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September 26, 2008

Friday Photokina Round-up Part II

Check Part I for our earlier update first! And now the cliffhanger resolution ;-)

Follow the latest Photokina updates on Twitter. Yes, the trade show organizers are twittering. You can also follow this blog on twitter. Twitterokina?

We start with the PDF Gear Guide sharing their first impressions of the Leica S2 mega-DSLR. This is a nice hands-on review, and longer in size than some of the review sites out there ;-)

But don't line up outside Calumet Photo for this camera, it won't be released until the Summer of 2009. No price was given, but PDN guesses that it might be in the $20K to $25K range.

A lot more from Photokina featuring multiple brands at the DFarkas blog. Must read!

And a new detailed hands-on preview on the G-thang at DC Resource, the Lumix G1 preview. This is a based on a pre-production camera model, using pre-production firmware.

Rice High translates a Pentax interview from Japan. Be sure to check it out!

Another round-up of the Kina action, this time at Luminous. With emphasis on medium format.

Image Sensors World rounds-up the bragging among Kodak and DALSA about their bigger than 35mm sensors.

Details Hasselblad press releases and more PR from Photokina at the Insider.

A gallery of pictures of people looking at gallery pictures at the trade show at the official site.

And we close with some speculation, Bob Atkins speculates on a Canon 1Ds Mark IV.

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