and perhaps the competition shaking in their boots.

Fri Oct 24
David Pogue of the NY Times spotlights the Laforet video that has generated a lot of buzz, and had trouble finding a server farm powerful enough to handle it.

Thur Oct 23
English-speaking Japanese tech blog Akihabara News has a 5D Mark II in their hands, and they have just posted the following:

  • Full-size ISO range night-time pictures, going from ISO 50 to 25,600. This is the same nighttime scene. The full size pictures are available at flickr. Read more.
  • And some "photowalk" sample pictures taken with a beta model. These ones are not full-size, and they appear to be limited to 900 pixels in one of the dimensions.

Also posted, hands-on first impressions at Sample pictures are included, but not full size. He used an f1.2 prime, and the 16-28mm f2.8.

DSLR-Video and RED-Video is the topic of the latest post by Chase Jarvis, the first blogger to create the DSLR-Video sensation, before the Laforet "Reverie" that broke records left and right.

Mon Oct 20
We have just created a reviews profile page for the 5DMk2. Obviously there are no reviews yet, but there are some previews and of course the famous Laforet "Reverie" photo-video-shoot.

Metro Photography, a destination wedding photography website, is among the first few in the world to get their hands on the 5D Mark II. They have posted a review. Read more.

Take it out of the box please! Akihabara News has the unboxing ceremony, along with two samples available as a downloadable .zip file. This is of course with a beta (pre-production) camera.

Vimeo videos of birds taken with a pre-production camera are available at Liquidstone's Pbase page. Also eight samples images are posted.

And what do you think about editing the Mark II video? Photography for Aritsts opines.

Shuttertalk has posted a soul-searching post on Canon 35mm full frame dSLRs.

Sun Oct 19
The real Chuck Westfall emails a photographer about high ISO in this dpreview forum mega-thread. More specifically, 1Ds Mark III vs 5D Mark II high-ISO.

Sun Oct 12

The Wired Gadget blog has a long write-up asking the question, is this going to revolutionize both photography and film?

A user in a video forum is tempted by the 5D Mark II. If the 5D Mark II starts pulling people away from video, then video is almost certain to strike back by trying to lure photographers. But DSLRs have an advantage, they have a much larger sensor. It's hard for a video sensor of traditional size to compete with dSLRs, unless of course they go the way of RED.

The Dallas Morning News tech editor tries to go technical, then fumbles, but the readers are quick to correct him.

Fri Oct 10: dpreview 1080p video samples
Move over Laforet! Here comes Dpreview ;-) They have just posted two very short 30fps 1920x1080 video samples taken with a pre-production 5D Mark II. The samples are running 9 seconds total, but they are 46 megabytes long. The sample movies are in Quicktime MOV format.

Catching Up
David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk takes a look at prints, 8x10 prints, made out of the 5D Mark II video stills from the Laforet cinematic extravaganza. What does he think about the prints? And how do they compare?

The SmugMug blog recaps the Laforet HD video and the readers opine.

Pass it around! Yes, it refers to the 5D Mark II. Binary Silver recaps a 5D Mark II event. This was a pre-production model, but that didn't stop anyone from getting excited!Photographer Flemming Bo Jenses explains why the Mark II will be his new travelmate. Mate Mark II?

A round-up of reports and reactions on the camera and the Laforet HD videos, including a first impressions review by a wedding photography studio and by a second-tier camera review site.

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