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September 17, 2008

Impact review: Nikon D90 at DC Resource

Yes D90 fans! We have the first D90 review by one of the major digital camera review sites! DC Resource has posted their review today! Read all about it! This is a must see review! As always, we won't be spoiling the findings so as not to introduce any bias to the initial readings. Reactions to the review after the jump!

For more updates on the D90, be sure to visit and bookmark the D90 Daily Diary.

As far as availability, the body only edition is available for pre-order only, but the kit with the 18-105 DX VR is shipping at $1300 from a number of reputable retailers including Amazon, B&H Photo and lots more.

Spoilers follow! Stop reading if you haven't read the DC Resource review yet!

Neutral Day makes some strong comments on the ISO performance.

Dpreview forum users discuss the DCR review.

It looks like the D90 had perhaps an even bigger surprise under the hood: good low noise performance! Just search for the word "noise' on the review page to see all the noise-related comments made. But the ISO picture comparisons speak louder than the text!

So how is this camera going to affect the market? It is certainly a game-changer for the Nikon mount, where it sits between the D60/D80 and the D200/D300. Considering movie mode, focus motor, noise performance, and such, it becomes the best bang for the feature-set buck DSLR in the Nikon line-up.

How about the other Photokina cameras? Well, it's too early to tell, we have to wait for reviews of the 50D, G1, and whatever else is coming that may be close-enough to the D90.

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