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September 05, 2008

Ch-ch-changes: New blog with new updates

As we mentioned during the Photokina madness last month, there were changes brewing. Now that there is a break in the Photokina action, we are ready to launch!

Why the change?
We love Blogger/Blogspot, it was and still is a great blogging service. All is great until (or unless) you run into a major problem that requires assistance from Blogspot. If you are lucky, you may be able to get the attention of a Blogspot employee within a week or two or three or four or more. If you are lucky. It would be great if they had expedited customer support for a reasonable (or even unreasonable) fee, but unfortunately they do not.

So after careful deliberations we have decided to continue our updates elsewhere. We considered a number of options, including Wordpress,, or an "old-school" HTML site, but ultimately we decided to go with TypePad. TypePad is similar to Blogspot in many ways, but it has two major differences with respect to our situation: 1) It has Customer Support available 24x7x365 2) It charges a monthly fee for its services

Why we love(d) Blogspot/Blogger?

  • FREE
  • you spend more time on blog content, and much less time on webmaster issues
  • it is part of Google which means world-class IT infrastructure - for free!
  • Google-Blogspot will likely be around long after most other IT companies M&A or chapter-11

Why are we changing if we love Blogger so much?

  • No Customer Service/Support when something bad happens
  • Blogspot has too much control over your blog (robots.txt, power to shut you off without explanation, rhyme or reason)
  • Blogspot has given its automated robots too much power and no live humans are available to undo the damage done

Transition FAQ
Coming soon...

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