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September 30, 2008

Nikon D90 Diary

The D90 diary brings you some of the latest updates on the D90. Be sure to bookmark this page to keep up with the updates, and also check out the list of D90 reviews so far.

Mon March 15
Bring it on says the Nikon D90 as has published an extended feature comparison between it and the brand new Canon Digital Rebel T2i (550D, Kiss X4).

Thur March 11
I think we need a "Camera Rights" court to stop things like this - someone painted the Nikon D90 pink/magenta! Nooooooooooooooo! Here it is via Peta Pixel via Pop Photo.

Sun March 7
The D90 body-only has reached a new price-low, you can get it for as low as $760. See the lowest prices at the camera deals blog update or check them directly at the D90 stock status page.

Sun Febr 28
The D90 takes on the brand new Canon Digital Rebel T2i (aka 550D, aka Kiss X4) in an ISO comparison at, using their standard test-scene.

Fri Febr 19
A new D90 price check page has now gone live! The best prices at the moment are $780 for body-only and $1030 for the kit with the 18-105mm DX VR lens.

Sun Jan 24
The D90 went to an NBA game and took pictures using a twenty-year-old manual focus lens. More via the front page update.

Sat Jan 16
How does the singing of the Nikon D90 shutter compares to the singing of the Pentax K-x? Head on over to Foto Actualidad to find out!

Sun Jan 10
The PhoBlographer looks at the DxOMaRk comparison between the D90 and 7D and points out that the D90 wins the comparison based on the numbers!

Wedn Jan 6, 2010
Four of the $1500+ Nikon DSLRs are getting new firmware but not the D90. A discussion of the omission and need for such firmware is discussed in the dpreview forums.

Sun Dec 27
The D90 takes on the Alpha A550 in this brand new review published at Camera Labs. Be sure to check the different sub-tabs.

Wedn Dec 23
The D90 is the perfect dSLR for just about anyone says the Art of the Image blog.

Sat Dec 19
The Nikon D90 is one of the camera participating in the ISO comparison at Focus Numerique which also includes the Sigma DP2, Leica X1, Panasonic GF1 and Canon G11.

Mon Dec 14
The new Nikon instant rebates create a couple of interesting possibilities for new D90 users (the instant rebates are good until January 2nd; prices are as of today and are not automatically updated):

+ D90 body only ($788) + 18-200mm DX VR II ($800) = $1588 - $250 instant rebate = $1338


+ D90 body only ($788) + 18-200mm DX VR II ($800) + 70-300mm VR ($529) = $2117 - $450 instant rebates ($250 + $200) = $1667

Tue Nov 24
The Nikon D90 puts on its United Nations uniform and referees a superzoom lens shootout between its own 18-200mm VR II and the Shiguma equivalent. More via this front page update.

Sun Nov 1
Oh dear, we skipped the whole month of October! The D90 is one of the two cameras chosen by Camera Labs to be compared with the Olympus E-P1 as part of their review of the aforementioned M43rds camera. See how the D90 did in the crops and samples!

Wedn Sept 30
It's award time! The Nikon D90 is one of 27 digital cameras that won Good Design Awards in Japan. These were just announced!

Fri Sept 25
As of 10pm eastern, one of our readers noticed a $60 discount of both D90 kits by a well-known retailer. You can get the details and all the latest updates at this Nikon D90 deal alert. This post will not be updated with the latest status. The fewer places we have to make the same updates, the faster we can make updates.

Thur Sept 24
The D90 body only has dropped to $870! Details at the Camera deals blog.

Tue Sept 22
Chase Jarvis, who became known to many for his Nikon D90 video work, is now officially "cheating" on the Nikon D90 with the ...iPhone.

Wedn Sept 16
DC Watch has used the Nikon D90 to perform a memory-card writing test (RAW+JPEG), and the dual-channel card beat all of them! Read all about it through this front page blog update.

Mon Sept 7
The Imaging Insider spotlights a 90-second action-movie trailer type of a video sample taken with the pioneering Nikon D90.

Wedn Aug 25
One dpreview forum user squares off the D90 vs D300 in high-ISO!

Tue Aug 24
Brand new D90 owner, happy with the new camera, joyfully shares pictures via the dpreview forums.

Sun Aug 16
Party time D90 fans! The camera is the top current model that is active on flickr according to the statistics at bighugelabs. It is ranked #4 overall, and it
Thur Aug 13
If you are a hardcore D90 fan and looking for a ...domain name, one user in the FM forums is asking for trades.

