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September 21, 2008

Waiting for Photokina (and planning ahead)

This has been a wild Photokina "pre-season" so far. In a few hours the actual Photokina Trade Show will start up. Stay tuned for all the latest news and rumors and be sure to  subscribe to our full-text RSS feed to receive all the updates in your favorite desktop, online or mobile newsreader. We already know that Monday will see new official Pentax announcements and we are sure there will be plenty more to talk about! And you can keep track of the latest rumors, leaks and news at the Photokina 2008 Situation Room.

But what happens after the Photokina show is over? We will return to our regularly scheduled programming. The "Fall Noisy Blog" season will include the following "shows":

  • "Photography Soup": An "anything goes" round-up of the latest happenings, including a favorite reader picture from the blog's flickr pool. This is presented on a first-come first-served basis, so there is plenty of time for you to join the pool, submit pictures, and be featured in a future episode.

  • "Discover New Sites and Blogs": This features websites and blogs that may be new to you or new to me. They could be ten days old or ten years old.

  • We will be following some of the hottest Photokina releases as they get released, reviewed and dissected

  • Increased Lens Coverage: We've been promising this for a while, and we partially delivered with the "Digital Lens Round-up", but more is coming up!

  • Version 3.0 of the "DSLR Review Matrix". The new plan is to re-integrate it into the blog, making it easier for you to jump from the blog to the review matrix and vice-versa.

  • "Independents Convention": With Canon and Nikon grabbing the lion's share of the spotlight, the "Independents Convention" will be a regular post that features all the other manufacturers when we spend too much time on CaNikon. Pon Raul, Lewis Doobz, Nalf Rader, and Rob Rarr will be invited ;-)

  • More Top Sellers and Charts: The "soap opera" will return to a twice a week schedule and stand-alone charts will also be posted

  • We will also experiment with more reader-initiated content, such as guest blogs, and reader-submitted round-ups.

  • and lots more

If there are any other topics you would like to see featured, this is a great time to let us know. Please leave a comment or send an email.

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