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September 30, 2008

Nikon D700 Diary

We pick up the D700 daily round-up from the old blog with new D700 materials! For all the major Nikon stories at this blog, be sure to check the Nikon mini-blog. For a list of D700 reviews, be sure to check the DSLR Review Organizer.

Sun May 31
The photographer who came up with the term "LBA", an "official Pentaxian", has fallen in love with the D700. The story at Rice High.

Mon May 10
No one is safe from the D700 Siren's Call. Not even LBA Pentaxians [via RiceHigh]

Mon April 26
Thom Hogan has an Info-button-press surprise. If reading at a later time, look for it under April 26, 2010 on his website. (no permalinks unfortunately)

March 30
The D700 with Tokina lenses and Picture Controls are shown at DC Watch. Full-size samples are included!

March 29
The D700 serves as the "hostess" of the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 Di lens review at ephotozine.

Mon March 1
The D700 hosts the new arrival - the new Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR lens. A paragraph of early impressions and two feline pictures are shared in the dpreview Nikon forums.

Sun Febr 14
The D700, old lenses and brick walls are the theme of the day at DC Watch Impressa.

Fri Jan 22
The D700 serves as the "hostess" of the Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens review at ephotozine.

Thur Jan 21
ISO 6400 picture with the D700 from the flickr pool from a brand new D700 owner!

Tue Jan 12
The D700 serves as the "hostess" of the Tamron 90mm f2.8 Di macro lens review at ephotozine.

Wedn Jan 6
The D700 is getting new firmware, see the round-up on the main blog for more.

Mon Jan 4, 2010
The D700 is picked as one of Terry White's top gadgets for 2010.

Sun Dec 20
How about the Nikon D700 as a DX camera? Japanese website DC-Watch decided to take a look at the camera as a DX camera, mounting DX/DC lens and after lens on it. See it all computer-translated. The pictures are available as full-size JPEGs - just click on them!

Fri Dec 11
The Nikon D700 sensor takes on the sensors of the Nikon D5000 and the Pentax K-x in this brand new Lumo Labs test report. How did it do? Read on to find out what they found out!

Thur Dec 10
Oh my, it's been almost two months in-between updates. All apologies, unfortunately 2009 was a year of way too many interesting and intriguing digital cameras which makes it impossible to cover and update the diaries on a regular basis.

Thur Oct 22
Have a D700 and want to spend some quality time with Thom Hogan? For $850, you can set up a date! The date includes flowers, limited editions of his D700 guides, and a three-hour block one-on-one in-person with the Nikonian guru. More details on his website.

Mon Oct 12
We have two sets of pictures taken with the D700, and both photographers used the 24-70mm lens. First up, this configuration visits Yellowstone, and then a new D700 photographer shares pictures, although, as usual, the forum bitterati are quick to take a trip to Negative Town.

Tue Oct 6
The Stock Imaging Forum blog asks, D300s or D700? Which one would you pick? This of course being approached with the stock-imaging market in the back of your mind.

Sun Oct 4
The D700 kit with the 24-120mm VR lens has dropped to $2700! Details in this D700 discount alert on the front-page of the blog.

Sat Oct 3
The Nikon D700 was one of the cameras that captured image from the big Chinese celebration. Details via the Imaging Insider.

Thur Oct 1
Japanese website DC-Watch has posted hand-held low-light night-time pictures taken with the D700 and 35mm f2 lens. Check it out!

Mon Sept 28
How about the 35mm f1.8 DX lens on the D700? Can you get useful pictures? Well, yes you can! Ryan Brenizer explains in his review of the lens(e).

Wedn Sept 16
All apologies for the delays in-between updates, unfortunately the number of new cameras increases every day, but the number of hours per day remains the day! But we have a new update today!

The D700 Snapper, a confessed Ken Rockwell fan, disagrees with KR on the Leicas and posts his opinion on the D700 vs M9 debate.

Mon Aug 17
A brand new owner is sharing their first impressions with the D700 at their blog, Selected Pixels!

Thur Aug 13
One photographer is trying to decide, D300s or D700, while another is asking for lens advice for the D700. Both discussion threads in the Miranda forums.

