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September 2008 (153 posts)

September 30: Canon 50D review by Roland Lim
September 30: Thom Hogan on Photokina 2008
September 30: Nikon D700 Diary
September 30: Nikon D90 Diary
September 30: Catching up with the dual-persona Canon 5D Mark II
September 30: Canon G10 Diary
September 30: Photography Soup (was: 777 reasons to sing the blues)
September 29: Camera Rewards for American Express members
September 29: Housekeeping: New urls and new shortcut buttons
September 29: Pentax Interview double feature
September 28: Legal: On Orphan Works and Photographers
September 28: The Noisy Bail-Out Plan is official
September 28: DSLR Diaries updated
September 28: Photokina Weekend Round-up
September 28: Adobe Photoshop CS4 now shipping (English version)
September 27: Canon G10 vs Panasonic LX3 Wars (New Top Sellers update)
September 26: Most exciting Photokina announcement: Vote in the poll
September 26: Friday Photokina Round-up Part II
September 26: Photokina Friday round-up
September 25: What would you like to see more of? (fun with Google Moderator)
September 25: 50 is not enough! New Hasselblad 60mp H3Dii-60
September 25: Thursday Roundup of the Fotokina action
September 25: Now shipping: Panasonic LX3K (black) at $460
September 25: New 10mp 1/2.3" CMOS sensor from Aptina (60fps 1080p video)
September 24: Panasonic G1 price revealed: $800 MSRP
September 24: As the Leica world turns: S2, M-series, Luxes
September 24: Thinking about you: Panasonic G1
September 24: Best of the Rest: New product round-up at Photokina
September 24: Fuji Real 3D camera prototypes shown at Kina
September 24: Wednesday Roundup Part II
September 23: Meet the Photokina host city: Cologne (Koln) Germany
September 23: Photokina Wednesday Mega Round-up
September 23: Introducing ...Temptations
September 23: New Fuji SuperCCD EXR premium camera in Spring 2009
September 23: Leica confirms R10 in the works
September 23: Photokina Tuesday Mega Round-up
September 22: New Adobe CS4 Photoshop, Extended, Bridge, CRAW
September 22: New Leica S2 DSLR offers 37-megapixels and lots more
September 22: New Sigma SD15 and DP2 listed in French Magazine
September 22: New Olympus Four Thirds mid-range DSLR coming up (E-A1 prototype)
September 22: Olympus Micro 4/3rds Prototype shown at Photokina!
September 22: New Samsung HZ1 superzoom goes 24-240mm
September 22: New Fuji Super CCD EXR (Fuji's Super-Foveon?)
September 22: New Fuji Real 3D system is announced (with dual lens design)
September 22: New Nikon 50mm f1.4 G normal prime lens
September 22: Photokina Week: Olympus, Fuji, Nikon, Pentax, Leica (sticky)
September 21: Brand new Panasonic LX3 review at Let's Go
September 21: Here come the Pentax announcements!
September 21: New Panasonic G-model with HD Video at PMA 2009
September 21: Vincent Laforet's 5D Mark II power play
September 21: Week in Review (September 14-20)
September 21: Waiting for Photokina (and planning ahead)
September 20: On Canon and CMOS sensors for compacts
September 20: Alert! $100 camera deal: Olympus Stylus 760 (weatherproof)
September 20: The Power of Canon (New Top Sellers soap)
September 20: Pentax "Tomatoes" on Monday says Ned Bunnell
September 20: Canon 5D Mark II Samples and Reactions
September 20: The future of Fuji's SuperCCD will be shown at Photokina (updated)
September 20: Reader Picture Showcase (via Flickr Group)
September 19: Numbers: DSLR estimates worldwide (April-June 2008)
September 19: The Weekend Shopper meets the Camera Specials page
September 19: Pentax Germany leaks new K-m DSLR and lenses
September 18: Nikon's Rangerfinder Wedding update
September 18: The Year so far: All the new cameras of 2008
September 18: (Expired) MADE CA-2001-BLK waterproof Seattle sling bag for $100
September 18: Happening now in the Camera & Photography World
September 18: Mamiya attacks the 20-megapixel DSLRs with new ZDb digital back!
September 18: Planned 1-hour outage on Friday night
September 17: Impact review: Nikon D90 at DC Resource
September 17: Alert: Panasonic LX3 now shipping for $480
September 17: Rumors: Tokina working on several IS lenses (Pop Photo)
September 17: Pre-Order the Canon 5D Mark II
September 16: New Canon DSLR and Powershots (executive summary)
September 16: The Canon 5D Mark II is official (21mp, HD movies)
September 16: Moon Watchers: Waiting for the next Canon full frame comet
September 16: Rumor Round-up: Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony, Pentax
September 16: Now shipping: Scott Kelby's Lightroom 2 book
September 15: Vrooom! New Casio EX-FH20 speed-demon! (updated again)
September 15: Professional Photographers List
September 15: Thom Hogan on Photokina and the future (must read!)
