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September 14, 2008

Now official: Leica M8.2, D-Lux 4, C-Lux 3, and four magic lenses

The leaks and rumor-leaks were completely founded, and Leicaphiles now have lots of new goodies in the pipeline. But Leica may not be done yet for Photokina according to the L Forums.

Meet the Leica M8.2
The press release at the Imaging Insider.

US Prices not found yet! From what we can tell from the German websites (see "Coverage on the Net" below), the European prices appear to be 5000 euros for the M8.2 and 4000 euros for the M8.

This L-Camera thread summarizes the differences between the M8.2 and M8. Ouch?

To paraphrase a famous Sting/Police song, o/~ there is a little black dot on the sun today o/~ - yes, no red dot, but a black dot as shown at dpreview. Entrepreneurs, make money by offering a paint-the-logo-red service :-) The UK price per dpreview is 4000 British pounds.

The Adorama News Desk includes a list of improvements over the original M8, and also mentions a price of 4400 euro instead of 5000 which we saw in most places.

Meet the Leica D-Lux 4
Hello Panasonic LX3, I hope you like your new Leica outfit :-) Press release at the Insider. The German price is 700 euros. More at

Meet the Leica C-Lux 3
It's been a while in FX-series model lifecycle time, but finally a new C-Lux edition! Press release at the Insider. It will released in October or so. The European price is 500 euros.

The press release with UK prices for both of the Leica-sonicas can be found at dpreview.

Four New Lenses
The European lens prices are listed at Digital Kamera and are 5000 euros for the two Summilux lenses, 1700 euros for the Elmar 24mm f3.8, and *drum roll* 7300 euros for the Noctilux 50mm f0.95. In Germany they are expected to be released by/in December 2008.

The jewel of the Leica crown is for now the new Noctilux 50mm f0.95 lens which was leaked and rumored for the last few days at Leica Rumors and elsewhere. It will go on sale in February 2009 in the US market, but no price mentioned yet.

And what about the new finders? You can ...find them in this L thread.

Coverage on the Net
All the new Leicas in the German language at and PhotoScala.

If you sum up the German prices mentioned above, and you get the M8.2 with the four new lenses, you pay 24,000 euros! That is no spare change unless you are Bill Gates or Seinfeld.

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