Mon August 10
An entertaining blog post talks Nikon D700X - we do not if it is a rumor, leak or dream or fantasy, but it is entertaining. More on the D700X rumor update at the blog.

Sat August 1
The market is heating up! The Sony Alpha A850 has been manual-leaked and it is an A900-lite with 24mp FF. This could put some pressure on Nikon for a D700X. Or perhaps it could encourage price-drops on the D700, which would be music to the ears to those who are planning to get the D700 in the near future, or want to get a second D700 body.

Wedn July 29
InfoSyncWorld has reviewed the D700, and we have a review alert on the front-page talking about it. Somehow, a song by Simple Minds found its way into that post :-)

One photographer is asking for opinion in the FM forums regarding image quality between the D700 and the D300.

Thur July 23
The D700, and other Nikon and other dSLRs are part of a four-memory-card comparison test at DC-Watch. We round up the action here.

Thur July 16
Is the Nikon D700 soul-less asks the Visual Science Lab as part of a long article by Kirk Tuck talking about all sorts of photography and geekologie topics. Including RAW vs JPEG.

Wedn July 15
Walk this way! You can walk your way to a brand new shiny Nikon D700! No, not win a marathon, but win the grand prize of the second annual world-wide photo-walk.

Fri July 10
The spirits of a dozen paparazzi are trapped inside this D700 promotional poster. See it at the Insider.

Wedn July 8
Are there any JPEG-only D700 users asks an interested photographer in the forums.

One photographer has a disastrous situation with his D700 and lens due to a faulty strap :-(

Tue July 7
Here is one photographer proudly featuring the Nikon D700 on his Twitter page.

Sun July 5
The D700 plays an "away game". It takes on the whole Pentax world in the Pentax Forums!

What do you think of adding a DSLR-Video feature to the D700? Discussion in the dpreview forums.

Tue June 30
We have an inverse unboxing! A D700 user has gotten a new LowePro FastPack 350 for his D700, and he has created an unpacking video on YouTube. You can also ask him questions via twitter.

Sat June 27
One forum discussion is comparing ISO 1600 sample images from the IR pages of the Sony A900 and the Nikon D700. As expected, debate ensues.

Wedn June 24
Here is a picture from the flickr pool, taken of course with the D700, meet Natalie.

Mon June 22
The D700 is the featured DSLR that photographer Scott Wyden chose for his picture during his interview at Photography Silo.

Sun June 14
Do you has buyer's remorse? That's what one new D700 owner is asking in the dpreview forums after going to the D700 from the D300.

Fri June 12
A new photographer joins the D700 club, Twitter-style.

Wedn June 10
A Pentaxian tried the D700, and shares his experience in the dpreview Pentax SLR Talk forum. The name "K7" eventually comes up. Hey, they both have a "7" in their name ;-)

Sun June 7
Typically unboxings are popular but DC Watch is trying to make "bagging" popular as well. Bagging? Well, it's easier to explain by looking at all these bright orange pictures.

Tue June 2
Custom autofocus settings seems to be the subject of this DCWatch article which includes lots of sample pictures. Our computer-translated Japanese is not good enough to pick up the context of this article. If anyone one, please let us know :-)

Mon June 1
Here is a new picture added to our flickr pool, taken with the D700 of course and the 16mm fisheye f2.8 lens. Is it a planet or an equi-rectangular panorama? We blog, you decide!

Sun May 24
The D700 won over the author of the Pentax K10D blog and he is now focusing on his D700 shooting.

Thur May 21
Camera abuse! This five-minute video shows a photographer putting the D700 and LX3 in harm's way as he tried to capture some dramatic landscape+waves pictures!

The Imaging Insider has the official release note of a brand new book about this solid DSLR, it is the book "Mastering the D700" by Rocky Nook on O'Reilly. This book is so advanced, that it is actually currently shipping at Amazon for $26.37, seven days before its official release date.

book cover picture of Mastering the D700

Sun May 17
We should be doing more of this in the next few weeks, featuring pictures from the flickr pool taken with the "diary cameras". Here is one, we just noticed this portrait+window picture by Derek Lomba added to the blog's flickr pool. It was taken by the D700 of course using the 24-70 lens.

