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September 16, 2008

New Canon DSLR and Powershots (executive summary)

Canon has finally made the big announcement of both the 5D Mark II and the previously leaked Powershots! Here is a quick summary. More details coming up!

  • Canon 5D Mark II DSLR - finally here!!! Read all about it, including initial (over)reactions.

  • Don't want to go manual focus wide with the Zeiss? How about the new Canon EF 24mm f1.4 L II lens instead?

  • First compact camera with Canon CMOS sensor, the SX1 IS superzoom, with a 10mp 1/2.3" Canon CMOS sensor, 20X IS lens (26-520mm), 4fps at full-res, HD video, vari-angle, similar to SX10-IS below, not announced in US market? No RAW! European price is 630 euros according to Focus Numerique.

  • Canon SX10 IS, with 20X IS (26-520mm) lens, 10mp, 2.5" vari-angle LCD, VCM focusing, DiGiC 4, 4 AA batteries, $400 in October. No RAW!

  • Canon G10, 15mp sensor, DiGiC 4, 5x IS lens (28-140mm), 3" LCD, $500 in October. With RAW as expected.

  • Two New Elphs (Ixy, Ixus), the 15mp SD-990-IS (IXUS 980 IS) (yes, you need a 15mp Elph!) with a pedestrian 36-133mm lens for $400 in October and the 10mp SD-880-IS (IXUS 870 IS) with the 28-112mm lens for $300 in October. Both DiGiC 4 and IS.

  • If you are red in the face by the obnoxiousness of 15mp in a basic P&S, you can celebrate this by getting the red SD-990-IS limited edition. Limited edition because it celebrates 100 million Powershots :-)

  • Check out the Canon USA press releases at the Imaging Insider.

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