Tue August 11
Perhaps a sign of Nikon's commitment ot the Nikon D90, they are now launching in Japan a new D90 kit, bundled with the new 18-200 DX VR II lens! See it via DC Watch.

Thur August 6
There is an intense two-day workshop in the Los Angeles area on movie-making with hybrid DSLRs such as the Nikon D90. We have more details in this at the 5DMk2 blog.

Sun August 2
Party time for D90 fans. The Camera Labs ISO-range shootout is out and the D90 handily "beats" the Alpha A380.

Wedn July 29
We have an in-stock alert for you at under $900 for the body only! Amazon itself has just received a new supply of body-onlies, and they are offering them for $898 with free supersaver shipping!

Mon July 27
If you blink, you won't miss with the D90! Scott Wyden has a video of the D90 catching the blinks.

Fri July 24
One new D90 user e-picked up Thom Hogan's guide, and compared to the other stuff that's out there, this photographer is very happy with Hogan's D90 guide.

Thur July 23
The D90 and many other DSLRs are getting tested with four different memory cards at DC-Watch. Check them out via this front page post.

Mon July 20
You don't have to have a frou-frou lens to take nice sports pictures! One photographer armed with the Tamron 70-300mm is sharing some sporting action.

Sun July 19
What does the D300 have that the D90 does not? The D90Lab blog talks about this topic.

Sat July 18
There are some good news on the price, the body-only has dropped to $890 at, sold and shipped by Amazon herself - not by third-party sellers. (This is as of 11:45am today).

Thur July 16
It's been a while since we had an update here! We have a quick one, the D90 is playing "away", as a photographer is comparing it to his K7 in the Pentax Forums.

Mon June 22
If you are looking for a forum for D90 users, be sure to check out the D90 club at flickr. They have surpassed 10000 members just recently!

But there's more! If you are more web 2.0, there is a D90 ning group as well. It is free to join.

Sun June 21
The D90 is participating in a new ISO shootout at Camera Labs, going after fellow Video-iLC Panasonic GH1 and overhyped (?) Canon SX1is.

Fri June 19
If you are looking to get the refurbished D90 kit with the 18-105 DX VR lens, then check out Adorama, they are offering it there for $960 with free shipping and handling.

Sun June 14
How about some suggestions for a zoom lens to go with a brand new D90 for new owners?

Thur June 11
If you are between the D90 and the D300, you may find this forum discussion helpful in trying to make that decision.

Wedn June 10
The Nikon D90 has gotten some more hardware! In a recent post at Ned's blog, we learn that the Nikon D90 is picked as a co-champion of the "American Photo" Advanced-DSLRs category. So, D90 fans, it is time to celebrate :-)

Wedn June 3
Update on 9:50pm eastern: The lens has now sold out :-( It was good while it lasted :( Original post follows: This in-stock alert may be of great interest to D90 fans, the hard-to-find and highly anticipated affordable and adorable Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX lens is now WAS in-stock and shipping from B&H Photo for $200 plus S&H. This update is as of 8:38pm eastern time. This post is not updated automatically.

Sun May 31
One more place for D90 fans to congregate is the Nikon D90 NING community. NING is a web 2.0 service that offers an existing template where people can easily create their own online communities, without having to install server software and things like that.

Wedn May 27
Author David Busch writes on his Amazon blog that his Nikon D90 book is now shipping at nearly 400-pages long. The Amazon page however lists the book in pre-order status and with 288 pages. We assume that the author knows better than the computer-generated product page, although obviously we don't have the book in front of us, so we can't tell you either way. The current price of the book is $19.79.

nikon d90 guide

Tue May 26: new review
We have a new review D90 fans! The new entry-level CaNiKoNs may have gotten DSLR-Video, but the D90 has more features and is in the history books of DSLR-Video! Check out the review at Photography Review.

Mon May 25: body only for $885
We have an in-stock alert! You can get the body only for just $885 with free shipping and handling, sold and shipped by itself. But that's not all, they also have some additional discounts if you want to buy select additional gear. We have more details in this special update at the Camera Deals blog.

Mon May 18
There's a new ISO shootout! And it seems like the D90 is frequently invited to the shootouts! Enjoy this one at Neutral Day, where the Canon 5DMk2 and the Olympus E620, along with the D90, are ISO-squared-off.