Because of the fast-paced nature of the blog updates, we are only posting links to the pictures, because it takes time to request permission for reposting the picture here, and also additional overhead in keeping track of it all.

Sat May 16
At the GetDPI forums, one photographer is doing a little bit of a G1 vs D700 shootout. This is not intended to equate the two cameras, but simply to show what you can get from each :)

Fri May 15
While the media elites handed the 5DMk2 the grand prize, the real-world people who voted gave the Nikon D700 the award instead! What are we talking about? The Grand Prix awards of the Camera Press Club in Japan. More on this in this award update.

Thur May 14
The D700 finds itself in a comparative review at Photocrati where it is joined by the Alpha A900 and 5Dmk2.

Thur May 7
The D700 "hosts" a trio of 50mm f1.4 primes as they go up against each other in a shootout by DC Watch in Japan. The pictures and comparison via Foto Actualidad.

Tue May 5: new review
Peter K. Burian has posted his review of the D700 at Photocrati, a new photography website featuring the review and comments of a number of photographers.

Mon May 4
The D700 Snapper has posted some nice samples ...snapped with the "plastic fantastic" lens, the Tokina 19-35. Check out the pictures and the write-up at the D700 snapper blog.

Sun May 3
The DSLR Playoff championship celebration is officially over. We have removed the announcement from the front page of the blog.

Tue April 28
Yes, the awards keep on coming for the D700! It has won the 2009 DSLR Playoffs, beating the Canon 5DMk2 in the finals 56-44. The results of this, and all the other rounds, were based on our readers' votes. So it is time to celebrate D700 fans!

The Roberts Imaging blog has a short D3 vs D700 spec-comparison recap, making the case really for the D700. Please don't tell D3 users!

Fri April 24
We are the Champions! We are the Champions of the Camera World! Yes, D700 fans, the camera was picked as the #1 recommended camera, film or digital, by the Online Photographer, aka Mike Johnston. Explanation and justification in the TOP article. You deserve it D700 fans, take a break and start celebrating in the streets!

Tue April 21
The D700 is squaring off with the 5dMk2 in the DSLR Playoff Finals! You vote and decide the outcome of this round, just like the previous rounds!

The D700 is a ...thespian!. The Visual Science Lab (VSL) posts their impressions after shooting some theater with the D700. The VSL is the blog of Kirk Tuck, who has written the "Minimalist Lightning" series of photography books.

And this thread is asking the unthinkable to D700 users ;-) Did you consider the 5DMk2 as well? Oh my! :-)

Mon April 20
New promotional program for the D700 in Japan that starts on April 24 and ends August 2nd, 2009. Details via

Sun April 19
Celebrate D700 fans! Take to the streets with joy! DC-Resource has posted their 5DMk2 review and they mention that they still consider the D700 their favorite DSLR among of the sub-$3000 full-framers!

Tue April 14
Terry White shares some of his Arizona pictures taken with the D700 and the 14-24mm lens(e). You can also check his set on flickr.

Sun April 12
Bo starts a discussion of his great collection of low-light pictures taken in Istanbul in March 2009. You can check at the bottom left corner of the screen to see which lens and ISO was used for each picture. Click on the left/right arrows to advance to the next set of pictures. There's plenty of them, including ISO 6400. Isn't it nice to have a camera that shines when the light is low? :-)

It took a Nikon D700 to get this photographer to return to SLRs after a 12-year SLR-diet! The D700 is miracle worker :)

Sat April 11
A D700 fan (presumably) makes a case for the D700 over a hypothetical D700X with lots of megapixels. This is a frequently-used technique in the forums :)

Thur April 9
A Pentax K10D gets a Nikon D700 and compares the experience in the Pentax dpreview forum. This is (obviously) a Pentax-priority discussion.

Mon March 30
Sample pictures with the D700 on a tripod are posted in the latest edition of the Zeiss enewsletter. Taken with the Distagon T* ZF 28mm f2.8 lens.

