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September 30, 2008

Catching up with the dual-persona Canon 5D Mark II

With Photokina in the rear view mirror, we now have some time to catch up with all the excitement generated by the new Canon 5D Mark II. This is only the beginning - more is coming up later in the week.

5d Mark II: The digital stills camera
Bebb Studios has a hands on first impressions on the Mk II. This is a great read, especially for wedding photographers as it was written from that perspective. Cancel the Nikon weddings? Read on to find out!

Arnie visited Photokina 2008 and has a trade-show first impressions post on the 5D Mark II.

Interview! Mike Owen of Canon Europe talks to WDC in this 8-minute video interview where the rep describes a lot of the Mk2 features.

DCI has gotten their hands on this new HD-DSLR and posted their findings. Please note that that is not a review, but a first-impressions hands-on.

Laughing Squid rounds-up the 5D coverage from around the net.

Photographer Bruno Vitanza rounds-up the pros and cons.

Something strange is happening with pre-orders. First Amazon, and now Adorama, have ran out of pre-orders. That's right, out of preorders! Pent-up demand, and impressive HD video may perhaps be the reasons why.

For a list of reputable online retailers accepting 5DMk2 preorders, be sure to check the Photokina 2008 Pre-Ordering Center.

5D Mark II: The HD-video camera
Still pictures from Vincent Laforet's "Canon Reverie" HD-movie production are now available for download via Canon. Ten images as full-resolution JPEGs! He has also made available the RAW video footage. This has generated 800+ comments.

Meanwhile the Smugmug blog is hosting a behind the scenes video of the "Reverie" Laforet photo-video-shoot.

The ISO 50 blog opines on the Laforet samples that have taken the net by storm.

One photographer points out in the comment section which lenses were used in the Laforet video. No triple-figures allowed ;-)

Pro Lost writes a letter to Canon on the video capabilities of the 5D Mark II.

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