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September 14, 2008

The Diaries are updated (50D, D90, D700, A900, LX3)

We have just updated all the (often Daily) Diaries with new stuff! You can find all the diaries grouped together in the right sidebar for your convenience. Be sure to bookmark them for easier access if you are interested in one of the cameras featured.

HDR bracketing, a portrait dissection, a CNET dissection, and more at the Alpha A900 Diary.

Nikon did it again, it is winning the "buzz wars" for the 3rd time in a row. Video wobble, groupies, CS3 RAW, and more at the D90 Diary.

High ISO samples, and a photographer trying to decide between the 50D and D300 at the 50D diary. I wonder how many times I have written "dairy" instead of "diary" and no one noticed. The spell-checker is not going to catch it!

The D700 has got some new high ISO images, wedding photos, a speedlight review, and a write-up. More at the D700 diary.

The J&R $400 pre-orders are starting to ship, and a challenging ballroom photo at the LX3 Diary.

And don't forget to check the pre-ordering center for all the semi-latest pre-order status updates.

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