Tue March 24
Photography Review is spotlighting one of their reader reviews of the D700. The photographer ends the review with a small wish list of three items, and they all sound reasonable to us!

Mon March 23
This discussion in the Fuji Talk forum at dpreview squares off pictures taken with the D700 and the Fuji S100fs. Obviously they are different type of cameras, but comparisons and debates can be fun :-)

Thur March 5
The D700 is doing well in the UK says the Amateur Photographer UK website.

Wedn March 4
Some of these photographers got a brand new Nikon D700 at PMA-2009. Why?

Fri Febr 27
The D700 fights off the 5DMk2 in a detailed shootout at Gimzodo. Coverage of this in our latest full frame wars installment.

If you love forum debates, here is one at dpreview discussing D700 and high ISO.

Sun Febr 22
The D700 is flying high, real high! Literally, not figuratively! Check it out at this blog by Mark J. Rebilas.

Thur Febr 20
The Imaging Insider spotlights a hands-on review of the camera by photographer Steve Huff.

All apologies for the slowness of new-news, but the waves and waves of new shiny-silver clones in the last couple of weeks have slowed us down significantly!

Sat Febr 7
Who's praising us now? The readers of the Amateur Photography UK magazine have decided that the D700 is the camera of the year. Take that Canon! ;-)

Thur Febr 5
And a new owner - the obligatory unboxing ceremony and sample pictures at Tim Koo's blog.

We have a Twitter-switcher! Gone is the Canon 5D Mark II and in comes the Nikon D700! See this photographer's journey to the D700 in 140 words or less at Twitter.

Mon Febr 2: new review
Steve's Digicams has posted their review of the D700! No spoilers here, but you can jump to the conclusions page if you can't wait to find out what they found out :)

The kit with the 24-120mm lens seems to be a good price at the moment, offered for $2675 by itself. For a more elaborate discussion of the pricing, check the Camera Deals blog.

Sun Febr 1
So the 5dMk2 has video. Big deal? Well, the D700 can has video too if you use the Nikon-supplied SDK (software development kit). Nikon Watch, Engadget, Wired and many others are spotlighting Oliver Giroux's discovery. The camera needs to be connected to a PC and the video is sub-480p, but hey, it couldn't record video before this tip by Oliver. So hat tip to Oliver for giving current and future D700 owners a Pc-video option!

Photographer Van Redin compares and contrasts the D3 with the D700, and then shares pictures from one of his recent real-world photo-shootouts. Pictures taken by the D700 of course :-)

The Adorama AIRC goes through the detailed DxOMark data and compares and contrasts the six full frame DSLRs out there. No spoilers here :-)

The D700 Snapper shows examples of good bokeh with the Nikkor 35mm and 85mm lenses.

Happy new owner smiling, here is the proof. Then Sansom Media takes the camera skiing.

Mon Jan 26
As part of their ISO testing on the 5DMk2, includes ISO crops of the Nikon D700 as well as the Alpha A900. See how they did.

Tue Jan 20
There is a new D700 firmware update out, as shown at Photography Press and elsewhere. But David Busch recommends to wait before upgrading, so if there are any issues they get sorted out by others first.

Wedn Jan 14
The D700 goes out to the great outdoors and captures Zion National Park pictures in Utah.

The D700 turns you into superman says the D700Snapper blog.

If you would like to learn about the D700 in french, Photo Sapiens spotlights a book in french.

A trio of weather pictures taken of course with the D700 at the UB blog.

Sat Jan 10
If you can't have enough of the "5DMk2 vs D700" discussions and debates, here is a 2009 edition in the dpreview forums.

A new review has been posted at the start of CES 2009, here is the D700 at Photography Bay.

Victor pushes the envelope on D700 high-ISOs. You can see for yourself with some of his real-world samples, which are available at full-size.

A new review in German for the camera at We can't tell you what their conclusions are because we our German office is on vacation ;-)

Joy Dutta is not a brand fanatic he says. He was between the D700 and the 5DMk2. But ultimately he had to get one. Which one did he get?

