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September 19, 2008

Pentax Germany leaks new K-m DSLR and lenses

Pentax must be listening to its users ;-) There were numerous requests for leaks in the Pentax Forums, and sure enough a few hours ago, some new Pentax gear showed up briefly at Pentax Germany. The leaked material is now gone, and not found in the google cache either. Thanks to one of our readers for the heads-up!

[New!] The full specs have been leaked too! Check them out at Amazon UK, or if they disappear, check them out at the Cateto blog.

More on the Pentaxian leaks at Rice High.

Main Specs

  • 10mp CCD APS-C
  • sensor-shift stabilization
  • 3.5 fps
  • ISO up to 3200
  • 2.7" LCD
  • RAW (PEF, DNG)
  • four AA batteries (see comments for more on the batteries)

These are discussed in detail in this Pentax Forum thread and these two dpreview forum threads at the Pentax forum.

The entry-level lightweight DSLR will be the K-m. No specs, or megapixelation was given. Two new "L" series (having fun with the other L-series?) kit lenses will be lightweight and with a plastic mount to go with the new lightweight DSLR. Pentax does not have a compact camera line above the mid-range to worry about, so they can price a DSLR as low as they want. This post has the prices - 500 euro for the 1-lens kit and 600 euro for the 2-lens kit, with a November release.

Some of the other items spotted by those lucky enough to witness the leak:

  • DA super telephoto coming up later
  • new SDM 1.4x converter
  • AF160 FC ring flash
  • DA 15mm f4 LTD (coming in 2009)
  • DA * 60-250 SDM (1300 euro)

We must say that we just adore the "geopolitical" coincidence of "leaks". Canon China leaks the 50D during the Beijing Olympics, Pentax Germany "leaks" right before the big Photokina show in Koln, Germany.

And while we are on the topic of Pentax, be sure to check the brand new speculation post at PentaxDSLRs asking whether there are hybrid digital cameras in the Pentaxian time horizon.

And here is a nice collection of pictures of the leaked lenses. Pictures of the lenses, not pictures taken with the lenses.

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