Tue May 12
There's a new D90 book in Germany, check it out via Photoscala. A computer-translator may help to read the website, but for the book, a computer-translator can't help.

Wedn May 6
If you like refurbished DSLRs, then you might be interested in the refurbished D90 body-only offered by J&R World for $700 with free shipping and handling. The body only as new-in-box starts at around $890.

Sun May 3
Did the Nikon D90 win the just posted ISO shootout by Camera Labs? It squared off against the Olympus E620 and Canon XSi/450D. Party time at Nikonville? Read all about it.

Blood and heavy metal bands seem to go hand in hand in oh-so-many-different-ways. The D90 caught that and more! Check it out in the dpreview forums and also at the photographer's website. Pictures taken with the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8.

Sat May 2
Today only, as the deal of the day at Calumet Photo, you can get the Nikon CF-D70 semi-soft case for $19 plus shipping. This was made for the D70, but according to the product description, it also fits the D90 and D80.

Music does not only make the people come together, it also makes the cameras come together! That's right, the Insider points us to a music video created by three different devices, one of which is the D90.

Fri May 1
Ken Rockwell has something new for D90 fans, a 30-page PDF guide with a mandatory-voluntary $5 donation for "every copy you print or save". If you are running automated backup software that makes daily backsups, you better start sending Ken Rockwell $5 per day ;-) Details via the Imaging Insider.

Tue April 28
D90 vs D5000, that's part of the hands-on first impressions post at Engadget, squaring off the two sub-$1000 Nikon DSLRs that sit side-by-sidein the Nikon price structure.

Mon April 27
David Busch, author of many books, says that his Nikon D90 guide, among others, is coming soon to a bookstore near you.

Thur April 23
If you want to become the Dee-90-Spielberg, then you may be interested in the upcoming DSLR 2.0 rig from Redbrick Micro, announced at NAB 2009. Pictures of the rig and more details at PDN Pulse.

Wedn April 22
The D90 is one of a 5-pack of DSLRs tied at the #3 spot at the TOP Top 10 list. Yes it is a "=3", but #3 none-the-less!

Tue April 21
How about another Nikon D90 review? What do you say? And one by a well-known name in photography circles? Well, here it is! Peter K. Burian has posted a review of the Nikon D90 at You have to ...walk to the bottom of the post to find the conclusions :-) And did he use the "P-word" to describe it? Oh my!

Mon April 20
Time for spec-sheet-wars! has compared the specs of the D90 along with the D5000 and the evil Canon 500D T1i. Check it out!

Sun April 19
Award time again! This time it is TIPA 2009 who is singing the praises of the D90 as the "Advanced" DSLR of the year, beating out, presumably the likes of the Canon 50D, Pentax K20D, and such.

Fri April 17: new review
Photographer Steve Huff has just posted his brand new Nikon D90 review. This is one of the cameras he used at the Seal concert. Full-size samples and ISO crop comparisons are included.

Thur April 16
Ouch! The D90 prices are going up by 10% in the UK says Amateur Photographer UK. Nikon claims exchange rate variations, but if you put on your conspiracy theory hat, you may have to wonder, are they doing this to create more "room" for the D5000?

Wedn April 15
Someone please call Dr Drew and schedule an intervention! This D90 user has decided to switch to the D5000!

And here, at the Canon home court by the way, at POTN (Photography on the Net) the discussion is D90 vs 50D.

Sun April 12
One photographer is trapped between the D90 and the Canon 40D and asking in the forums for advice!

For fans of D90-video, the Imaging Insider is spotlighting a video support rig for the D90 that offers the photographer some flexibility.

Fri April 10
One photographer is having troubles with his Matrix. Discussion ensues in the dpreview matrix.

Wedn April 8
A very detailed article comparing the specs of the D90 versus the new Canon D-Rebel T1i (500D) is posted by Please note this is a specification-comparision, not a camera review with sample pictures.

Fri April 3
All apologies for the delays with new updates, we hope that after mid-April we will be able to pick up the pace again.

For now, the D90 went to a concert and got some nice shots of smooth-operator and soulful singer and model-husbaund Seal. Enjoy the pics (also some M8 pics) by photographer Steve Huff.

Sat March 21
Everything you ever wanted to know about the D90, taught by the great teacher of our times, Master Yoda Ken Rockwell.