Treasure the Time is thrilled with their new D700. Sample pictures are posted of other Nikon gear. A Nikon paradise :)

And another photographer has jumped on the D700 and says goodbye to his trusty D2Hs.

The Serious Compacts shootout (see December-28 entry) is discussed at Mutable Conclusions 2.0.

The D700 was part of the "biggest stories of 2008" discussion at podcast #63 of TWiP Photo.

One photographer tried to customize his D700 order, but the customization turned into a customer (dis)service nightmare.

Neil Wade got his brand new D700 and he is happy, and the children are happy too. The D700 brings smiles.

The Picture Business magazine has a write-up on how the Alpha A900 et al are changing the game with their 20+ megapixel sensors.

Sat Jan 3, 2009
Awards time! The rumors were founded! The D700 won the DSLR of the Year award here at 1001 nosy cameras, edging the Canon 5D Mk2 in that category.

And another claim for the D700, it is the #1 selling 35mm full frame DSLR in Japan for 2008! According to BCN Ranking data, up to December 21st 2008, it was the only 35mm full frame DSLR in the top 20 with a 1% market share. The percentage goes to show how far off 35mm full frame DSLRs are from being "mainstream" but Nikon can enjoy its victory over the 5D duo (Mark I and Mark II), Sony A900.

Scott Kelby has a tip for photo-shooters using the advanced Nikon DSLRs. It has to do with shutter speed and VR. Check it out!

Whizarts Wedding photography is excited! The D700 has arrived to replace the trusty Nikon D50.

A flickr discussion with photographers using the D700 alongside the D3.

Mathew with one "T" mixes music with a picture, in his first 2009 post, taken with the D700 of course.

Oh dear, it's been weeks already, but the D700 Cake and Hitler video are still making the internet rounds. New Years Resolution: Stop posting them already ;-)

Sun Dec 28
Rumor has it that the D700 may be one of the DSLR category winners when the 2008 Digital Cameras of the Year here at 1001 Noisy Cameras are announced tomorrow. This is only a rumor :-)

The D700 is not afraid to take on any camera out there, big or small! In this new ISO shootout, Serious Compacts squares off the D700 vs the Lumix G1. Yes, different sensor sizes, but it's fun to compare! After all, all the cameras take pictures :) Do note to note the ISO of each picture compared. The D700 ISOs are higher than the G1! Serious Compacts the samples available for download, including the RAW files so you can compare and experiment with your favorite imaging software and image viewers.

And while we are at SC, you can check how the D700 compares size-wise to the red G1. Check it out!

Another shootout! The D700 takes on the 5DMk2 in this ISO shootout at Photography Bay! See the crops and see who won!

There's a new blog for fans of the D700, be sure to check out the D700 Snapper blog.

The D700 is athletic camera, it even ... plays basketball!

One photographer is using his photography work to let internet denizens help me fund his D700 purchase. He is offering $10 prints instead of his usual prices of $50+. Smart photographer, he deserves a D700 :-)

Meanwhile, Photography Musings talks about auto-focusing with the Nikon DSLR triumvirate.

If I see the D700 cake one more time, I'll scream loud enough for all of you to hear me ;-)

Mon Dec 22
Who's praising us now? The PDN Gear Guide! The D700 received the coveted Camera of the Year Award.

Sat Dec 20
If you are relatively new to the D700, you may be interested in this new blog, as the title suggests, it is the Neophyte's Guide to the D700. It does not replace the user manual of course, but it provides tidbits and suggestions that a new D700 user would appreciate!

The "A Little News" blog has received a D700 loaner from the NeeKon, and they are posting their early impressions along with a couple of D3 vs D700 samples. Check it out.

Another ISO duel, this time at Pho Bay, the D700 takes on the 5DMk2.

Thur Dec 18: High ISO for your ...wall
Yes, your wall! The Online Photographer is offering (for a reasonable fee) a limited number of signed prints of one of his D700 shots that showcases the mad low-light skillz of the D700. The shot in question, "Unscared of the Dark" was taken at ISO 2500 with the D700 and the 35mm f2 lens.

Wedn Dec 17
Three enter, will three exit? Mike Johnston opines on the three full-frame cameras he has been testing the last few weeks.