September 15: Canon $150 instant rebate on 40D + 70-300 lens combo
September 14: Zeiss officially loves Canon (2+1 new ZE lenses)
September 14: Now official: Leica M8.2, D-Lux 4, C-Lux 3, and four magic lenses
September 14: Panasonic LX3 pre-order price drop (this time by $50)
September 14: The Colbert Report for Canon: The Fake Chuck Westfall
September 14: The Diaries are updated (50D, D90, D700, A900, LX3)
September 14: New Leica M8.2 shows up at dealer site (4000 British pounds)
September 14: Ask Olympus questions thru the dpreview staff
September 13: Price drop alert: Nikon D80 + 18-135 DX = $800
September 13: Leica Leak Lures Leicaphiles (Lenses + M8.2)
September 13: New Top Selling Digital Camera Charts update
September 13: Micro Four Thirds thoughts
September 12: Amazon briefly listed red Panasonic G1 kit for $10,000
September 12: Weekend Shopper: Chips, School, and Ricoh
September 12: Sony A900 Diary
September 11: New Panasonic G1, the first Micro Four Thirds camera!
September 11: Digital Camera PreOrder Center
September 11: In-stock alert: Nikon D90 kit at OneCall
September 11: Leica D-Lux 4 and C-Lux 3 leaked by printed CDI magazine?
September 11: Move over Samsung, here come Hyundai digital cameras
September 11: Voices: Convoluted? Nikon + Canon married by Zeiss?
September 11: Introducing Category-based Mini-Blogs
September 11: Deals: Discounts at Vann's of Montana
September 11: Shuttered Dreams: The neo A-series gets reviewed
September 10: Canon 50D Daily Diary
September 10: Leica Lens Leak? 50mm f0.95 Noctilux
September 10: The Panasonic LX3 diary continues
September 10: Canon 5D Mark II Rumor Watch: Vive la France!
September 10: Diaries at the Old Blog (D700, D3/D300, EX-F1, DP1, E3 and more)
September 10: Two hour deal: GE E1030 for $100 at Amazon (expires at 9pm Eastern)
September 10: New Leaf AFi and Aptus line-up (medium format)
September 10: Thanks to
September 10: Sony A900 pre-orders starting up
September 10: Real or Not? Olympus Micro Four Thirds body?
September 10: 17-megapixel Pentax DSLR or upscaled file?
September 10: The RED wants to be a DSLR Killer
September 9: Digital schmigital - Kodak intros a new pro film!
September 9: Preparing for the new Panasonic DSLR
September 9: Reactions and opinions on the A900
September 9: A new photographer's laptop: Sony Vaio VGN-AW70
September 9: First Sony A900 review is posted already
September 9: Meet the new Sony Alpha A900
September 9: New Lenses: 70-400 f4-5.6 SSM G and CZ 16-35 f2.8
September 8: Sneak peak at Adobe Photoshop CS4
September 8: As the Nikon D700 world turns
September 8: Sony A900 price in China around $2900 (exchange rate price)
September 8: Nikon D90: first review and starting to ship
September 8: New Kenko cameras in Japan
September 8: Recap: The Sony Full Frame Big Bang is coming soon
September 8: Leica M8.2 leaked via Scandinavian dealer?
September 8: 5D replacement mania: 1000+ posts in a single thread
September 8: Browser Problem fixed: IE browsers now okay
September 8: eBay Chasers: Fuji F31fd (ends at 10pm Eastern tonight)
September 7: The Photokina 2008 Situation Room
September 7: Canon DSLR Rumors: Three times an EOS Lady
September 7: This blog: Left Sidebar re-organization
September 6: Five Nikon D90 high ISO sample pictures (full size)
September 6: They disagree: On Canon and Rumors
September 6: New Top Selling Camera Charts
September 6: Blog Transition Phase I is complete!
September 6: Older updates can be found at the Old Blog
September 6: Photography Soup (new blog edition!)
September 6: Photography Soup (142 previous episodes at the Old Blog)
September 5: 48-hour round-up: Catching up with the latest rumors
September 5: Ch-ch-changes: New blog with new updates
September 5: Results of the "Fair and Balanced" Poll
September 5: Mega-roundup at Jason Moore's P&P Weekly
September 5: Making the Case: Professional DSLRs must have both SDHC and CF
September 4: Canon's Legal Eagles costing them thousands in lost sales
September 4: Contact via email
September 4: The Digital Camera List
September 4: Preparing for a wild Photokina 2008
September 4: Welcome to the new 1001 Noisy blog


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