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September 24, 2008

Wednesday Roundup Part II

We continue the Wednesday round-up with a new wave of features and updates, starting with a day's worth of action at Digital Camera Review.

Cameras that don't get as much love from the other sites are featured at Digicam Review, including the bright red Rolleiflex, a bling-bling Minox M3 Gold (gold prices going up, the only camera that might be worth more after purchase?), sporty Rollei, Lomography, and all the big names and brands.

Another Pho round-up, this time by PDN Gear Guide, featuring Sigma, the HP Z3200 printer, Olympus and more.

And a short videos from the official Kina website, including one Olympus Stylus SW taking a bath and a few spills.

Nik Software and Pretec 100gb CF cards are among the latest Kina press releases at the Insider.

Meanwhile Kodak reminds everyone that they are still a influential player, as their CCD sensors power Leica, Hassy and Sinar. And these are top of the line cameras, not middle of the road. We are talking Leica S2, Hasselblad H3Dii-50, and Sinar Hy6-65.

Interesting to note that even the names of medium format cameras are not as consumer friendly as 35mm SLRs ;-) Joking aside, we have seen some positive steps in "modernization". Why is this important? Because by becoming more enticing and friendly, medium format can grab people who are pushing the limits of their high-end DSLRs and have a new generation of photographers re-discover medium format. So are we heading towards a medium format mini renaissance? Well, that's a story for another day!

Lots of computer-translated coverage from the great Japanese website. Lots of pictures, all in one giant page! This includes red-background Leica S2 pictures, Lumix G thangs, Shiguma, Fuji 3D prototypes, and lots more!

Can you feel it? After the initial jolt on Monday, we are now entering the phase of new-product withdrawl. The Big Bang is over, and the various new products are dispersing in all directions. Someone please announce something new!!!! :)

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