Mon Dec 15
The D700 is taking all on-comers, this time it is having an "away game", as it squares of with the Pentax K10D at the PentaxK10D blog. But fear not, this is a fair and balanced comparison!

Next up, the D700 takes on the three-year-old original 5D (Mark I) in a shoot-out at the Rice High blog. A variety of lenses are used in the different shootout challenges.

The D700 edges the 5DMk2 in yet again, this time it has been chosen by YOU, the readers, as the camera to appear first on top of every page at this blog. Look for it at the top of every page, in the light-blue section below the blog name. The voting results are here.

Sun Dec 14
D700 or Mk2? Did D700 win over again? One photographer had to decide between the two and ultimately he chose... we won't reveal it. Find out at Prakash Photography Musings.

Fri Dec 12: Who's praising us now?
Another day, another award! The D700 won the 2008 Hardware award at TWiP Photo. This was a closely fought battle with the 5D Mk2, and video-schmideo, the D700 won anyways. Woohoo!

Thur Dec 11
Okay, we promise, no more cake pictures :)

It is stunning, says Mark Kellner of the Washington Times.

Mon Dec 8 informs us that Subal is making available the Subal ND700, an aluminum housing for the camera.

The D700 cake is making the rounds on the internets, including Gizmodo Australia.

Sat Dec 6
Some comic relief, eat the camera!

Fri Dec 5: Catching up with the news
We have a new review as well, from Robert Jensen at CEN. This is an experiential two-page review. Do note that the website the review is hosted on is a little bit ad-heavy - it has floating ads, text-underline ads, and such. But don't blame that on the reviewer!

ISO Wars at Anand Tech. As part of their look at the 5DMk2, they have on page #4 a full-range ISO crop-comparison between the D700, the A900 and the 5DMk2. Pixel-peeper on the wall, who's the cleanest ISO of them all?

The Online Photographers continues to write about their experience with the D700, the latest update talking about black and white. Also be sure to check their other D700 posts, "sensors as film", and ISO vs stabilization with a guest-appearance by the K20D which got the attention of enthusiastic Pentaxians.

And speaking of which, the D700 fan club is expanding! The Pentax Photography blog author has now added a D700 to his arsenal, along with his existing Pentax gear. So why did he pick the D700 over the other full-framers? Read on to find out! Also check to find out what another Pentaxian blogger thinks about the D700ification.

Not sure when this posted, but we just saw it, a 200-second video review of the "eagly" anticipated Neekon D700 at PC-Answers.

Think Camera notes that D700 users don't need a firmware update for the SB-900 flash, but D3 and D300 users do.

Feel like reviewing the D700 Digital Field Guide on Amazon and scoring a free copy? The author J. Dennis Thomas has some advance copies to send out to willing reviewers.

Caught between the D3 and the D700? The NikonD700 blog has a colorful spec-comparison between the two.

And a wide-angle shot taken with the D700 at the UB Labs blog. It looks like those houses are using the same painter as this blog :-)

I can has D700! One lucky winner won a D700 in Manchester, UK.

The Washingtonian recommends the D700 as one of the gifts for local techies. Lots of fat cat lobbyists there after all :) And for their assistants, they recommend a laptop bag ;-)

For the bargain hunters out there, the D700 participating in the new Amazon promotion where you can get 20% off the current prices of select Sigma lenses. Of interest to the D700 may be the Sigma 50mm f1.4 or the 150-500 f5-6.3 APO OS.

Thur Dec 4: Celebration!
The results of our first Reader's Choice Awards are in, and the Nikon D700 just barely beat the Canon 5D Mark II and won the 35mm-full-frame-DSLR award! Check the results for more.

Sat Nov 22: Two new reviews
Before we talk about the reviews, if you are in New York City on Sunday, Adorama is hosting a two hour D700 seminar. The seminar is free with gift-card, meaning you pay $25 for the seminar and receive a $25 coupon which you can use at the Adorama store within the next 30 days. Mike Corrado of Nikon will be the presenter. has posted their review, a collaboration of Shun Cheung and Hannah Thiem. As always, no spoilers here, but if you are in a hurry, the conclusions are at the bottom of the page. And if you like the review or the camera, digg it!

