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September 16, 2008

Rumor Round-up: Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony, Pentax

With Photokina just around the corner, the rumoralia world is continuing to buzz with what may or may not happen next week!

We start with Camera Rumors where there is talk of a potentially big Nikon announcement on September 18. Nikon did after all take an ad in Rangefinder magazine promising something big to be shown at the big Wedding show in early 2009. Talk about Nikon trying to muddy the waters there, RF and weddings!

This more new-sy than rumoralia, a veteran dpreview forum user dig(g)s the financial reports and notices that Hoya plans to accelerate the roll out of Pentax DSLRs. So will we get more than just the expected K2000D this time around, or at least some sort of a development notice?

The MX lenses are not dead in the rumor world! Nikon Rumors has a new update.

Is there a new 100-400 lens coming? Check the discussion at Canon Rumors.

Is Leica not done yet? Leica Rumors points us to a German website where they talk of a Leica project code-named "AFRika". A safari trip or something else?

And speaking of Leica, the Insider points us to a WSJ article on the Leica transition.

Photography Bay summarizes the sentiment of many people anxiously waiting for the new Canon full frame DSLR: Teaser getitng tired.

Is the new A700 firmware update the only new thing from Sony coming up or is there more? Dozens of Sonoltalphans speculate and opine.

If you missed our post from yesterday, Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan posted his thoughts and predictions/speculations on Photokina and beyond.

The last time a manufacturer tried a similar campaign, it didn't turn out very well. Remember the Nikon Coolpix SQ teaser campaign by Nikon? For reference, here is the Coolpix SQ.

And speaking of Photokina, Digital Camera Review has just launched their Photokina 2008 coverage. But wait, there's more! Imaging Resource has gone live with their Photokina coverage.

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