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September 18, 2008

Happening now in the Camera & Photography World

You are in the situation room with your host Volfe Blidzeur! Happening now, Canon Rumors says the Canon CMOS-based SX-1 IS is not coming to North America. Sources close to a magazine say that Tokina is working on IS lenses. And what do you do when you are stuck in customs? You get on a waiting list for the Nikon D3x. Meanwhile the investigative reporters at Tech Digest have a shocking comment made by a Canon engineer.

At the Review Desk, our chief review reviewer Cindy Cowlry reports a new Canon D-Rebel XS 1000D at Think Camera and a new Fuji F100fd review at Photography Blog. And don't forget to check out the recent 18-105 lens review at SLR Gear.

In the featured commentary segment, Terry White opines on the 5D Mk 2 and talks video, photography and DSLRs.

In the "Learn from the Pros" segment, Pro Photo Life has an excellent and detailed post on what gear one takes to an on-location photography shoot. Whether you are learning, or curious or an equipment aficionado, be sure to check the Location-Photography Gear at Pro Photo Life.

From the Scandals and Shady practices desk, Jacques Kaffertieux has some encouraging news for Nikon P6000 fans. One knowledgeable forum user is pointing out that version 8.88 of dcraw is compatible with P6000. Not that that absolves Nikon from anything. The P6000 RAW situation is appalling.

Meanwhile the medium format cameras continue to make strong statements. This time Mamiya has announced a new 22mp digital back, along with a 4x5 Large Format sliding adapter, and shown two prototypes of primes.

But we are not done yet, coming later today on this network:

  • More reactions to the 5D Mark II (waiting for dust to settle a bit)
  • Detailed coverage of the Powershots (we are behind!)
  • Move the big "new cameras of 2008" list to the new blog - did we reach 200 yet?

And coming after Photokina, the "Independents Convention" with Lewis Doobbz, who is sick and tired of the Canon and Nikon duopoly and wants to spotlight the Independents, featuring Pentax, Sony Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic, Foveon, and more ;-)

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