Tue March 18
It looks like the D90 may be getting a new DSLR-Video competitor on March 25. The rumors are intensifying for a 15mp Digital Rebel with video capability.

Thur March 5
The D90 is doing well in the UK says Amateur Photographer UK.

Thur Febr 27
The D90 shows staying power in the Top 25 of the top selling camera charts, a regular "soap opera" feature where we take snapshots of the best selling cameras at Amazon.

Thur Febr 20: new review
All apologies, the waves of new PMA 2009 cameras and rumors have slowed down the diary updates significantly. But there is a new D90 review today by the most colorful of all camera review sites, NeoCamera. As usual, no spoilers here!

Mon Febr 9: new review
Yes, a brand new review! A website well-known for its review, is also taking a look at the Nikon D90! So without further ado, here is the PhotoZone review of the Nikon d90. Conclusions are on page #5.

Mon Febr 2: new review
Steve's Digicams has posted their review of the D90! As usual, no spoilers here! Don't be scared that the starting page is the press release. Use the menu on the left side to jump to the next pages of their review.

Thur Jan 15
Today we have a performance tidbit courtesy of Fluxion Photography: When using the 30MB/s Sandisk 4gb SDHC memory cards, the buffer clears in about 8 seconds, compared to about 10 seconds when using the 20 MB/s Extreme III cards.

Wedn Jan 14
A Merry Sad Prankster is merry again after a D90 purchase :-)

This photographer should be send to the Camera Abuse World Court in Tokyo to answer for this D90 torture test!

WDC (What Digital Camera) is giving away one D90. Will you be the lucky winner?

Fri Jan 9
This photographer shares a time-lapse with the D90, and if enough people are interest, he'll provide details on how to create a custom intervalometer.

The D90 was the DSLR used by the bloggers at Crunch Gear covering CES 2009. By the way, Crunch Gear has a shiny new template that is very lightweight and practical at the same time!

The D90 gets even more geek-cred as the Female Perspective of Computer Science has gotten a new D90!

The D90 also gets involved in this busy thread at flickr where an early Ken Rockwell comment about the D80/D90 and D40 gets revisited.

Photography Blog has PR-details on the new "D90 Remote" software that are part of Breeze Systems.

You can has a D90 if you win the revamped competition at e-fishwrap "The Telegraph" (UK). Only online entries and the closing date for this is Tuesday January 13. Who will be the lucky 13 who gets the D90? :-)

Night time pictures with the D90 at Nikon in Action, with more pictures in their forums.

First impressions? "Fantastic!" says HexFire blogger. Or for the geeks out there who still remember their engineering classes, 0xFire blogger.

Sat Jan 3, 2009
Mr Fong Starr has made the switch. Goodbye Canon, and Hello Nikon D90. He discovered, in his own words, the Dark Side of the Force. Granted, his previous bad Nikon experience was with Coolpixies, which of course are by no means an indicator of Nikon DSLRs. You can find lots of pictures and videos on his creatively colorful blog.

You can leave your ...gloves on, says a snowy guy.

Two weeks of D90 use is the subject of this latest report at the Thomas Fitzgerald blog. TF is a ...Canon user!

Serenity Photography has their first D90 shoot. Not to be confused with Joss Whedon's "Serenity".

Mystery pillar lights captured by the D90! Someone call Art Bell now!

More pop culture references, it's a nice day for a D90 wedding in the AV forums.

More D90 pictures, the Pinoy Nikonians shoot the Santa Monica Pier.

2focus shares some D90 pictures, taken with teh 17-55mm ED lens. No, the lens does not need blue pills ;-)

The D90 made the gadgets of the year list at Time magazine points out Digital Camera Review and Uber-Review rates it in the top 10 of semi-attainable gadgets of 2008.

Sun Dec 28
Nasim has posted an ISO shootout between the D300 and D90 on his blog. Find out what he found out :)

For video fans, a couple of D90 music videos are discussed at the forums. Watch out MTV, the D90-MTV is taking over! Especially since MTV doesn't actually play music videos ;-)

Radiant Life does some pros and cons on paper (ok, on blog-paper) of the D90 vs 50D.

One photographer has switched over to the Nikon side, sold the D-Rebel and got a D90 2-lens kit!

Tue Dec 23
A long time Canon user, Thomas Fitzgerald, decides to give the D90 a try. So what did he think? No spoilers here :-)

Sat Dec 20
Kris Abel of tests out Photojojo's "Super Secret Spy Lens" on his trusty Nikon D90. Find out what he found out!