The second review comes from CNet, by veteran CNet camera reviewer Lori Grunin.

Tired of waiting for the 5D Mark II, this Canonite did the unthinkable, he bought a D700.

Isn't she lucky? Suzannah was the lucky winner of a brand new D700. The city of Bath has a new full frame photographer!

Interested in how the new GP-1 GPS accessory does? Well, you can find out what found out in their review. The GP-1 is compatible with the mid-range and above Canon dSLRs.

Mon Nov 17: a ...wet review
Wet, wet, wet! No, we are not singing, but talking about the WetPixel review of the Nikon d700 for the purpose of h20-adventures. The camera was reviewed with the Subal ND700, it's marine shell, it's personal submarine if you like :-) This is an 8-page review, the conclusions are on the last page if you can't wait to find out.

Sat Nov 15: DC Resource review
DC Resource has just posted their D700 review! What did they find, and how many praises did they sing? :-)

Fri Nov 14
The D700 goes on a trip and at the same time put to real work, work 2.0. Photographer and blogger James Duncan Davidson took the camera to the Web 2.0 Submit in order to cover the event, and has posted his field report after the event. The D700 managed to grab, among others, a Tesla Roadster and Al Gore.

Wired's Gadget Lab has spent some time with the D700 and they posted their hands-on findings. But you will not find "what's hot/what's not" conclusions, since this is a hands-on report, not a trademark "Wired review".

Could it upstage the D3 asks Channel News Asia. Well, there is a price delta of about 20 price-stops between them.

Tue Nov 11
Some pictures taken with the D700, first the bright side of the moon, then a hawk.

Vetle Woxholt is enjoying photography with the D700 and has a slideshow of pictures to prove it.

Why is DOF shallower with the D700 (and other full framers)? The flickr D700 forum discusses.

A battery grip offer for buyers in Germany. Details at Nikon Rumors.

Fri Nov 7: Catching up
Nikonians in the UK will be thrilled to find out that Nikon UK is offering free Capture NX2 with a D700 purchase. Details via Photography Press UK.

The ColorBlind Photographer looks at the three $3000 full-frame DSLRs and opines on their pros and cons. Needless to say, the D700 is one of them!

Bokeh-man opines on his brand new Nikon D700.

Fri Oct 31: Catching up
Regular readers of this diary are familiar with James Duncan Davidson's posts on the D700, well, new and old readers, there is new content, he has posted his two weeks with the D700 recap.

Show me a gearaholic who doesn't like a camera comparison and I'll show you a non-gearaholic ;-) Jan Crane has posted his comparison of the D200 vs D700, going all the way from ISO 200 to ISO 3200.

A new proud D700 owner, sharing one of his first pictures, which ironically includes a Canon ad :-)

The D700 is one of the 70+ cameras included in the CalTech vs Camera Makers lawsuit. Maybe the settlement will result in a special D700-CalTech edition ;-)

Mon Oct 27
Thom Hogan has a very interesting post on the latest price cuts and dealer discounts by Nikon USA. There is no direct link to the post, just look for the segment that says "Disarray, or Chaos by Design" at And speaking of the Hogan, his D700 e-book is now shipping.

Sun Oct 26
The D700 is ready for some football. No John Madden, but pictures at the Alex Surrey blog.

An interesting flickr discussion, is the D700 too noisy for weddings?

Thur Oct 23
The prices are dropping, we find the D700 for as low as $2500 at Amazon, sold and shipped by Crutchfield with free shipping. Amazon itself is not that far off, offering the D700 for $2520. It looks like the announcement of the 5D Mark II and Alpha A900 is accelerating the price-adjustments, while as many may recall, the D3/D300 duo held up pretty well for quite a few months in the US market.

A National Geographic shooter posts his field notes with the D700 in France at the Aperture Professional blog. This is not a dpreview-like review, but it makes for a great reading. And it has a few colorful nighttime pictures. Highly recommended article!

