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September 27, 2008

Canon G10 vs Panasonic LX3 Wars (New Top Sellers update)

The big story of this new top seller charts update is a newly developing charts-rivalry between Canon and Panasonic. Without further ado, check the new top selling digital camera charts update. A screen-shot teaser and lots of analysis follows.

Canon vs Panasonic Compact Wars
Make way for the G-thang! For the second time in a row the Canon G10 is in the top ten on the strength of pre-orders alone. Now imagine if Canon decided to make a fixed-lens camera above the G10, without limiting its features in order to "protect" their DSLR line-up.

Steady as she goes is the theme of the pricing of the Panasonic TZ5K, which is perhaps what made it a consistent top 10 entry. Currently at around $250, it is affordable and approachable for the average consumer, and a fun camera to carry around for the seasoned professional. Interesting to see that Samsung's first superzoom is directed squarely at the TZ-series.

But the Lumix party does not end there. Fueled by further discounts that brought its price to under $320, and taking advantage of an unusually orthogonal changing of the guard in the Canon superzoom line-up, the Panasonic FZ28K makes its Top Ten debut, giving Panasonic two top ten cameras.

So this sets the stage for an interesting duel when the Canon SX10-IS and SX110-IS become generally available. Sadly for the US market, the SX1-IS will not be available, at least not initially. The SX1-IS is the one with the CMOS sensor.

And we have another breakout for Panasonic, this time the LX-series makes a ...noisy debut in the Top 25, at #11, just 3 spots below the Canon G10, and sets up the stage for a very interesting duel in the months ahead. This is unprecedented for the LX-series, the LX3 is having the type of impact the TZ3 had for the TZ-series. Granted LX3 has the price advantage as it is offered for pre-order at $436 by Amazon itself, but on the other hand the LX3 is available in two colors, while the G10 in just one.

Rare Pentax and Fuji Top 25 Debuts

Pentax fans will be thrilled that there is an Optio camera in the Top 15, but it didn't make it on its own merit, it made it based on a really tempting price. Which camera? The Optio Z10 selling for just $135, and this is by Amazon itself, not a 3rd party seller!

Fuji has a rare top 25 debut as well, thanks to new discounts, with their S1000fd superzoom entering the chart at #24.

More analysis
Memory stick? Who cares! When the price is right, people will buy. And this is what is propelling the sleek-looking Sony T300 in the Top 15. It already won the beauty contest, but at a price of $275, it is also winning over some "wallets".

The power of the SD1100-IS is evident, as five different colors manage to remain in the Top 25. Five different versions of the same camera! A hot price of $175 and IS certainly do help their case. The Elph changing of the guard is slower but now the early 2008 models are starting to establish themselves.

A number of cameras on pre-order or just released are making their presence known in the Top 100. Among the newly released we have the Canon SD880-IS and the Nikon S60, while the NRW-rawsumer Nikon P6000 is following the LX3 price by going down to $440 while still in pre-order status.

DSLR World
Those who followed the pre-mp3 music charts, they may draw parallels between the D90's moves and those of a music group that has a very strong and loyal following and enters the chart high upon its debut, and then drops down week after week. The D90 kit is still in the Top 25, but has been dropping. This is not exactly a bad thing for the D90, we are talking about a $1300 camera kit here outselling cameras 1/10th of its price.

Ouch for the 5D Mark II, but it's not its fault. Amazon ran out of pre-orders, so that means a jumbo drop. It will be interesting to see what happens when it returns.

Video-schmideo say the D700 fans who are enjoying yet another price drop. The D700 body only is now available for $2785, and it looks like it is trying to adjust to the price of the 5DMk2 which is currently at $2700 in pre-order find-me-if-you-can status.

In a blow to dSLR diversity, we have ZERO dSLRs from manufactures others than Nikon and Canon. Ouch! They put the "D" in Duopoly!

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