D90 users there's a content just for you coming up from photographer-blogger Stephen Zeller. Stay tuned to his blog for more details.

How does the D90 do in extreme conditions? Find out at the Nikon Action blog! We see snow, we see water, we even see waxed water!

Yes D90 fans! We have another celebrity using the camera! This time the one and only Greta Van Susteren which goes ...on the record about her D90 and the troubles. We blog, you decide!

Jared Souney is having snowy fun with the camera. Pictures, video and text are all included!

The D90, along with the D300 are getting a new remote capture option from Breeze Systems. Details via dpreview.

sing, sing sing! A music video done with the D90 is featured at Luke Gilman's blog.

PS: Please include a reference if you are copying stories from this blog on a regular basis.

Sat Dec 13
Neutral Day spotlights a Lensbaby video! Yes, why not? Every lens becomes a video lens :-)

It's a fascinating new model says the Consumer Reports Electronics blog. Unfortunately the detailed rankings and results are for subscribers only. If you like your camera reviews to use the same methodology as coffee machine reviews ;-)

New D90 owner with 3 lenses is excited about his new DSLR!

Thur Dec 11
Photography Review spotlights a user review of the D90 by one of the professional-photographer members of their community. Lots of pros, but also some cons. No spoilers here however.

What lenses would you recommend for underwater photography? Well, ...dive into the ScubaBoard forum for some suggestions by other underwater Nikonians.

Meanwhile Nikon guru Thom Hogan has announced on his website that his "D90 guide" is available for ordering.

And what about Wiki? What do they have on the d90?

Sun Dec 7
We beats the 1Ds Mark III says Eric Hamilton. Us D90 hobbitses are good bang for the buck!

Fri Dec 5: Catching up big time
The 50D has challenged the D90 to a duel, and Popular Science is the arbitrator! What did they find in their 4-page duel report?

Citing DxOMark, one flickr D90er says "it blows the doors off the 50D" - pointing to the CNet DxO side-by-side of the two cameras.

And here is a 42-second sample video of the D90 with a fish-eye lens by Daniel Kyre. Fish-eye-video?

The New York Times geek-celebrity David Pogue shows off his geek tour photos taken with the D90.

The geotagging Nikon gadget GP-1 is coming says CNet and the D90 is one the DSLRs that can take advantage of it.

The D90 is one of the Nikon DSLRs participating in a special promotion at Amazon that gets you 20% off the current price of a Sigma lens if you buy it together with a Nikon DSLR. Not every camera and lens are eligible, so be sure to check out our detailed post with step-by-step instructions even.

Thur Dec 4: Award time!
We just posted the results of the first "Reader's Choice awards", as voted by you, the readers of this blog, and the Nikon D90 won the "Enthusiastic DSLR" category. This was not an easy win, it was neck and neck with the D300, while the Canon 40D and 50D were far behind. More details.

Sat Nov 29: two reviews
We have two new reviews to check out today, one by tech-review-mega-site Trusted Reviews, and a mini-review by photographer-bloggers at TWiP Photo. No spoilers here!

Sat Nov 22
If you are going to be in NYC tomorrow, Adorama is hosting a D90 seminar, presented by Mike Corrado of Nikon. This has a $25 fee, but you get a $25 coupon, so if you play to buy something at Adorama, the seminar is essentially free.

Interested in the grip? The MB-D80? Stepher Zeller has posted a review. Despite the model name, this work with the D90 as well, and takes the usual 2 LiIons or six rechargeable AA batteries.

And another review, Digital Review of Canada has posted their findings on the GP-1 accessory, which is competible with the D90, and the other four-figure dSLRs.

The Nikonians (the website) are discussing D90 video. And can it climb mountains? :-)

LL-Cool-Landscapes entices photographers with the chance of winning a Nikon D90 body only. How do you qualify? You make a purchase at their store, which of course contains their critically acclaimed video journals, tutorials and DVDs.

And speaking of educational, the Blue Crane Nikon D90 Volume 1 (Basic Controls) DVD will be released on December 1st.

But it's not all business, how about some fun? This D90 users has setup a ...split-personality wedding. Quick, someone amend the Constitution! ;-)

And we close with the best deal at the moment, for $888 you can get the Nikon D90 body only, along with a free 8gb SDHC card, and free ground shipping. Save an extra $10 if you enter coupon "FRIEND10" during checkout. All these at Abe's of Maine.