Mon Oct 20: Two new reviews
A new review, of the experiential variety has been posted. Check it out at Digital Journalist. As the website suggests, it approaches the camera from a journalist's perspective, so please do not expect a dpreview-like pixel-peepiential review.

And another review for the D700, this time by photographer-blogger Laurence Kim. Be sure to check it out, especially if you prefer experiential review versus pixel-peepiential review.

Has anyone used the D700 with the Sound Blimp? Q&A at Sports Shooter.

Sun Oct 12
Adobe has updated its C-RAW and DNG software to handle the D700, along with about a dozen other new and old digital cameras. Aperture Professional has the details.

Thur Oct 9
Looking for another reason to take a ...D700 dive? Dive Photo Guide talks about the new Ikelite housing for the d700, which of course allows you to safely take the D700 underwater up to 60 meters (200 feet).

Photographer Duncan Davidson xhas posted his first impressions of the new D700 after 24 hours of usage. Sample pictures are included, but not at full resolution. This photographer recently made a big decision, to go dual system.

Tue Oct 7: The dpreview review is just posted!
Yes D700 fans, the highly anticipated dpreview review has just been posted! Read our impact review update for all the details.

Mon Oct 6
Photographer Laurence Kim ponders which direction to go with the next gear purchase. The 5d Mark II is one of the candidates.

Sat Oct 4
Inside Lightroom talks what's next, with the D700 being one of the main topics of the discussion.

A quick high-ISO (3200) comparison between the D700 and 40D in this flickr page. And another D700 12800 vs 25600 comparison. ISO to the moon!

Wedn Oct 1
Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has posted his highly anticipated D700 review. Without further ado, here is the D700 review!

A sensor comparison, FX vs DX, using the D700 and D300 as prime examples, at Extreme Tech.

Not directly D700, but of interest to D700 users, a new post at Wired, on cheap second hand lenses, focusing (no pun intended) on Nikkor.

And what of the price you ask? The combination of the new Photokina full-frame models is helping the discounting process, with the D700 being available for around $2765 at the moment at Adorama and Amazon.

Sun Sept 28
Full moon and the D700. Here are three pictures posted at the prophotoshow forum.

What happens when you put the old-school Vivitar 70-150mm f3.8 on the D700? One way to find out, check Zabong's blog.

If you missed this from early on, be sure to check Harrington's D700 vs D3 field report. His thoughts are after a two week assignment in the Baltics.

Fri Sept 19
Popular Science is having fun with the D700. They have posted their 2-page test and have some glowing conclusions.

Paper spec comparisons at Radiant Life between this and the two latest EOS models.

Wedn Sept 17
A new review has been posted at DCI. You may get an ad before seeing the review, so don't be dissuaded by that. There is a review right behind the ad!

A new underwater housing for the D700! Details via the Insider.

Neutral Day has a detailed spec comparison between the D700 and the newly announced 5D Mk2.

A new update from Apple gives MacOS D700 compatibility. This is one of ten new cameras added by Apple.

Sun Sept 14
The Five Minute Photographer takes a look at the D700. This is a write-up, not a review.

Meanwhile the Insider points us to an SB-900 review by a Nikon guru.

Ryan Brenizer shares some of his wedding photography D700 samples through flickr.

High ISO samples from the D700 at Photography Bay.

Thur Sept 11
Who's praising us (D700) now? It's Digital Camera Review! They have just awarded it with an Editors Choice. Why? Well, you can read all about it - if you haven't guessed already!

Digital Camera Info (DCI) has posted their D700 review. What did they find out? Well, you have to jump to the "Overall Impressions" section if you can't wait. One nice thing DCI is doing is that they providing single-paragraph comparisons between the D700 and cameras above and below it. They also frame their conclusions based on various user categories, which frames the conclusions a little bit better than a general-purpose recommendation.

Aperture users are calling on Apple to support D700.

Monday Sept 8
Reviews at Phography Blog and Reid's Reviews, along with a field report at the Photo Business forum. Read all about it!

The "Old" Diary
You can also catch up with older posts on the Nikon D700 at the Nikon D700 mania at the Old Orange Blog.

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