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September 14, 2008

New Leica M8.2 shows up at dealer site (4000 British pounds)

Thanks to one of our readers for the tip! The website of UK Leica dealer R.G. Lewis of London has been updated with the new Leicas. The front page has a banner saying the new Leicas will be here (there) on Monday! But if you go to the product pages, you will see the page for Leica M8.2 with a price of 3990 British pounds.

You will also see the page for D-Lux 4 for 590 british pounds and C-Lux 3 for 420 British pounds.

You can use this handy Yahoo currency converter. The currency converter is only meant as a general indicator as prices vary from region to region and currency exchanges fluctuate like crazy. The M8.2 price is pre-filled for your convenience :-)

But wait there's more! We forgot about the lenses! The four new lenses are listed there as well, starting with the jewel of the crown, if not the jewel of this year's Photokina, the Noctilux 50mm f0.95, along with the Summilux 21mm and 24mm f1.4, and the Elmar 24mm f3.8. We couldn't find the prices for the lenses but we were told that the f0.95 is around 6300 British pounds.

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