Thur Nov 20
A new day, a new review, this time by a very ...thoughtful website, at Think Camera. This is a short and easy to read review, the conclusions are at the top of page #2.

Tue Nov 18: New review
One more in the name of D90! This time at Let's Go Digital. Conclusions on page #9 for those in a hurry.

Mon Nov 17
Dear Nikon, writes one video enthusiast, please pay attention to video! This is a long forum post at dvinfo!

Who's praising the D90? The buyers! The latest NPD retail numbers for September 2008 list the D90 as the #4 top selling DSLR in the US for that time period. Read more.

Who's not praising the D90? It's included in the list of cameras who don't live up to their hype says Photography Bay.

The Seattle Times talk DSLRs and video mode.

Episode #2 of the new "DP Life" podcast features the D90 among many other topics.

Sun Nov 16: byThom
Thom Hogan has posted his highly anticipated review. Since he specializes on all-things Nikon, his review is read byte-by-byte by Nikonians!

Fri Nov 14
Bob Atkins has a paper-spec comparison of the D90, D300, 50D and 40D. Check it out! Do note that this is not a shootout or a review, but rather text-based discussion of pros and cons and things like that.

Jason Black has posted a BMX Video test using the D90 and that has gotten the BMX world talking D90.

Tue Nov 11
Andrew Pile takes the D90 at the races, while KinoGo pin-points the jello effect in a D90 video. Both are videos.

Fri Nov 7
PhotoWalk Pro has posted their first impressions with the D90 video mode, and has also posted a sample HD video clip!

Stephen Zeller shares his impressions with the D90.

Mon Nov 3
If you want to practice your swedish language skills, Kamera & Bild has posted a PDF version of their D90 review. The PDF file is linked in the line that says "Las artikeln som PDF".

Fri Oct 31: Catching up
Pop Photo is having Halloween fun with the D90 and video mode. Yet another practical application of DSLR-Video!

Photography Review has posted their preview of the D90, which means that a full review must be in the pipeline and should be coming out in the next few days or weeks. The preview includes an unboxing ceremony.

Another contraption for video shooting with the D90 is spotlighted at Photography Bay. But if you can't afford to buy a professional set up, John Biehler has a video that shows you how to create a DIY Steadicam.

Consumer gets a fake D90 from Circuit City. Circuit City plays hardball, but the Consumerist is there to grab them by the cyber-ear!

iScrapbook made the big decision and got a D90 while Girllyen has posted an enthusiastic unboxing blog post.

Sun Oct 26: new review
A new review has been posted, from the video people perspective, at Camcorderinfo. The review has been added to the list of D90 reviews at the Review Organizer.

A vimeo video from Tibet is available, see it through Tony Levelle's blog. And an HD video from Coastline Studios.

The 5DMk2 is not the only one taking advantage of the Redrock, the D90 can use it too! More at Photography Bay.

Thur Oct 23
Photodoto has posted their first impressions review of the D90. Sample pictures available through flickr.

The photographer who posted the viral D90-video video has a new opinion post on the RED, D90, 5DMk2, and DSLR-Video. Read all about it at the Chase Jarvis blog.

The Laptop Magazine has posted their D90 review, but you have been warned, their page is loaded with "busy" banner ads. They make this blog feel "naked" :) Page #4 has their verdict. Please don't expect a dpreview-type review!

And a new video review of the D90, at photo-i. By that we mean the review is presented in video-format, not a review of the video mode. Oh the confusion the DSLR-Video feature is causing when you try to write about video-reviews of a camera ;-)

A photographer finds treasure with the D90. An in-forum hands-on first impressions post.

Bob Nicolas has found happiness. Happiness with the D90.

Tue Oct 21: Catching up
What do digital journalists think about the D90? More specifically what does THE digital journalist think? Find out!

An on-going review is continuing at Videos and full-size images are available as well.

Spec comparison time! Linkr pairs up the D80 and D90 specs, broken down by sub-category. But when you compare, you also have to factor in the prices, since the D80 is selling for a lot le$$.

What happens when you blend the video mode with the Lensbaby Composer? Here is a YouTube teaser by one of the daddies.

What are the effects of VR in video mode? Wye Jon Lee has posted a video.

Neutral Day meters the metering of two same-day reviews.

