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September 18, 2008

Mamiya attacks the 20-megapixel DSLRs with new ZDb digital back!

Whether it's planning or pure coincidence we don't know, but Mamiya is "down-matching" the megapixelation of the two new 35mm full frame DSLRs with its new 22mp digital back, the (awkwardly named) "ZDb digital back".

While the price has not been announced yet, it will not match the price of the 35mm full frame DSLRs. The list price for the previous model, the ZD was $7000. But it's a much larger sensor too. Speaking of which, the 36mmx48mm CCD sensor is made by Dalsa. More details on this digital-back at

Specs of interest

  • Removable IR/Lowpass Filter (optional, user replaceable)
  • 14-bit A/D
  • ISO 50-400
  • 1.2 fps up to 22 RAW (fast for medium format, but slow compared to 5DMk2 and A900)
  • dual CF and SDHC support (two slots)
  • works with 45AF/AFD/AFD II and RZ67 Pro IID MFs
  • Free Adobe Lightroom included

Mo(i)re details at the Adorama News Desk and DC Views.

But wait, there's more! Fans of Large Format photography can use the brand new 4x5 sliding adapter to connect the new ZDb with (most) 4x5 Large Format cameras. Picture of sliding adapter below.

And there's more! The Adorama News Desk informs us that there are two lens prototypes coming, the Sekor 45mm f2.8 D and the 80mm f2.8 D L/S. Their 35mm equivalency is 28mm and 50mm respectively.

mamiya ZDb 45adapter

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