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September 15, 2008

Vrooom! New Casio EX-FH20 speed-demon! (updated again)

Dpreview has all the details! The new sensor is a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor, down from the 6mp 1/1.8" EX-F1 speed-demon! It has nine effective megapixels. The sensor is marked as 10.3mp.

The lens is a 20X starting at 26mm equivalent with sensor-shift stabilization and will cost 400 british pounds. We forgot to spotlight the use of four AA batteries! Full specs at dpreview.

The camera supports RAW of the DNG variety!!! The specs state that the camera supports RAW of the Adobe DNG variety. This is only mentioned in the specs, not in the text, so it is a "soft RAW" until we have a more concrete confirmation.

Giant camera body pictures along with more details in French, and a European price of 500 euros at Focus Numerique.

A discussion has just started in the dpreview Casio forum.

Now it's everywhere!
Now the EX-FH20 (awkward name) is listed on more websites and blogs. At Imaging Insider we find that the US price will be $600 and it will be available in retail in October.

DC Resource points out a battery life of 400 shots with four AA NiMH batteries.

The burst mode drops from 60fps of the EX-F1 to 40fps at 7mp resolution with this new model. Trying to figure out the various burst modes available with this camera can be confusing. Imaging Resource sorts it out.

Will Casio "discover" the internet this time and make it available? We can hope so. A search at Amazon yields nothing at the moment.

Hot from Japan! Casio is planning for sales of this camera, as their initial production output is 50,000 units per month. So we may indeed be able to buy this camera online, like all the other cameras out there!

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