A favorite first picture taken with the D90, and posted at a Nature forum.

Help a photographer decide. He is between the 40D and D90.

Thur Oct 16
The body only is now shipping from Ritz Camera for $900! Some people may prefer the 18-105 DX VR kit, but people with a versatile collection of Nikkor lenses may not be interested in the lens, thus wanting to get the body only version and save $300.

Mon Oct 13
Not one, but two new reviews have been posted for the lovely Nikon D90. Details and links at our latest impact review update.

Sun Oct 12
Engadget asks, how would you change the D90? Assuming of course you had magic wands and could veto the Nikon marketing and executives :) Over 100 suggestions were submitted.

A music video created with the D90! See it for yourselves! What do you think?

A new video with the D90 and adventures in the woods. And another video by our man inside. That's the name of the blog, not our "our". And another one by the OC Pinay!

And three shots using the new 18-105 DX VR lens. Here they are.

Thur Oct 9
It wouldn't be new camera season if we didn't feature unboxing ceremonies! A new unboxing was published a few hours ago, at Jule's blog. Lots of pictures of the camera and box.

We already mentioned this in the review train, but Imaging Resource has posted their full test results with a production D90 unit. The review is not completed yet, but they are slowly but steadily getting there!

Greg Smith is back with the D90 in hand. After two weeks of D90 excitement, he is writing about his first impressions so far.

Color fishies meet the Nikon d90. D90 meet the fishies! For real! Pictures at the Boston Reefers forums.

Tue Oct 7
Not a review yet, but a large collection of samples have been posted at Photography Blog. This includes six RAW files, 30 JPEG files (full size), and a sample movie. And a cat picture.

Radiant Life has a spec comparison between the D90 and the D80. And if you like his article, be sure to vote for it at the Photography Voter.

Mon Oct 6
As we mentioned on Saturday, the D90 was featured on G4's "Attack of the Show". Now that 4-minute segment is available at Be sure to check their "dreamy" opening. Note that G4 is a gearhead/gamer TV channel.

Meanwhile the Rubberblogger made the big decision to get the D90, despite strong Canon leanings and urges. What tipped the scales you ask? Read his post to find out!

Everybody loves a good unboxing ceremony, and Plemix has one for the D90.

Sun Oct 5
Laid-Back has a quick flash-based look at the D90. Video killed the digital stills star or too early to talk things like that yet?

Sat Oct 4
A hands-on first impressions of the D90 have been posted in the B&H Photo newsletter.

The D90 is featured in a recent episode of G4 (cable channel on video games and tech), in the Gadget pr0n segment.

Engadget unboxes the D90.

Which Nikon dSLR would you pick? CNet-Australia has some suggestions.

Thur Oct 2
Apart from their review, Camera Labs has also prepared a short video tour of the D90.

Neutral Day opines on the recent D90 reviews.

The h46 blog has spent a night with the d90 and has a short video clip, with more coming up.

Wedn Oct 1: Three new reviews
New! Yes, we have another review, Luminous Landscape has posted their trademark review of the D90, which includes sample videos. If you haven't read LL reviews before, they are more experiential, and less pixel-peepiential :)

A new D90 review, this time at Camera Labs. Jump to the "Verdict" page if you can't wait to find out how it did. No spoilers here however. One nice touch in the Camera Labs reviews is that they have paragraphs that compare the reviewed camera with other competitors. In this case, it includes the D80, D300, 40D, XSi 450D.

And a tech-blogger and Georgia Tech student has just posted his D90 review as well. Check it out at

Mon Sept 29
The Laptop Magazine blog shares their first impressions after spending some time with the D90.

A Pentaxian is torn between the K20D and the D90.

Sun Sept 28
Move over Ashton Kutcher! Rain has a D90. Yes, Rain! NOTE: Don't use your D90 in the rain!

First impressions on the D90 from the Ars Technica forums and Joel Sartore's assistant.

Crunch Gear makes jam out of the D90 video mode. But is it organic? Gidmodo shakes things up as well.

DSLR Dad discusses the new Pop Photo review of the D90. No spoilers here, you have to check the review to find out :)

Arie Wijaya opines on the pros and cons of the new D90. Lots of thoughts and some samples too.

Galbraith reminds us that CODEC 1.5.0 for Windoze now supports the D90.

DPNotes has gotten their D90 and have a quick first report and sample and a lot more. Check their related posts for a lot more!

DigitalRev has a side by side of the D90 with the evil Canon 50D. A model holds the two dSLRs for an extra visual dimension to the comparison ;-)

More opinions on the D90 at, the weekly Wired podcast.

And we close with a 45-second carp fishing video.

Sun Sept 21
D90 at the Nikon Digital Caravan in Japan.

Sat Sept 20
Armed with video mode, the D90 takes on the $5000 Panasonic HVX2000, a 3-minute video.

Fri Sept 19
New review! Australian technical-review site PhotoReview has posted their Nikon D90 review. Imatest results are included. And if you make it to the end of the review, you get a bonus: Yummy buns! As usual, no spoilers here!

Looking for the D90 user manual? The Insider points the way.

Roumazeilles is pointing us to a new D90 video. Video of the D90, not video from the D90. Just to be clear.

Wedn Sept 17
First BIG review of the D90! Read all about it! By Jeff Keller at DC Resource!. [HOT!] As always, no spoilers here, but be sure to read it! Read it! Read it! :) More discussion in this post.

Photography Savvy, who posted a nice D700 first impressions earlier on, is now back with his D90 first impressions.

Just one image of the D90? It is of interest if it is posted by one of the most respected outdoors photographers in the world. Here is what Moose says.

Jason Cross of Extreme Tech is going with the D90 and documents his decision.

Guy, Guy, Guy, first lesson in unboxing picture shots is picking a background!

A Pentaxian is tempted. Will the other Pentaxians be able to "talk him down"?

An in-forum hands-on comparison between the D90 and D300 in the Nikon dpreview forums.

Engadget rounds up some of the reviews and previews.

Blogger Patrick Lor has posted a video clip. Four more clips at Monkey Pirate.

A number of reputable dealers have the D90 shipping (w/18-105 DX VR) and for pre-order (body only). Read all about it at the Pre-Ordering Center.

Mon Sept 15
DC Resource has posted their D90 gallery. Fifteen pictures are given, taken with the 18-105 DX VR and 70-300 VR lenses. Full size images are available for download.

Sun Sept 14
The Imaging Insider is pointing us to a wobble video test of the D90.

The SportsShooters are discussing D90RAW files and CS3. A workaround is available though, so please cancel the panic (for now) :)

Canon vs Nikon in the podcast (11 minute mark) spotlighted at the McNamara Repor(t).

Photography Review has posted their write-up round-up on this new video-DSLR.

Foto-biz looks at the D90 e-groupies. I wonder how many of those are sploggers and scrapers!

Thur Sept 11
Popular Mechanics grabs a D90 and takes it for a test-drive in Manhattan. Check out their sample pictures and video! Pictures are not full size.

Arnie's latest D90 updates focuses on video mode. More on video mode at Neutral Day.

Wedn Sept 10
One of our readers who was among the first to place a D90 pre-order on Amazon informed us that they got an email from giving them an arrival window between October 7 and November 4. A more detailed post on the pre-order status coming later on.

Arnie sent us a new article describing his first impressions with the D90. There he talks about two things that surprised him, and has a video along with a quick ISO 400 vs ISO 3200 test. Click on the pictures twice to get the full size JPEG, and put on your pixel-peeping hats!

And another D90 hands-on first impressions at Photo Viewfinder. Included are a series of ISO 800 to 6400 downsized test shots.

Best of the last few days
Guy Kawasaki has posted his D90 unboxing ceremony and a sample video. Is the former Apple evangelist falling in love with the D90 and becoming a D90 blogangelist? :-)

Field guide author J. Dennis Thomas has posted his first impressions with a handful of pictures included, but not at full size. (Puritan Warning: don't look the first picture).

For those interested in video or the video aspects of the D90 specs, here is a long post from a videographers prespective at Pro Video Coalition. More from this angle at ProLost.

Another hands-on at dev/random, who was one of the lucky three at their local Best Buy.

A quick opinion on the D90 formed at Photoshop World in Vegas by The Digital Story.

A specs-preview of sorts by CNet UK.

And if you missed it, the first review-site review at Think Camera.

Previously on the D90 Diary
We are continuing where we left off at the previous D90 diary at the old blog along with the D90 mania posts. To keep up with all the new updates, be sure to bookmark this page using the permalink url.

This is on-going diary for Nikon D90 fans and curious bystanders. And for the major Nikon coverage here, check the Nikon mini-blog.

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